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[09:19 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- As far as I can tell the people here are more normal than anyone else I see or talk to
[09:17 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- dumbducky
dumbducky shouted: BloodyZombie117 Half the people on this website are fucking weird
compared to who?
[09:10 am]
dumbducky -- I'm tired of alpha-beta pruning
[08:22 am]
dumbducky -- I'm tired of super hero movies
[07:43 am]
KrayZee -- Superman merely pulls out Batman's mask to show off his identity, even if he can see through the mask. Batman has to apply glasses on Superman's face, and comb his hair.
[07:35 am]
KrayZee -- Ben Affleck is probably the first actor to fill in the role as Batman in more than 3 movies, and Batman v Superman isn't even out yet.
[07:29 am]
KrayZee -- Christian Bale... 2005 to 2012. That's seven years, even though he probably acted on 2004 during production of Batman Begins.
[07:26 am]
KrayZee -- He's 50 now
[07:26 am]
KrayZee -- Robert Downey Jr. is still playing Iron Man since 2008... six years already.
[07:24 am]
KrayZee -- If Ben Affleck retires his Batman acting career in his 50s or so
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