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How do you change the damage a psionic storm does?
Sep 17 2007, 5:32 am
By: DahLollipop  

Sep 17 2007, 5:32 am DahLollipop Post #1

anybody know? i saw this on DBZ evil with nappa but i dont know how to change it :/


Sep 17 2007, 6:27 am DT_Battlekruser Post #2

Unless I am very much mistaken, modifying Unused Upgrade 60 (or was it 61?) in Starforge presets changes the damage on all weapons with the upgrade type None (missile turrets, SCVs, psionic storm, etc.).

The only other way to achieve this affect was through EUD actions, which were patched out of Starcraft in 1.13b.


Sep 17 2007, 7:45 am DahLollipop Post #3

so its not possible anymore?


Sep 17 2007, 7:47 am Rawk_Flare Post #4

No it isn't. Check the triggers on DBZ Evil if you want to make sure.


Sep 17 2007, 7:51 am DahLollipop Post #5

haha i would but its well protected. even osmap cant get through


Sep 17 2007, 7:55 am Rawk_Flare Post #6

What? I have the unprotected version, wait lemmie find it and I'll pm it to you.


Sep 17 2007, 1:10 pm Falkoner Post #7

Trust me, OS map can get through it, you just need an earlier version.

Upgrade 60 still works, just change it in SF.


Sep 17 2007, 3:36 pm DahLollipop Post #8

sooo.. after i found upgrade 60 now what? do i take off use default? or change the time, mineral, or gas?


Sep 17 2007, 4:15 pm fritfrat Post #9

I had a really nice explanation of this on the last SEN.. :P

Basically, psi storm deals 14 damage over 8 ticks, making it deal a toatl of 112 damage. However, it has a bonus of 1, so if you set the default (for all players or a single player) to start at any upgrade besides 0, the psi storm will deal more damage. For example, if you set upgrade 60 to 6, the psi storm will deal 20x8 damage, and if you set the upgrade 60 default to 255, it deals 269x8 damage, or 2152. Upgrade 60 affects a ton of things such as scv attack bonus, spore colony attack, photon cannon attack, etc. but those all start off as a bonus of 0 so it really doesn't matter. The main thing you can't change that upgrade 60 affects actually is critter armor, but who uses critters, eh? Oh, and you can't modify upgrade 60 in-game, only in staredit.

Ask if I missed anything


Sep 17 2007, 7:15 pm fritfrat Post #10

Edit by Esponeo: This Post is a Response to a Deleted Post

Not really, deathman, because modders can change what upgrades are associated with what, and the default shows all of these upgrades associated with upgrade 60. As far as psi storm damage, I've been playing sc long enough to know that it deals 14 damage, lol, and it takes 3 minutes of testing to find out it has a bonus of 1.

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Sep 17 2007, 9:52 pm TricksOfDeath Post #11

Odd... also if you have them "uping" the psi storm to level 3 or whatever just have the computers interveraly gain a level, so once they activate the up through triggers, it will automaticly give one "scv" to that player with the desired up level and then remove it, so... usualy p7-8 are comps so we can could P7-P12 so thats 5 levels of uping IF you desire to have that. I know this doesnt belong here just trying to get rid of all the spam, is it possible to have uping through triggers? Such as Terran Infinty Plating Level 1 and increase it every 2 miniutes for example?


Sep 17 2007, 10:17 pm Falkoner Post #12

I think that upgrades aren't passed through giving, only tech.


Sep 17 2007, 11:40 pm CookiesLikeWhoa Post #13

Since this is semi relevant, can you change the damage of plague? And what do the the other unused upgrades/tech settings do/change?


Sep 17 2007, 11:40 pm fritfrat Post #14

I'll say that I know that upgrades aren't passed through give unit, just techs, so that would not work. It's not possible to have ups through triggers, and since no building allows for upgrade 60 to be researched, upgrade 60 has to remain constant the entire game.

EDIT: Just saw cookie's post. You can't change the damage to plague, and the other unused upgrades do absolutely nothing.


Sep 17 2007, 11:46 pm CookiesLikeWhoa Post #15

Thanks for the info! Figured might as well keep it all in this thread since it was semi relevant.


Sep 18 2007, 12:00 am Falkoner Post #16

It upgrades some other things, like worker defense, basically, anything that can't normally be upgraded.


Sep 18 2007, 1:06 am blacklight28 Post #17

Wait a minute... What the hell is "upgrade 60"


Sep 18 2007, 1:53 am JaBoK Post #18

It's an unused upgrade that they set all of the random stuff that doesn't use upgrades to.

Psi storm, luckily, has a damage upgrade of 1, so mappers can use it.

Each upgrade adds 8 to the total damage of psi storm, or one per course.

It affects things like yamato cannon, but at an upgrade bonus of 0, it also affects building and creep armor.


Sep 18 2007, 2:21 am Falkoner Post #19

Open StarForge, go to Scenario>Upgrade Settings...<Unused<Unused 60

There's how you get to it.


Sep 18 2007, 5:11 am frazz Post #20

I use SCMDraft, so can I safely port maps between the two editors. That is, will nothing be lost if I open with SF, change, and go back to SCMDraft?

Guess I'm kinda hijacking here, oh well.


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