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UnholyUrine's Monthly Map Digest
Apr 16 2009, 8:51 pm
By: UnholyUrine  

Apr 16 2009, 8:51 pm UnholyUrine Post #1

Welcome to another
UnholyUrine’s Monthly(or seasonally) Map Digest

It has been a long time since I have done this, but as the Starcraft Saga closes, I feel that I should let everyone know of the wonderful and creative maps that have been done. We have worked hard on them, and we have fought hard to keep the UMS alive and well. Now, I want to present to you the best of what we can offer!

Now, since this is still an early series, I want to ask everyone to participate in the next one by nominating them in this thread. Obviously these maps must be made/become popular by the end of NEXT month, so just continue posting here, and I’ll read them and play them.

Remember that it is impossible for me to have seen and played all the good games that are out there :C. So please do not take this list personally ^.^
Also.. maps that would’ve been mentioned if it were done in this month would be: Elementa, Cannonball 2, Temple Puzzle, Five Triggers, and probably more...

THIRD PLACE (far, far away)
Mind Ball
By: ???

Almost an instant classic. What’s better than ordering your own sci-bomb and kicking the nuts out of others’ fat, rednecked dark archons by simply mind controlling close to them. It is so simple, yet so addicting. Moreover, it’s noob friendly! Which means you can make this, pubbies will join, and actually stay for the game, which means you get to dropkick their asses into orbit!

The main problem with this is how it can get tiring really soon… Not to mention that it is possible to more lurkers in between… I am so frustrated at clicking in between the lurkers that it’s not even funny. Also, with full house in FFA, it is simply chaos… teams would probably be better (Although I forgot if there is a team mode... if there is, then ignore the previous comment.)

SECOND PLACE (Ah ha ha ha, you would’ve lost in raving mode)
Desert Strike
By: NudeRaider

Probably inspired by Sand Castle Wars, this map takes it a step further. By eliminating all excess terrain and shit, and simply letting you build different units for the different race… and having one chance to bomb all the units near your temple, and giving each race their own super special mega ultra combo building… and you got yourself a classic starcraft pubbie game.
Not to be fooled by Sand Castle’s downright sluggishness, this map thrusts you upon quick thinking and counters… With smart AI, many strategies apply. It is a great map, but I feel somethings could’ve been done better…

Like the terran’s special mega ultra combo building heals the units… is it once? If it is, then that sucks compared to the Zerg’s and Protoss’s. Also, I still don’t understand why I would not gain minerals for like 80 seconds when I build an extra mineral gatherer… What’s the point of that, when I already took the fucking time to save up for building a refinery to get money faster, and then once it takes its sweet time to get fucking built, I have to wait longer to even GAIN anything??? JEEZE!! But w/e, it’s still awesome.

FIRST PLACE (A WinRar is You!)
Strafe Arena
By: CaptainFalcon

FALCON.. PUNCH!! BAM he’s dead. Look out, he’s gonna shoot. OH blocked!!.. O SHI- A BOMB *boom*
Now change “falcon punch” into “dagger”, and this is pretty much what this game is all about.

In this map, you and your team is pitted in a all out brawl with guns, daggers, and C4’s, each being able to kill you in one hit. Now, the most interesting thing about this game is that there is direction detection, meaning it detects which direction your unit was last walking, and therefore facing. When you fire a gun, it fires in the direction that you are facing… HOLY SHIT!!! And you know what else is cool? You can block the gunshot by facing away from it… That’s awesome.
The dagger is a melee attack which one hit kills people close to you, and the bomb is to prevent people from spamming the dagger.

But the main focus was always on the gun… By using unit movement detection (hotkey zlings at the top of the map and move it anywhere to use the weapon), it is a mind-blowing, ass-kicking, falcon-punching, fast as hell map. Things go super fast, and you’d have to be on your toes the entire time. This is more intense than Wall Ball…

Unfortunately, I feel it was too intense… for me anyway. It isn’t noob friendly solely because of the zling hotkeys. But it is the best way to do it, so it isn’t your fault. I think having just guns and throw in high ground detection and take out the blocking would’ve been just fine. But for people who like to rape themselves by playing this fucking crazy falcon-punching facemelter of a game, then knock yourselves out.


HONORARY MENTION (be the shoulder for the giants to stand on… :P)
By: Kaias

You are a marine, and hydras will continually spawn. Each time they spawn, they spawn 1 more hydra until there’re 15. Simple, effective, and fun. The menu system was innovative, but somewhat unnecessary. And it is a full house game. But since the map was done in 1.75 hours, it deserves to be mentioned.
If the map was actually finished, it would even be more awesome. Maybe you could do that for the next map digest ;)

Super Mario SC
By: Roy

Inspired by an old map and some drunken friends, Roy decided to take on this amazing challenge in rebuilding a platformer in an RTS game. Surely he must be drunk! But what came out of it was a map of truly superb, illusive, almost unimaginable triggers of asskicking. The work that was behind this map was truly ingenious, and therefore it deserves a spot on this list.

There were two big problems with this map. The first one was the controls… A dropship system, as TZ and CAFG has said, is not a great system to use for a reaction game. It is slow… Motion detection or unit building would probably have been a lot better.
The second problem was that… it just doesn’t work as a platformer. It was a very good try, and I think this is the closest SC can get to being a platformer. But seriously, it takes out all the excitement and level design asskickery out of our good old, fat yet superhumanly strong, pole vault, trampoline, and hurdles champion Mario.

OLD FAVORITE (Ol’ Faithful, like an ol’ shoe that just fits)
Archon Tag
By: ???

Yes. Archon Tag. What other old map have defied all odds, beat out all the new map competition, and denied all next generation archon tags of their spotlight? None, really.

