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Zyc's PC upgrade
Oct 30 2016, 5:25 pm
By: Zycorax  

Oct 30 2016, 5:25 pm Zycorax Post #1

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My graphics card (GTX 760) is more or less dead, so I'm looking for a replacement. I've been using Gainward cards for the past ten years (thanks eoLithic), but I'm considering getting something different this time, based on YOUR recommendations. I'm thinking of getting a GTX 1060, or something with a similar performance/price. The most important factor for me atm is probably good cooling. Nvidia cards are preferred.
Bought a GTX 1070 that was on sale.

I'm also looking at buying a new mobo/CPU at some point. I know fuck all about mobos, so any advice on that is appreciated. The only requirement I have is a minimum of 8 SATA slots. As for the CPU, I'm looking for something mid-range. An i5 will probably do. Intel stuff is preferred.
I'm assuming my old RAM sticks (Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz) are still going to work with a new mobo, but if they're likely to not do so, please say :P

To help you help me, here's some links to the store I usually buy my computer stuff from, conveniently labeled for those of you who are sensible enough to not know Norwegian:
Graphics cards

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Nov 5 2016, 6:05 pm NudeRaider Post #2

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Just a few pointers since nobody else got something:

DDR3 is old and as such works on lower frequencies, but it has good latencies, so performance-wise there's no worries for a bottleneck, doubly so since RAM never is the bottleneck anyway. The problem is you'd invest a good chunk of money into an old platform. And that might become a compatibility problem in the future. But in the near future staying on DDR3 is perfectly fine. Far future? No predictions so far.
Amount of RAM recommended: 2x8 GB

CPU wise any i5 is a solid choice, but I wouldn't consider them midrange. ;) If you plan on overclocking get a k-variant. They take it like a beast so it's a reasonable upgrade. Just keep in mind to get a solid cpu-cooler as well. Check the other threads for good choices.
Otherwise make sure you get what you want.
suffixes explained

As for mobo go for Asrock if you need to save money, otherwise Asus and Gigabyte offer a good conscience for a price that's a bit on the high side. If you rely on onBoard graphics as backup choose one with the appropriate connectors. Also if you can get one that supports USB-C that would be useful - even more useful if you get a fitting case.
If the price at all lets you, get a full sized board, not a micro formfactor. 4 RAM Slots are recommended since at some point you will be upgrading capacity.
The 1070 has plenty of power, so you'll likely not need to get a SLI-capable board.

That's all that comes to mind to consider. Now it's up to you to find the sweet deals on the components that have what you need. ;)

Oh and if you don't have one yet, now's the time to get a SSD. ;) Seriously, do it, if you dont have it yet.

Nov 8 2016, 5:53 pm Zycorax Post #3

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I bought a new CPU cooler along with the graphics card (CM Hyper TX3 Evo). Already have two SSDs, so I got that covered.

I have 4x4GB RAM, so four slots is a must if I don't need new sticks. I'm very unlikely to ever bother with SLI, so compatability for that is not necessary.
I considered buying a k-variant CPU when I bought this computer, but as I'm unlikely to overclock, I didn't bother paying the extra cost. The same thing still applies :P

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