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Sunken Treasure
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File Information
Uploaded on:Jul 15 2013, 3:34 am
Uploaded by:jjf28
Author:Not Given.

File Contents
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/Basics.cpp
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/Basics.h
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/Buffer.cpp
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/Buffer.h
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/DefaultCHK.cpp
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/DefaultCHK.h
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/FileIO.cpp
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/FileIO.h
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/MapFile.cpp
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/MapFile.h
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/MappingCore.h
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/readme.txt
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/Scenario.cpp
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/Scenario.h
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/SFmpqapi.h
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/SFmpq_MT.lib
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/SFmpq_MTd.lib
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/StringUsage.cpp
LocationRipper/LocationRipper/LocationRipper/Mapping Core/StringUsage.h
File Description
Exports a list of locations in the map to a .txt file.

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[05:43 pm]
Zoan -- NudeRaider
NudeRaider shouted: Zoan yes you can.
oh, yeah you’re right. Then yeah if you use an ai script it should be easy to farm unfinished buildings in some unused area on the map and just move them around, right?
[2019-10-17. : 6:06 am]
NudeRaider -- KrayZee
KrayZee shouted: Voyager7456 Somehow I misread your shout. "Glad I can entertain you in Nude" as if you sent a racy photo, video or something.
nah, he just made a comment that had us laughing very hard.
[2019-10-17. : 6:02 am]
NudeRaider -- Zoan
Zoan shouted: sraw531 you can’t move buildings afaik
yes you can.
[2019-10-16. : 10:03 pm]
Dem0n -- no
[2019-10-16. : 8:26 pm]
GGmano -- Is here a forum only for temple siege?
[2019-10-16. : 4:20 pm]
KrayZee -- Voyager7456
Voyager7456 shouted: Glad I can entertain you Nude
Somehow I misread your shout. "Glad I can entertain you in Nude" as if you sent a racy photo, video or something.
[2019-10-16. : 2:26 pm]
martosss -- Moose
Moose shouted: martosss IIRC, the plan was to go 64-bit only eventually so they're interested in differences between the versions
well I might have found 1 bug for them to fix - some maps load on 32 bit, but not on 64 bit game version
[2019-10-16. : 2:19 pm]
Zoan -- sraw531
sraw531 shouted: I'm pretty sure you would move the building away at some point. When you do so, you can give it to someone else. I was thinking nexi because its possible you could encourage the computer to expand to a specific spot
you can’t move buildings afaik
[2019-10-16. : 10:10 am]
Moose -- martosss
martosss shouted: jjf28 OK, I have 1 more question - are you using 32 bit SC:R or 64 bit ? In game settings there's an option to switch to 32, is it checked? I just tried hosting the map with 64-bit SC:R and it failed... I ticked the option to use 32 bit SC:R => it worked and map was hosted. So I guess the issue still exists for 64 bit SC:R ? I also tried calling a friend and he couldn't see the map when he entered the lobby. Weird, I might have to report this to Blizzard?
IIRC, the plan was to go 64-bit only eventually so they're interested in differences between the versions
[2019-10-16. : 5:27 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- or a magic box :(
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