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Updates 08-17-2013 - SC2 Database
Aug 17 2013, 2:14 pm
By: Devourer  

Aug 17 2013, 2:14 pm Devourer Post #1


Around a month ago, I started to create it from scratch. I've finished it within like five days. However, some problems concerning the MapParser has delayed this until now.
But with incredibly much and insane help from Farty1billion, it is finally here.

The starcraft 2 Database.
Featuring a brand new awesome tool by farty which extracts a nice amount of information!

It will extract:
- The Minimap image, also automatically set as the thumbnail
- The Forces-Data
- The Author
- The Map Title
- The tileset, width and height of the map
- The "long" Map-Description
- The "short" Map-Description (unused on, though)
- The "Screenshots" along with its captions.
- The number of Triggers, Points, Units, Cameras, Doodads and Locations

Here is a Screenshot of how a file could look like directly after uploading:

(Link to actual file: )

Improvements compared to the SC1-Database (which is still a mess, that's why I'm hesitating to edit it. I would most likely recode that one as well, using the sc2 template I guess, but whatever)
- Reports actually do something
- There should be like 0 errors
- Better organized storage-system (duh, you can not see this anyways. But I could improve this a lil, still)
- Adding a map to favourites actually does stuff (next to making it appear under "my files"): You get notified when the map gets updated
- You can select your Thumbnail
- If the parser (why so ever) did not work, the file is caught and not actually submitted, which will prevent "buggy" database entries
- Cleaner Category-System (the SC1 actually feels... I don't know how to put it. Well whatever)

Why did I do this? Mostly because I felt like coding again and I actually enjoyed writing my own systems there. But yeah, a database is pretty superfluous, considering the system

This is beta :) So some errors most likely will occur, if that happens: screenshot or copy that error, post it in this topic and tell me what exactly you did before that happened.
Would be grateful if you do :)

So: gogo and fill up that database!

Important Edit:
If you want your file to be on SEN but only be playable over the, you can mark your file as "Not downloadable". This way, people can see and comment your map while no one can actually download the actual file.

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Aug 23 2013, 6:37 am payne Post #2


Devourer for dictator!
Love ya buddy. :)


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