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Impossible Sand
Nov 29 2012, 7:56 am
By: payne  

Nov 29 2012, 7:56 am payne Post #1


- Impossible Scenario Sand -

... brought to you by adrenalyne.544 & payne.630 @ ...

Map specifications:

Levels: 12 + 1
Average difficulty: Medium to Very-Hard
Number of lives: 5
Average play-time: 3h30


- Heroes! -

- Phoenix's additional custom ability "Chrono Rift" (supposed to act as "Disruption Web" from BroodWar). -

- The Medic also has a custom ability: "Defense Matrix" -

- The "Generator system", which spawn 3 random units for you to choose from. We can also see the button that activates the "Map Preview" feature to help players decide which unit they should choose. -

- A peak at the "Quickest player" scoreboard feature, which saves your fastest time for each individual level (only activated in certain Game Modes, and you can minimize it of course). -

- The 3 Game Modes and the leaderboard. -

- Open Source. -


I present to you my little gem I've been working on for quite many hours on the course of the last few weeks.
I am definitely glad with the final result, and I'm sure people will love it. Seeing how popular my "messy" Impossible Probe got, I'm pretty sure this should be a hit.

Levels are shorter than in Impossible Probe in general, and there are way less sieged tanks. This is to respond to the complaints that a few faithful players have communicated to me.

A bunch of great features were added, and the map is in general way more polished than Impossible Probe in terms of triggers.
I did my best to keep the triggers as automatized as possible, and tried to explain a few things in comments a bit everywhere.
The reason for this is that I want to see more Impossible Scenario maps around, and I thus released this version as Open Source (Imp Probe is as well, but it's not mentioned anywhere, and it's not a really good template in terms of triggers: franck wasn't very familiar with triggers when he did most of the work, unfortunately).
In theory, as long as you have basic knowledge of how to mess with the editor, you should be able to create your own levels quite easily and quickly. If any help is needed, I did provide links to GalaxyWiki and SEN's "Sc2 Assistance Forum". :)

The map is currently set to contain 12 levels, plus the final level that unlocks once all the other scenarios are successfully completed.

Since the project is Open Source, the map is published publically (NA server), and unlocked, of course. You do not need my approval to edit the map, nor do you need to give any credits (though it's always appreciated).
Have fun creating your Impossible Scenarios (or simply playing the map :awesome:)!


- Choice between three Game Modes:
1) Normal: +1 unit/player/scenario (generally), Final Level is locked, and there are no timers involved at all.
2) Harder: no additional units (only pre-assigned ones), Final Level is unlockable, and a timer showing you the elapsed time is involved (records are saved).
3) Timed: +1 unit/player/scenario (usually), Final Level is unlockable, and you must complete scenarios within a certain deadline (it's different recorded timer data).

- A "Generator system" that selects 3 units from a pre-determined pool for the players to choose from.
- A "Preview system" that lets players preview the map while they choose which unit they want to pick.
- A leaderboard that shows the kills, lives left, and scenarios completed. You can minimize the leaderboard.
- A scoreboard that shows the individual best times of each player for every scenario individually. It also points out which player has the best score. You can hide the scoreboard.
- A timer at the middle top for Game Modes #2 and #3. On "Harder", the timer shows the elapsed time. On "Timed", the timer shows the remaining time.
- Custom AI for the enemy's spellcasters.
- Leaving players won't cause any trouble.
- The map is playable alone: triggers do adjust accordingly.
- The Difficulty Tags shown over the Beacons depend on the Game Mode selected.
- Challenging scenarios. :awesome:
- Orbital Command is automatically hotkeyed for you.
- Custom pathing to prevent air units from flying away, and ground units from walking in weird places.
- A "-suicide" command that kills all your selected units.
- A "Reinforcement system" that calls random units from a pre-determined pool to join your forces in certain levels.
- Custom abilities for Phoenix and Medic, and custom stats for certain heroes and campaign units.
- Energy Fountains to accelerate the gameplay.

And probably more that I forgot.

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Nov 30 2012, 1:37 am Mouse Post #2

Nice, this would be a great tool. The only problem is that I don't know how to use the SC2 Galaxy Editor at all to use it D:


Nov 30 2012, 5:41 am payne Post #3


Quote from Mouse
Nice, this would be a great tool. The only problem is that I don't know how to use the SC2 Galaxy Editor at all to use it D:
If you know how to map in sc1, you'll quickly understand how to edit this template. Everything is commented and pretty much all the triggers you need are implemented. :)


Dec 19 2012, 5:28 am payne Post #4


Impossible Scenario Sand is now published publically.



Dec 29 2012, 2:58 pm payne Post #5


The earlier published versions of this map were Beta versions (up to v0.26 I think).
I have published the Official Release (v1.0) just a few hours ago.
Expect an update fairly soon since there are still a few things I need to fix.

Average play-time: 3h30.


Jan 25 2013, 3:41 am Funkapotimus Post #6

Not your best work payne :P but nice to see your trying to keep imps alive


Feb 5 2013, 7:31 pm payne Post #7


Quote from Funkapotimus
Not your best work payne :P but nice to see your trying to keep imps alive
It was kinda rushed.
I like it anyhow, though: it's harder than Impossible Probe, which was what I was aiming for (and less tanks).


Feb 5 2013, 7:35 pm Ahli Post #8

I do stuff and thingies... Try widening and reducing the number of small nooks and crannies to correct the problem.

Quote from payne
Quote from Funkapotimus
Not your best work payne :P but nice to see your trying to keep imps alive
It was kinda rushed.
I like it anyhow, though: it's harder than Impossible Probe, which was what I was aiming for (and less tanks).
Played it a few days ago... failed at easym but beat a medium then... :D
It's really hard.

Feb 6 2013, 8:03 pm payne Post #9


Quote from Ahli
Played it a few days ago... failed at easym but beat a medium then... :D
It's really hard.
My difficulty-rating isn't very accurate. Some levels include a certain amount of randomness and it makes the actual difficulty fluctuate a lot.

P.S. I saw that someone published Impossible Probe on EU. Is there a way for me to publish it with the updates? I guess I'll just have to change the name or contact the guy.
Also, I will publish Impossible Sand on EU very soon. :)

EDIT: How do I publish in other regions?

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