Imagine before Bounds, before Hyper Triggers, even before Cat and Mouse, there was this. You can imagine all the poor, old SC pubbie players, with nothing to do other than play sunken defense, was suddenly thrust upon a game like this!
It is simple. Just Pylon and Nexus. You must survive from the archons that are controlled by two other people who want your probe’s Energizer. A recipe for a great game… There was zero terrain, zero hyper trigs, two buildings, two archons, and 5 probes. That was it. Yet, it is still being played today! And I love it!

TURD OF THE MONTH (I’d rather have a buffalo take a diahhrea dump in my ear)
Penguin Wars DX
By: some_shithead_assfuck_that_doesn’t_even_deserve_to_have_a_real_name
(Madzombie.. unless you're "Mirkon", I believe that someone has taken your version and made it worse... and On that same note.. it isn't even saved as "Penguin Wars DX" it's saved as "(7)Penguin Wars DX". which is retarded =.='' ...)

Some Shithead Assfuck just messed with one of the most classic games I can think of. Everyone remembers penguin wars, and how hero centralized that game was right? Remember when everyone thought the person with the firebat/zling hero and was owning everyone else was gonna win when suddenly you whip out your dick hero mutalisk which you’ve been saving up for and rush in there to squirt all over his face kill his gay ass heroes and start camping him??? Yeah, I know you did it (squirt squirt).

But what did “DELUXE” do? OH DEAR!!! What more do we get? What can we possibly get more? WELL GUESS WHAT? YOU FUCKING DON’T GET MORE… YOU FUCKING GET LESS. THIS SHITHEAD TRIED TO BALANCE OUT THE HEROES (Which he did a decent job with SOME of them, but most of them were definitely not balanced at all) AND REMOVED SOME OF THE HEROES!... He also changed the broodling, which used to be the High armored hero counter that costed 2 civs, by making it SUCK ASS and COMPLETELY incompetent so that it costed 1. What’s the POINT? There was already the zergling, which is the fast kill getter, and the zealot, which is the hero counter, both costing 1 civ. So what the FUCK is the broodling for? Not to mention that there is now no good counters for heroes like firebats except with Ultra, which costs 3 civs. Ridiculous..

But you know what? That was just the icing on this shitcake. He fucking put TWO anti-air turrets, both doing 500 damage (1 hit kill) at the FRONT of the base… AND FOUR Cannons (mercifully at the BACK of the base)… each doing FIVE HUNDRED damage. Almost all heroes are below 500 hp… SO WTF???? What is this guy even THINKING? I can understand anti-camp defenses, but 1 hit kill heroes? That’s so stupid. He effectively took out all the little strategy that this map used to have.

Moreover, he removed the secret asskicking unit TassadarZeratul… wtf.
EDIT: The secret ARCHON UNIT called "TassadarZeratul" .. you get it by moving "Tassadar as a Penguin" and "Zeratul as a Penguin" to the top middle section and you get a super hero archon.. no i'm not talking about our beloved TZ here who is currently at Florida @_@ (lucky guy)


So that was it… It was actually a lot of work :O… but it was fun

Please Comment and please nominate the maps you feel should make any of these lists for next month. It’d make this a more frequent series and my job a lot ezier XD


P.S. I can't reply for some odd glitch <.< .. but Madzombie, is this seriously your work??? I really don't think you're Mirkon r u?

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Apr 16 2009, 10:49 pm MadZombie Post #2

wtf, I worked hard on my penguin map.

we've cleared that up.

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Apr 20 2009, 5:33 am -BW-Map_God Post #3

I guess you haven't played Civilization 7.9.5 yet :P. It also came out this month though with the ladder for it on USWest I am not surprised you haven't seen it. That and I think the SEN DLB is still down.


Apr 20 2009, 7:54 pm xYoshix Post #4

Mind ball is by Yami. :O


Nov 30 2009, 11:05 pm Cinolt Post #5

Haha sorry for reviving a relatively old thread, but I've never even noticed my map being mentioned here, and first place as well. You have good taste sir. Thanks a lot :)

By the way, I've remade Strafe Arena:

I've fixed many of the glitches/flaws in the first version, as well as adding a few twists to it :) I hope you enjoy.


Dec 1 2009, 2:14 am NudeRaider Post #6

We can't explain the universe, just describe it; and we don't know whether our theories are true, we just know they're not wrong. >Harald Lesch

Holy... It's been over half a year since I released Desert Strike? Wow time really passed quickly.
I totally missed this thread because I think April was during the time when I was without Internet which is the very reason why "some things could've been done better". v1.0 was never intended to be a final version. Just the first one actually playable and bug-free.
But after months without Internet and many versions so much more popular than the original one I simply lost interest / had other things to do.

The map was actually inspired by Castle Fight by theleo_ua which was inspired by the WC3 Castle Fight. But yeah, it's a very similar principle to Sand Castle Wars.

The Terran Heal actually has a duration of ~30s and heals every unit every ~1s, so it's perfect as a Mind Control counter and works best with few units with a lot of hp on the field.

And the geyser built => downtime has a simple reason: Gameplay. It's basically a method of making each refinery more expensive than the one before so that you have to gain an advantage on the battlefield to be able to afford upgrading your income instead of the "rich get richer" principle.
The alternative would've been placing like 20 geysers per player on the map and have each refinery increase income by much less - but that wouldn't have fit the compressed terrain design very well.

Finally I want to thank you for mentioning my map. I never thought it'd have such an impact since it's really such a simple map. The base version took me just about 10 hours to make. Then it was only a matter of balancing, improving gameplay and fixing bugs to arrive at v1.0

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