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Starcraft I: Cool-Knight
Starcraft II: TheKnight

You might know me as SHANE-009? well this is me, new username. So you can find me anywhere! :D
You can also find me at. My Website! My Forum!

I make SC:BW (StarCraft BroodWar Maps!)
Severs I'm On: Iccup. USEast / USWest! (Mainly Iccup channel Donuts)
[07:30 am]
TF- -- Corbo
Corbo shouted: It's either spectre or a really buffed civilian with a gun
[06:22 am]
Voyager7456 -- KrayZee
KrayZee shouted: 'Skinny' repeal still lacks votes... lol
Pr0nogo shouted: mad and wrong, what a combo
mad but not wrong as it turns out lmao
[06:16 am]
Corbo -- awww yessss, music in a format where you can actually distinguish the instruments
[06:13 am]
Corbo -- can you guys listen to that?
[06:08 am]
Corbo -- wtf is this lmaoo
[06:08 am]
[06:08 am]
Lanthanide -- haha republicans, can't even repeal a law they've been obsessed about for 7 years
[06:07 am]
Corbo -- LMAO
[06:05 am]
Corbo -- and by mutalisk I obviously mean ultralisk
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