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[EUD] Irasshaimase Micro [Korean]
Mar 20 2021, 3:37 pm
By: SkywinDragoon  

Mar 20 2021, 3:37 pm SkywinDragoon Post #1


Defend enemy wave advancing from the bottom right.
Use minerals to deploy random units from the barracks.
Upgrade tier level to get access to more various units.

Enemies have reinforced AI, never underestimate them.
There are special units with unique properties.

Single Player game is available.

version: 1.17

Some additional info:
List of special properties:

Jim Raynor Marine (Tier 1): Has range of 6.
Fenix Drognn (Tier 2): Can't attack air units, and has additional 100 shield points.
Hunter Killer (Tier 3): Spawns a hydralisk if this or any hydralisk it spawned killed total of 2 units.
Kukulza Mutalisk (Tier 3): Has higher health regeneration speed.
Hero Lurker a.k.a Swarm Host(Tier 3): Uses drones to attack.
Alan Schezar (Tier 4): Can attack and move at the same time.
Edmund Duke (Tier 4): Tank mode has splash damage, Siege mode has the opposite.
Fenix Zealot (Tier 5): Stuns enemies after a charge attack.
Ghost (Tier 5): Can use Sniper Round (deals 90 damage to a biological unit)
Dropship (Tier 5): Air weapon is same as the one of missile turret. Ground weapon is AoE, with range of 2.
Sarah Kerrigan (Tier 6): Has Hallucination, Yamato Cannon, and Nuclear Strike.
Torrasque (Tier 6): Is immune to Mind control, Maelstrom, Ensnare, Stasis field.
Tassadar/Zeratul (Tier 6): Deals damage when it is killed. The damage amount is equal to the energy remaining when it killed.
Overlord (Tier 6): has 3 of 8 properties selected randomly when created.
-Faster attack speed
-Spawns a hydralisk per 2 kills
-Extra 200 shield
-Immunity to most of the spells
-Deals 200 damage upon death
-x2 Energy

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