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[02:10 am]
Roy -- It probably blends in when the post is highlighted (because you haven't read it yet).
[02:03 am]
Wing Zero -- not it seems fine
[02:02 am]
Wing Zero -- err it did
[02:02 am]
Wing Zero -- collapse
[02:02 am]
Wing Zero -- Oh on the Planets skin the collaps box blends into the background
[01:43 am]
Wing Zero -- link
[01:43 am]
Wing Zero -- If its an image it just shows the lik or "none"
[01:31 am]
DevliN -- Nope, nvm :awesome:
[01:30 am]
DevliN -- Did I just break SEN
[01:27 am]
DevliN -- Interesting. Found a bug when trying to edit an old post. Time to PM Devourerererererererererer
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