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Project Hybrid
Nov 25 2009, 1:44 pm
By: ShadowDancer  

Nov 28 2009, 6:42 pm ShadowDancer Post #21

Dark_lunatic_K: it was not good enough :)

Yossarian: Thanks for you suggestions, I will add that notifications.
I will ask for help when I complete game, now I have over 50% of map (256x256, so I think it's a lot).
I still testing some aspects of game, (this version is quite too hard - no way w/o save/load), I will add more notifications.

There was also a burrowed Zergling or something that got killed during the explosion. Was it supposed to have attacked me earlier? Or was it there for some reason? Later when I tried to use the C4 on the Ultralisk, neither it nor the Zerglings that were starting to swarm around it got killed.
Burrowed zergling etc. is markers where you can examine smthing etc. You probally get killed, because you left alive eggs(if you get close to ultralisk egg explodes and makes zerglings, you can kill it with c4).
Also markers die by c4, because it simulating destruction of environment(ex. If you destroy terminal you can't use it).

- You lose ammo even when enemies step on your mines. I assume this is because the ammo reduction is tied to enemy deaths. You're gonna have to be creative with the triggers to work around this.
I have no idea how to do it.

- Even though killing a certain enemy uses up a certain amount of ammo, you can attack that enemy even when you have less ammo than that amount. For example, even though killing a Zergling uses up 50 ammo, you can attack Zerglings even when you have less than 50 ammo. Dunno if this is important enough to bother you.
I think it doesn't matter.

- Separate the "interact" function into a "use" function and an "examine" function so that the notifications don't get mixed up. Or maybe only allow players to "examine" something when there is nothing to "use". In other words, prioritize "use" over "examine". This would mean that players would have to run the "interact" function twice to do both in the same area.
Actually game is too big and complicated to change it. :<

I hope players don't get bored after passing next and next tunnel, I will try to make different styles of gameplay(example aiming from mortar cannon, using exoskeleton).

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Nov 30 2009, 10:29 pm ShadowDancer Post #22

Finally I decided to split up map to 2 parts. 1st part is completed, but still in beta testing.

So, can someone help me to fix my strings? :C


Dec 1 2009, 7:03 pm Yossarian Post #23

Post 'em here.

I'll try to do some, but it's my last week of class this quarter, so I don't know how much time I'll have.

Anyone who decides to do some should post first and say what they're going to do so we can avoid working on the same stuff.


Dec 1 2009, 9:29 pm ShadowDancer Post #24

<07>APC Commander:
They don't respond, nobody is on radar.

<07>APC Commander:
Hmm, still nothing. Somebody must go on recon!

<07>APC Commander:
Ok boys, go out!

<07>APC Commander:
I have marked four areas on your map. Check them!

<07>APC Commander:
It looks not good. Corpses everywhere.

<07>APC Commander:
Try do broke gate with C4. Get some charges near APC.

<07>APC Commander:
And don't forget to reload your guns if necessary!

<04>Looks like something terrible has happened here!
<04>You see ragged corpses and pools of blood everywhere!

<04>You've restored ammo supplies and health near APC.

<04>Crushed gate. It won't open. Looks like something big and strong tried to break out.
<04>You will need something special to get inside.

-You hear me clearly? I want see you ready in 10 minutes.
New orders came from headquarters.
-What this time?
-Small research base in sector C. We lost contact two days ago.
-We don't know what was that. Be ready for everything.
-Yes, sir!

<13><04>Don't forget to hotkey your buildings at top.
<13><04>Use it to interact with game.
<13><07>If you don't know how it works check objectives!

<04>Broken bars. Maybe they using ventilation overrun base?

<04>Human corpses. They have been killed by parasites who left victims bodies. Terrible.

<04>Closing doors...

<04>Doors are closed from remote station.

<04>Egg are incubating in hot air from air-conditioning system.
<04>It have too big shell to kill it with your weapon. Something is moving inside!

<04>Inside you found few stimpacks and EMP bullets.

<04>Pulse Rifle:
<07>medium damage, medium ammo usage, stimpack
<06>small range
<07>small ammo usage, good range, lockdown
<06>small damage
<04>Sniper Rifle
<07>high damage, best range, lockdown, best sight range
<06>high ammo usage

<13><04>Read attentively messages on screen! It's very important!
<13><04>Don't waste your ammo!
<13><04>Enemies are very strong - move carefully!

<13><06>Difficulty: Hard
<13><04>Select your class now!
<13><07>If you are newbie check Unit Info(academy)!
<13><03>Good luck and have fun!

died, because <06>Alien's claw <01>had pierced he's armor!
died, because <06>Acid <01>melt his armor!
died, because he had lost all ammo!
died, because <06>Alien hiding in shadow<01> ripped his stomach!
died from the <06>trap hidden in wall<01>!
died, because his power armor <06>had been broken<01>!
died, because he had got hit by <06>kaiser blade<01>!
died in <06>inexplicable<01> circumstances!
died, because his power armor <06>had been broken<01>!
died, because he had got hit by <06>kaiser blade<01>!
died in <06>inexplicable<01> circumstances!

