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StarCraft1 CoachAI has arrived ! ✈️
Dec 8 2021, 3:02 pm
By: moataz  

Dec 8 2021, 3:02 pm moataz Post #1

Hey SC1 fans, this is a C++ open-source, real-time practice tool & real-time replay-analyzer, the phenomenal :ex: StarCraft1 CoachAI:

v4.27 changelog:
  • In-gameplay -> Fixed: Function hotkeys (F5, F6 etc) don't hang randomly anymore.
  • In-gameplay -> Fixed: WorkerCut now calculated accurately when a worker production in-progress but supply blocked.
  • In-gameplay -> Changed: To pronounce the next step in the TimedBo (when you're busy), the hotkey is changed from 'Space', to 'Left Alt + Space', because 'Space' is used by the game for moving to the last transmission.
  • In-gameplay -> Added: New hotkey 'Right Alt + Space' to pause/resume the pronunciation of the TimedBo steps.
  • In-replay -> Added: Message shortcut '?' now shows the game creator (host), and a new message shortcut 'eapm' to to show total actions and the eAPM of all players sorted by the highest eAPM, thanks to icza - the author of screp &



For more info check:

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ClansAreForGays -- I don't get it, so it just decreases? Like if I have it set to 1, it'll be zero during build. But If I have it set to 100... it's be like 50?
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