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[08:10 pm]
jjf28 -- #rebuild preserve trigger mechanics 2014
[08:09 pm]
jjf28 -- that explains glitches in a lot of maps xD
[07:26 pm]
Zoan -- :O that explains some glitches in my map :lol:
[07:23 pm]
Roy -- How SC actually arranges the triggers is beyond my knowledge, but such an implementation detail is inconsequential for determining how triggers execute.
[07:22 pm]
Roy -- Triggers are only separated out by player. All of Player 1's triggers run (from top to bottom from the entire trigger list, including triggers referring to Player 1 by Force or All Players), followed by Player 2's triggers, all the way down to Player 8's triggers.
[07:20 pm]
Zoan -- in the trigger*
[07:19 pm]
Zoan -- Oh, so SC just reads triggers from the top down and for each one checks which player is in the list?
[07:19 pm]
Roy -- That's why if you put a trigger at the top of the trigger list owned by "All Players", that trigger will always run before any triggers specified for just Player 1.
[07:18 pm]
Roy -- Pretend anything you put for Forces/All Players gets expanded out to triggers owned by each individual player. That's more accurately how they work.
[07:03 pm]
Zoan -- But maybe I don't understand the order of how SC checks triggers. Darn SC Wiki being broken lol
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