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Jan 18 2009, 11:09 pm
By: Corbo  

Jan 18 2009, 11:09 pm Corbo Post #1


I think we all know how to post a project but for the new modders keep in mind this:

1. Make sure you provide enough information.
If the mod has an storyline make sure you provide it with a title that indicates that it is the story otherwise everyone will just be confused.

2. Post detailed information of what you modded.
Don't be "I modded dats, iscript. There are some modded GRPs and a few minor tech tree changes" - What exactly did you mod again?
It is ok to say: "I modified the tech tree to improve the mod playability, ground units have an specific submenu as well as Air units in the starting building. Every unit cost has been modified according to the new set build time. Some units are now more expensive but take less time to build..." and so on.
Use proper language: dun spk lyk dyz, kthxbai.

3. Provide some screenshots.
Everybody loves to see some material specially when it involves units with new graphics or a battle even if it doesn't look real.
If you have custom made GRPs you can also post a couple of frames for them.

4. Include some material.
If your topic doesn't include a demo or the full version of the mod the previous 3 Guidelines are a must.
If it does include a demo make sure to post what's modded and what's to come in the near future.

5. In conclusion the success of a mod it's not actually in its complexity but in how simple you make it look. If you just modded randomly the weapons of units, people will get pissed or if they don't quite get your very complex tech tree. Describe how the gameplay is, where should a player go first or what can he build or what is your mod really about. Remember that it doesn't matter what the product is but how you sell it ;).

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fuck you all

Jan 18 2009, 11:10 pm Symmetry Post #2

Dungeon Master

Lemme fix this up and I'll pin it right away. Thanks, Corbo.

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Mar 14 2019, 11:00 am IlyaSnopchenko Post #3

Well... where do I post a campaign that is neither a map (for obvious reasons :)) nor a mod as it does not "modify" many things, and certainly not the bulk of a race's units and structures? :)

Who am I, and why should I care?

Mar 14 2019, 12:03 pm Corbo Post #4


Anywhere you wish. Either modding projects or in the campaign forum.

Probably in the campaign forum would be more ideal, though.

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Suicidal Insanity -- On game start you could detect who is at which start location, store that in switches / dcs, and use that to permanently force alliances. Lots of combinations though
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MTiger156 -- That 2v2v2v2 mapping problem does sound like an interesting challenge. Its worth putting some experimentation into. I could make an example map for combining locked alliances (based on lobby forces) + random start location. Though an EUD solution would be the most efficient, I will avoid that for the sake of simplicity.
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pallfy -- thanks, but that sounds complicated
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