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Open Forum for SEN 'Currency'
Sep 6 2007, 11:02 pm
By: CaptainWill  

Sep 6 2007, 11:02 pm CaptainWill Post #1

I notice we have several different resources which we can accumulate in v5.

Minerals, Vespene, Karma, Reputation. I'm sure the admins have some ideas planned out, but perhaps we can assist them in their creative process. ;)

So, what we'll do is come up with some ideas for the definitions of each of these resources, and how you can acquire them.

Here are some ideas from me:

Minerals: The basic monetary unit of SEN. It can be gained by posting and playing games. It can be lost through fines and purchases.

Vespene: A high value currency unit. It can be gained by playing games and by exchanging minerals. It can be spent on certain high-value items and other things.

Karma: Represents how good or bad a member's behaviour has been. Can be given or taken away by mods. When it reaches a certain low level, disciplinary action is taken.

Reputation: Shows how a member is viewed by the rest of the community. It is gained or lost from other members, who can give positive or negative reputation for a particular post. Reputation can only be given out once a day by any one member, and abuses will have to be looked out for carefully.


Sep 6 2007, 11:40 pm Money Post #2

FAQ: Fun and Games
There are numerous things to do on SEN besides...

What is Karma?
Karma is a little "game" between members on the grounds of their posts. You can either give positive karma or negative karma, and in return, it effects you positively and negatively, respectively.

Why would I give out positive karma?
Because you get a small portion of what you give out back! Plus, it's a nice way to show someone you appreciate their post (if it helps you) or you think it was funny, or if is the same opinion as yours in the latest debate that's raging on, whatever.

Why would I give out negative karma?
It's the ultimate way to show someone that you think their post is the opposite of any reason you would give them positive karma. Plus the fact that you have to take a karma hit yourself really drives that point home.

Inner workings
You don't necessarily have to concern yourself with the following information. If you don't have the option to give karma to a person or to anyone at all, you simply don't have the ability to. But if you want to know exactly what's going on behind the scenes:
You can affect the same member once every 72 hours.
Every 6 hours you gain 1 karma point to give out.
You can only hold 5 karma points maximum at a time.

The Store
What is the store?
The store...

You got karma wrong. It seems like it's the same as rep but rep is only good, karma is both good and bad.

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Sep 6 2007, 11:46 pm Moose Post #3

We live in a society.

It's a brainstorm. The idea is to think outside the box for new uses other than what's spelled out in the FAQ. He wouldn't make a topic to tell us what it's about because the FAQ already exists.

Sep 7 2007, 12:02 am ~:Deathawk:~ Post #4

I think we either abolish Vespene, or award it only for sponsored events such as contests, tournaments, or winning forum games or something.


Sep 7 2007, 12:14 am Forsaken Archer Post #5

In a update I made on my computer, it no longer shows rep or gas (until there's a use for it anyways)


Sep 7 2007, 1:07 am CaptainWill Post #6

Well I was thinking along the lines of the vBulletin rep system for reputation, but it seems that's pretty much covered by the karma system.

Still, karma could function in the same way as the warning system on v4. Different amounts of karma get taken away for various offences. If it goes negative then you're in trouble. It builds up at a rate of x per day and can be given for good or constructive posting if a mod feels it is appropriate. In this way mods aren't just responsible for punishment, but also for rewards. Having a reputation system in addition to the karma system would offset the latter with a score which represents how a member is seen by the community as a whole, and not just by the moderation team. After all, just because someone has broken the rules doesn't mean that they're not an excellent debater or map helper etc.

I like the idea of winning vespene gas in tournaments - these could be arcade game tournaments (that's if v5 gets an arcade - I know it hogs bandwidth), mapping tournaments or whatever. Maybe it could be used to buy advanced units in Starcraft armies, if that is implemented as well.


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