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[07:27 pm]
Ahli -- sc2 editor runs 1-2 cores at 100% for some reason
[07:09 pm]
Vrael -- haha same here, I've melted my mobo twice playing sc2
[06:33 pm]
Corbo -- I have been thinking of making a map for SC2, though, but my lappy heats too much when I map SC2....
[06:33 pm]
Corbo -- except I never got to anywhere but making the hexagon model, making it change owners and then I got busy with irl or something :P
[06:32 pm]
Corbo -- and yes, tiles would also have resource types embedded to them and blah blah make cities blah blah keep your citizens happy
[06:32 pm]
Corbo -- so people would be fighting over tiles :3
[06:31 pm]
Corbo -- so exploring would automatically give the tile to you, going away from the tile would make you disown it
[06:31 pm]
Corbo -- I was going to do something like CIV. Except more offensive. your borders would grow depending if you have units on the tiles.
[06:30 pm]
A_of-s_t -- Now implement settlers of catan
[06:29 pm]
A_of-s_t -- cool stuff
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