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Sunken Treasure
Fury of Immortal Heroes
Filename: Fury-of-Heroes(1.9).scx
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Uploaded on:Sep 3 2011, 2:51 am
Uploaded by:MetalGear
Author:Not Given.


Orange team
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Yellow team
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Created by LiquidSilver
Computer (Protoss)
Computer (Protoss)
Version 1.9 (631kb)
Computer (Protoss)
Computer (Protoss)

File Description
it's time for

ultimate aos!


Energy: Increases mana by +50 and mana regeneration by +25%.
Knowledge: Increases gold by +2 (for each kill) and xp by +5%.
Intelligence: Improves duration of spells by +6%.
Strength: Fortifies magical defenses by +10% (reduces duration of stuns/other effects and lowers impact of enemy magical damage).


The following spell descriptions are not the actual ones used in the game. They are just brief explanations for clarity’s sake.

[collapse Phantom Warrior]

Active spells:
(1) Mirror Images: Creates 3 dark templars and briefly improves passive ability. Dt’s deal 25% of hero’s damage.
(2) Reform: Switches position with a dt so you can evade attacks and confuse your enemy.
(3) Ghost Walk: Goes invisible.
(4) Phantasm: Creates images of allied/enemy heroes. Images deal 100% damage. Has good range.

Passive spells:
(1) Image Mastery: Gives a 5% chance to create an image every half a second.
(2) Illusory Shield: Gives a 30% chance to evade magical attacks.
[collapse Hell Demon]

Active spells:
(1) Mighty Blade: Teleports to a nearby rival hero and stuns for 1 second.
(2) Satanic Offering: Restores shield points and gains +50% magical resistance.
(3) Hellish Blast: Deals 300 instant damage to an enemy hero and temporarily lowers their spell defenses.
(4) Metamorphosis: Morphs into a zealot (x3 damage).

Passive spells:
(1) Devil’s Pact: Restores 666 shield points every time you kill a unit.
(2) Enchanted Blade: Gives a 65% chance to instantly destroy a spawn unit each time you kill something (gives you +XP and +gold) .
[collapse Soul Hunter]

Active spells:
(1) Soul Rip: Deals damage based on the amount of units you’ve killed.
(2) Holy Bond: Teleports enemy heroes 5 seconds back in time and drains 100 mana.
(3) Ethereal Link: Gains +20 mana and +0.5 strength from each nearby spawn unit.
(4) Soul Steal: Gives all surrounding spawn units to you.

Passive spells:
(1) Spirit Heal: Heals you every 10 kills.
(2) Soul Extension: Gives you +2 knowledge each time you kill a hero .
[collapse Voodoo Witch]

Active spells:
(1) Fatal Unity: Creates a critter near an enemy hero. Damage received by the critter is then transferred to its target.
(2) Hex: Makes an enemy hero go berserk and also disables spell-casting abilities for a brief duration.
(3) Dark Ritual: Completely restores hit points of all nearby allied units and heroes.
(4) Skeletal Army: Summons up to 80 broodlings in a massive area.

Passive spells:
(1) Obsidian Magic: Converts spent mana to gold.
(2) Witch’s Essence: Reduces re-spawn time.
[collapse Glacius]

Active spells:
(1) Frost Shield: Gives +50 armor.
(2) Glacial Blast: Assaults surrounding units with an explosion of ice (scarabs).
(3) Icy Ground: Drains mana from moving enemy heroes and also slows their movement speed.
(4) Freezing Field: Creates a huge formation of glaciers around you. Heroes caught inside the field have their strength reduced by 100%. Also, any unit that collides with a glacier gets frozen and is dealt damage.

Passive spells:
(1) Chilling Presence: Raises mana regeneration for allied heroes by +150%.
(2) Cold Touch: Increases enemy cooldowns by +3 seconds.
[collapse Anodic Assassin]

Active spells:
(1) Voltaic Shield: Makes you invincible for a short duration.
(2) Electro-storm: Creates a series of explosions that automatically follow enemy units.
(3) Gateway: Teleports to an enemy hero anywhere on the map, and then teleports back to original position after a short duration.
(4) Static Charge: Kills all surrounding spawn units and stuns rival heroes.

Passive spells:
(1) Impulsive Current: Gains mana from slain units, based on your energy.
(2) Diffusion: Blocks 50% of magical damage.
[collapse Engineer]

Active spells:
(1) Auto-cannons: Creates 2 goliaths.
(2) Interconnection: Gives you control of nearby cannons.
(3) Torturous Rocket: Launches a rocket towards a rival hero. Damage increases every 5 seconds.
(4) Demolition Gun: Creates a siege tank with incredible damage.

Passive spells:
(1) True Prosperity: Gives you extra gold each time you slay a unit.
(2) Engineer’s Manual: Decreases cooldowns by 5 seconds .
[collapse Thor]

Active spells:
(1) Land Mine: Creates a mine under an enemy hero. On explosion, the mine deals 900 damage and stuns for 2 seconds.
(2) Bombardment: Creates a series of explosions around you.
(3) Feedback: Prohibits rival heroes from casting spells.
(4) Force Field: Forces enemies towards you. Has huge range.

Passive spells:
(1) Electromagnetic Link: Hastily regenerates mana near allied buildings.
(2) Jarring Frequency: Disables enemy passive spells whenever they are near you.

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