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[11:29 pm]
Dem0n -- hella lame brah
[11:26 pm]
Devourer -- what?
[11:26 pm]
Devourer -- Create with property, 0% energy? :lol:
[11:26 pm]
Dem0n -- oh wow you can't use create with properties. that's dumb
[11:24 pm]
Dem0n -- still has the timer
[11:24 pm]
Devourer -- just create them via trigger, iirc (create unit)
[11:17 pm]
Dem0n -- How do you make broodlings not have a timer again?
[11:12 pm]
Dem0n -- lil you fucknut bitch join my game
[11:12 pm]
Dem0n -- Oh that was today? I thought we were doing that next week
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