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Hydrogen Anti-Battalion Mines
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Uploaded on:Mar 24 2008, 7:18 pm
Uploaded by:FlyingHat

File Contents
Spider Mine iscript.txt
File Description
This is an iscript experiment I uploaded at Maplantis. Here is the original discription:

Another experiment of mine.
The name and idea was originally used by K7Armageddon. I'm just taking it up by a few notches.

Only the Vulture and Spider Mine are modified. The Vulture is now an APC that can set up HAB Mines. I've also included the Spider Mine's iscript for people who want to learn.

Get ready for a big boom. :D

Of course, the explosion is microscopic compared to some of the death animations in IskatuMesk's ITAS.
Basically, there are APC's that are used as cannon fodder while they vomit out marines and crap at the enemy. :P

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