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SCMdraft AI scripts
Aug 8 2016, 8:10 pm
By: Valadorn  

Aug 8 2016, 8:10 pm Valadorn Post #1

Hello guys, there are lots of AI scripts in SCMdraft, and i have no idea what they do, maybe, could anyone enlighten me ? :S I am not sure if I wrote this in the right section, but the question seems pretty serious to me :c


Aug 8 2016, 8:24 pm noobscrub Post #2

le LITERALLY me when im ex dee while driving face xdddd

These are the standard easy/medium/difficult/insane/custom(melee) for both brood war and the original starcraft

here's a guide with more information about some of these scripts

And these are some of the custom AI that have been used on all the campaign missions

if you want to know more you can learn by yourself by playing some campaign maps and looking at the trigger editor


Aug 8 2016, 8:24 pm CecilSunkure Post #3

Main ones people use:

Suicide mission - All units at all times go off to attack the closest enemy thing.
Junkyard Dog - Wander around aimlessly.
Insane AIs - Build base, mine resources, go on attack raids, scout around.
Enter/Exit bunker


Aug 8 2016, 8:37 pm Valadorn Post #4

well , thx :) , I just dont rly know how to open campaign maps :c


Aug 8 2016, 9:57 pm noobscrub Post #5

le LITERALLY me when im ex dee while driving face xdddd

I'm not sure but there might be a website that has those campaign maps. You can try downloading the Coop campaign mod though, but some triggers are changed.

You can also use mpqview and extract the chk maps/files from both Broodwar.mpq and Starcraft.mpq, change the file names to .scx/.scm and do it yourself.

or just use other custom campaigns as reference.


Aug 8 2016, 10:19 pm jjf28 Post #6

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Quote from Valadorn
well , thx :) , I just dont rly know how to open campaign maps :c

Campaign Extraction Utility

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Aug 9 2016, 12:02 am Sie_Sayoka Post #7

Here is an explanation of what each AI does other than the link. The AI scripts in this game are very fickle and need exact requirements to perform correctly. This is especially true with the campaign scripts as each was made specifically for that mission where the terrain, placement, and units are important for the script. Most of the scripts must be run at a location.

It is important to know exactly what you want out of your AI and what each script does so you can build around the limitations of the script.

Here are some useful AI scripts for general behavior:
  • [Expansion] custom level (the default melee AI)
  • [Expansion] campaign (choose the difficulty, insane is extremely hard)
  • Area Town (will only harvest resources, can be used in conjunction with other AI scripts)

The basic requirements for most AI is:
  • The start location is placed directly under their main building(CC/Nexus/Hatchery) or where you want to make it.
  • The location where the AI script is run must be on the start location.
  • The race is the same as the AI (change in map description).
  • There is enough room to build a base. This area is around a 17 block radius from the start location although it can work with less.
  • Full unit availability. Disabling production of some units may cause the AI to break.
  • Both minerals and gas near the start location.
  • Sufficient resources to create units.

In addition, these factors may affect the behavior of the AI:
  • Only one type of AI script should be used per computer. The exception would be the Zerg campaign insane scripts which can be run simultaneously up to 3 times (or more haven't tested). This will make attack waves extremely large.
  • Race of the closest opponent will determine the attack pattern of the AI. The exception would be Zerg.
  • Preplaced units and units of other races may break the AI. An exception is using heroes as they have no discernible impact on AI.
  • Resources that are not owned by p12. Make sure that all resources are owned by p12 to make the AI work.
  • Disabled units.
  • More than one pre-placed main building. It may cause the AI to choose one base over the other and move workers produced to the other base.

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Aug 9 2016, 3:53 pm JCarrill0 Post #8

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Quote from noobscrub
I'm not sure but there might be a website that has those campaign maps. You can try downloading the Coop campaign mod though, but some triggers are changed.

or just use other custom campaigns as reference.
The one that is the Starcraft brood war coop campaign mod is just 2 player maps with script Ai changed to the custom campaign for a bit of more difficulty, there is no real changes other then that.

Some maps where focused more, while other were mostly left alone.
For installation maps they use a 50/50 trigger, to equalizing the units for each player, but again no real difference.

if you need to get in contact with them, I do know one of the authors and can get you in contact with them.

I am working on a COOP map of my own that still has the original scripts in place while updating the whole map.

Pr0nogo had a vanilla COOP map that is great if you looking on how the scripts were used.

Sie_Sayoka had the best info anyone can give in his last post, while CecilSunkure nailed it on the head of what most people just use.

I have personally found that Easy/medium/Difficult doesn't react as fast enough for me, while Insane ai kinda over builds if your looking for campaign based maps, which can be good for an expert player.

Pr0nogo has shown how the ai can be difficult when its all working together in a map. (the size, the layout, the proper script, all of that working together to make a real challenge)

If your ever looking for standard melee, just use custom AI (default melee ai) and use insane if you want a real challenge. For Campaign/Co-op maps the level of detail, size and what not (like Pr0nogo explain is how you can really take full use of the Easy/Medium/Difficult AI. The rest are former scripts uses specifically for each mission of the Official campaigns.

I would imagine, use of them would only benefit if you could mimic the mission into your campaign.

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