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Diplo - Infinity 2.8a / b
Apr 15 2017, 8:26 am
By: Cool-Knight  

Apr 15 2017, 8:26 am Cool-Knight Post #1

Hi Since I see no "Diplo - Infinity 2.8a" on here I tho I would share it. Since there its not on here? ;)
(If this map is on here, which I search I don't see it, but if there is....sorry for making this topic!)

Also I don't know really much about this map..I just like to play with friends.

But the game is ez to follow and learn. (I'll try to post more info about this map. Unless someone has info and can post how to play on here!)
^---supports 1.16.1 [Want to download click: HERE ]

v-----will support 1.18 ++ / MAC's. [Want to download this version click HERE (Coming soon!) Release this on sometime on Tuesday 4/18/2017!
Diplo - Infinity 2.8b (Edited by me) For editing Diplo - Infinity 2.8b is remove EUPs for 1.18 + Patch.

(Since this map has EUPs in it) And the locked map was kinda to weak.

I have locked it with a much harder map locker so no 1 even me can unlock it, IF I ever lose unlocked veer. :)

Did I edit the map: No! well yes to remove EUPs in the map. Only thing I touched in the map.

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You can also find me at. My Website!
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