<07>APC Commander:
Run! I will stop them for some time!

<04>You see sign: "Laboratory"
<04>Doors are damaged!

<13><04>Select hard level now!

<04>Elevator is offline, because somebody turned on fire alert.
<04>You must find security room and turn off that alert.
<13><07>It determinants your max health level.

<04>You see sign: "Supply Room - Authorized personnel only!"
<04>Doors are damaged!

<04>Intercom terminal in the wall.

<04>Intercom: Halt! Who are you!
<07>Marine: You don't see? We're marines. But who are you?!
<04>Intercom: John Davies from base security.
<07>Marine: What happened here?
<04>Intercom: I don't know! I remember only alert and aliens everywhere.
<07>Marine: You turned on alert? Why doors are closed?
<04>Intercom: Not me. Somebody at security room at north from here must did it.
<07>Marine: You can't turn it off?! We need to go to laboratory!
<04>Intercom: No. But maybe you can do it in security room.
<04>Intercom: I don't have full access to network, only view from camera.
<07>John Davies: You fucking demon! You will never get me!

<04>You see a lot cogwheels. It must be some kind of machinery room.

<07>Login successful!

<04>You have nothing to do here.

<04>You turning off fire alert.

<04>On floor you see ragged corpse of men, who probably turned on alert.
<04>Doors in sector <03>E <04>unlocked.

<04>Fire alert is turned off.

<04>Intercom: If you want go to laboratory you must turn off this alert, because elevators will not work.

<04>John Davies: Thanks for saving me. Brr, I want leave this nightmare.

<04>Fire sluice. Closed, because somebody turned on fire alert.

<04>Console show view from security cameras.

<04>Closed doors to. You see sign: "Powered exoskeleton hangar. Authorized personnel only!".

<04>Login successfully.
<04>Opening prototype doors in sector 4.

<04>Speakers: WARNING! Exoskeleton's hangars opened!

<04>Successfully logged in.
<04>It's security control panel.You setting new target for autocannons.

<04>Speakers: WARNING! Changing base defense targets!

<04>Speaker: Procedure completed.

<04>Entering exoskeleton.
<07>To exit move your unit at top to academy.

<04>Leaving exoskeleton.

<04>You found some weapon/armor upgrades.

<04>You found some information about weapon called "exoskeleton":
<04>It's two-man power armor. One man command mech, second turret.
<04>-Titanium armor(acid resist, high psychical resistance).
<04>-Double AA rocket launcher.
<04>-Double plasma miniguns(infinite ammo).
<04>-Burst laser(infinite ammo).

<04>You see sign: "Armory, Weapon laboratory"
<04>Doors are damaged!

Back to APC if you need medkit or ammo!

<04>Doors at left lead to laboratory.
<04>Probably if you want find a cause of this situation you should go there.

<04>These people looks strangely.
<04>Better watch out!

<04>You must gather you team before you go.

<04>Marine: So let's go...

<07> 03: Roof
<07> 02: Weapon Factory
<07> 01: Flats
<04> 00: Ground Floor
<07>-01: Storehouse
<07>-02: Weapon Stores
<07>-03: Laboratory

<04>Marine: What's wrong? Why this button is highlighted?

<04>Marine: Somebody called elevator. Be ready!

<04>Marine: What's wrong with light?!?!

<06>You hear voice from darkness...

<06>Speaker must stand not away from you, before your face!

<06>Voice: Why you came here?

<06>Voice: I don't want kill you...

<06>Voice: But don't go there! Don't force me to kill you!

<06>Voice: They deserved to die...

<04>You hear sound of closing doors. Elevator again moving.

<04>Take distance from team members to enter exoskeleton.

<04>Your vehicle has been crushed!

<04>Entering exoskeleton's turret.
<07>To exit move your unit at top to academy.

<04>Something moving in darkness. Sound getting closer...

<04>You hear footsteps. But not human moving. It's something bigger!

<04>You hear running aliens. But sound  come from behind you.

<07>Marine(whisper): Hey, let's just broke this door with c4. He must hiding something!

<04>Marine: What's wrong with light?!

<04>Marine: Och turn on this fucking switch...

<04>Marine: Bullshit!

C4 packed back!

<04>Door control panel is destroyed!

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Dec 3 2009, 4:44 am Yossarian Post #25

I've got a final and a paper due on Friday, so I can't do anything until then. I can look over some of this stuff over the weekend, though.


Dec 8 2009, 1:01 am ShadowDancer Post #26

I've done work on part 1. Because nobody want help I fixed that much as I can with online spell checker. It's full version of 1st map part. I hope somebody will enjoy playing this map. Link


Dec 9 2009, 1:45 am Yossarian Post #27

Hey, man, I'm still determined to help out. But I'm in finals week right now and I don't have a whole lot of time. Maybe next week? I'll give you a heads-up.


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