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Custom campaign: "song of sara"
Jan 5 2018, 9:14 pm
By: Mithras Gnosis  

Jan 5 2018, 9:14 pm Mithras Gnosis Post #1

Song of Sara, Mission 1: Bloomings
I am a new amateur mapmaker trying to make a custom campaign. I have a complete draft of the story script but I am open to changes based on feedback.

This is the first map in my custom campaign for Zerg "The Song of Sara," which takes place on Mar Sara in Fall of 2499. It is modified from the BW map "UpTheCreek."

  • Players
  • Map Tileset
  • Map Size

The plot of this campaign picks up a plot point from the original manual that was strangely forgotten during the plot of Episode 2 and beyond. The Zerg invaded Koprulu because they were looking for a weapon against the Protoss, who were too powerful for them to fight and conquer at the time. It turns out that human psychic potential is exactly what the Zerg are looking for. When their space probes are discovered by the Protoss and tracked back to the Koprulu sector, this kicks off the Great War.

Contrary to the plot of Episode 2, one psychic is not enough: the Zerg need to abduct countless psychics and experiment on them to create new psychic strains. The player character of this campaign is a junior cerebrate of the Garm brood, who has been stationed on Mar Sara to subtly infest the surface and hunt down psychics. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when a Protoss fleet appears and glasses Chau Sara.

  • Simplistic, nostalgic Starcraft gameplay without any fancy tricks
  • No mods, compatible with Starcraft Remastered
  • Five maps in total, all small as possible
  • Objectives vary between build, destroy, capture and rescue

  • Zerg Characters
    • Player Character: an unnamed junior cerebrate of the Garm brood, overseeing harvesting operations on Mar Sara.
    • Overmind: the collective consciousness of the Zerg race. Created the player character to infest Mar Sara and serves as a conscience of sorts.
    • Zasz: master of the Garm brood, the primary assault force. Gathers intelligence for other broods.
    • Daggoth: master of the Tiamat brood, the command fleet. Advises and transports other broods.
    • Golden Eyes: an overlord, or perhaps a group, serving the PC. Oversees gathering of intelligence and deployment of warriors in the field.
    • Naktul: a queen, or perhaps a group, serving the PC. Oversees the logistics of managing hive clusters.

  • Terran Characters
    • Nova Squadron: a squadron of the Confederate armed forces tasked with black ops. Cerberus Unit is part of this squadron.
    • 417th Confederate Marine Platoon: a platoon sent to Oasis Station to recover lost assets in the wake of Confederate counterattack against the Zerg.
    • Andre Madrid: a marine stationed at Fire Base Chimera. Cameo from Revelations short story.
    • Merdith Jernic: a civilian living in Oasis Station. Cameo from Speed of Darkness novel.

  • Protoss Characters
    • Andinunn: An executor serving under the Koprulu Expeditionary Force. He had been watching Terran space for some time before the Great War. Cameo from StarCraft Beta website.
    • Thuras: A zealot serving beside Andinunn. Cameo from Revelations short story.


First map available @

  • IDEAS (90%)
  • TERRAIN (20%)
  • TRIGGERS (20%)

  • 01/05/2018
    First map released as an open alpha. Still open to change based on feedback.

Made with the Map Production template.

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Jan 6 2018, 12:05 am DarkenedFantasies Post #2

Roy's Secret Service

Not sure if it's your first map or not, but so far it seems promising for a "new amateur". At least it's competently triggered for what the map was meant to be.
However I strongly advise against making "tutorial" type missions (i.e. build # units and/or such such buildings), especially when all the enemies are passive. I understand it's for replicating the Blizzard campaign experience, but it's safe to assume people who play custom campaigns are already familiar with the basics of the game, and don't need to be subjected to such an uneventful mission.

For example, the mission could be made more engaging by disposing of the build # units objectives, and having the enemy use an active AI script to attack the player. Give the enemy some light bases around the map so the player has to fight for them to meet the objective of expanding.
If anything, since we can build queens, and the theme is to infest the planet/Terrans, you could give them an objective to infest some Command Centers as well. Alternatively, instead of giving the player a Queen's Nest, you could give us Naktul and use her to infest the Command Centers.

I also suggest you disable the units/buildings/upgrades from the tech tree that are off-limits to the player. You've only disabled morphing to lair, but lair and hive tech still remain available in the command card. Perhaps trivial, but looks better and won't mislead the player as to what's at their disposal.

Well that's my feedback for now. I shall look forward to future updates/new maps!


Jan 6 2018, 1:56 am Dem0n Post #3

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Standard, nostalgic Starcraft gameplay
Be careful with this. I generally like to keep things pretty traditional when making campaigns, but if you keep it too traditional, it'll be super boring. No one finds 10 "destroy the enemy base" or "bring the crystal to the beacon" missions fun. Try to come up with creative objectives. Don't just rely on 'Protoss Campaign Hard Difficulty' as your only resistance to the player; come up with ways to spice up the gameplay, maybe by adding ambushes, mini-objectives, etc. It requires more work, but it pays off by creating a much more immersive and engaging style of gameplay.

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Jan 7 2018, 1:39 am Mithras Gnosis Post #4

Words cannot describe how happy I am with your response.

Thank you for informing me of technical errors and gameplay shortcomings in the alpha. I will improve future versions of the map by making the specified fixes to the tech tree UI and giving Nova Squadron/Cerberus Recon(?) offensive gameplay. I am leery of having too many generic build and destroy missions; that is why I made expansion the only objective, with fighting being incidental to that (i.e. the Terran base being literally in the way).

Speaking of infestation, the very next mission was scheduled to be one! I added the queen's nest because it was the only way to attack enemy units located on mesas without ramp access (via spawn broodling), which in hindsight is actually pointless. This shall be removed and/or replaced in the next update.

I am leery of making objectives too complicated due to the limitations of the user interface and engine in general. I have already discovered that displaying more than one leaderboard is impossible and requires a workaround that switches between leaderboards every X seconds.

If you have any criticisms of the dialogue or story, please share. I added my own personal flairs to the Zerg's "telepathy translated into pseudo-Shakespeare/King Jame's Bible English" dialect(?) to make it sound more like Shakespeare and King Jame's Bible (e.g. using Early Modern English pronouns like "ye" and "thou") with some distinctly alien idioms thrown in, but I am not sure if I succeeded.


Jan 8 2018, 1:00 am DaMnUFo0 Post #5

I will play your campaign and upload it to my channel once it is polished.
In the meantime, good luck with your endeavor.

Jan 16 2018, 12:27 am Rawflesh0615 Post #6

I already play your campaign game, and it's on my channel.


Jan 16 2018, 12:33 am Rawflesh0615 Post #7

How many missions your going to make this campaign?


Jan 16 2018, 2:05 pm Mithras Gnosis Post #8

Quote from Rawflesh0615
I already play your campaign game, and it's on my channel.
Thank you very much, but that feels a bit premature. I will be updating the first map some time next weekend.
Quote from Rawflesh0615
How many missions your going to make this campaign?
I have five missions planned in total.


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