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Ghost Ops: Protoss Caverns
Jan 8 2017, 11:51 am
By: TF-  

Jan 8 2017, 11:51 am TF- Post #1

Ghost Ops: Protoss Caverns

This is a map made in late 2010 for a special "Ghost Ops" campaign of special scenarios, later retrofitted as a special mission in a full blown campaign, and now polished and released as a standalone map, there's others I could retouch and release but this is all I can bear to do with how bad the SC2 editor is now.

You are looking for the source of some mysterious signals in a system of Protoss caverns that have been abandoned for centuries, only Ghosts can navigate the tight spaces of the cave system so you cannot count on any reinforcements, at least 2 of your Ghosts must survive for you to be able to complete your mission, as splitting your Ghosts into at least two groups is an essential tactic. (remember this one)

At some point you will be engaged by the Rays, airborne robotic guardians of the Protoss that are effectively indestructible, as they respawn endlessly, they will follow your Ghosts around wherever they go and you will have to manipulate them to your advantage, while always keeping them from being able to see your Ghosts (recharge your energy, stay away from protoss detectors marked by blue radar blips), eventually you will manipulate them to detect and kill cloaked and detector-equipped Zerg while trying to keep both the Zerg and the Protoss from being able to detect you.
They always follow one of your Ghosts at a time, you can isolate that Ghost to keep the Rays away from the others for a while.

Ghosts can use the Broadcast Ghost Signature ability on objects or units in the environment to make the Rays attack them, this is essential to advancing through the mission.

Ghosts can also use the Infiltrate ability to take over mechanical objects like Inhibitors, but you won't need this until late into the mission, at which point it is essential.

You can still finish the mission with just 2 Ghosts on low HP, it will just be fairly difficult to do so.

This is a tough mission, by design, as it runs counter to conventional "special mission" map design you had in SC2 where you can fall asleep, use either extreme precaution or CTRL+Q.


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Jan 12 2017, 12:43 am TF- Post #2

Mike has playtested this map and the map has been updated as per Mike's feedback, get the new version from the link in the main post.

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NudeRaider -- I like the logic but state secrets are a valid thing, right? I mean secrets that (better) benefit the public if they are kept away from the public. Or is that just another brainwashed train-of-thought?
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