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Chronicles of Kriste
Apr 19 2012, 5:45 pm
By: Fire_Kame
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Lord of the Locker Room

Isador did not know what to think of this creature. Was her communion strong enough to influence his own? Was this how she had impressed her will upon him? His thoughts turned to what she had said to him. Gods were hunting him as well? It made sense, in a somewhat twisted manner. Perhaps Gods had turned to Chaos. This prospect concerned Isador greatly. He knew the clans under Kalkatha would never turn - like him, they were much too proud. But Loha may have caught up to him on his own resources. After all, Kalkatha had somehow located Jhinheim during the Shadow war. Isador was no Jhinheim. But something else occurred to Isador. If indeed these Gods were servants of Chaos, why would he not just whisk him out of where ever he stood? This game... Isador had been its centerpoint for a longer time yet. If Chaos wanted to play, he had best be prepared to play dirty.

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The girl led Pandora down several streets away from the market. She felt that they were going uphill. They stopped suddenly. It was quiet wherever they were, outside of the marketplace and hustle and bustle of the city. "My name is Pryti, and I'm sorry I deceived you, but my parents are quite well. There are spies everywhere now. There are some still loyal to freedom from Chaos, and fewer yet still loyal to the crown. We are in the courtyard of my parents' home, they are still loyal to both...please, come in." Pandora entered into another room, soft water trickled from an ornamental waterfall near the door, the room immediately cooler than outside. She sensed a man brush past her and out the door, and felt he was on a mission, but could not discern the type of mission he was on. Pryti made no further comment, only led her further, down a couple more hallways until they reached a large room. There were no doors in this house, and Pandora knew that like most of the more expensive houess in Stoire this one was most likely made of sun baked clay. "I found her," Pryti said excitedly, walking away from Pandora for a moment before returning, grabbing her hand and helping her sit on a mahogany bench with soft cushions. She handed Pandora a cup of cold water with orange zest.

"Splendid, I believe introductions are in order," an elderly male voice said, "My name is Estaphon, I served as council for the royal family before they were relocated. I believe you already met Pryti my associate and a powerful empath herself. And of course, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Thorpe, who have graciously welcomed us into their home. Not with us is may have run into him as he left."

"Why did he leave?" Pryti asked, taking a seat next to Pandora.

"You know as well as I do, he like many do not trust those with a gift for empathy," Estaphon said with a sigh, "a wizard and one empath was enough, but with Pandora...he feels outnumbered. You see my dear," he said, directing his voice towards Pandora, "the three of us have been trained to guard our thoughts, and Pryti's parents do not fear it. But Erik has not had the time or experience to understand how to shield himself from others."

"Which is where you come into play," Pryti said quickly. "We need you to spy on the opposition...and we need you to train Erik's men how to shield their minds....especially Erik. He carries all of our secrets with him."

"Pryti, you're jumping over many important points...she doesn't know anything, she doesn't know how we found her or how we know her name. Or really why we need her," Estaphon said slowly. "Pandora, you have a gift. It is not as highly trained as it should be, but we are here to help you learn more and to become a vital resource to our team. You have met Tiev, the Captain of the Guard, I know. He has sided with Chaos, thinking that he will receive power over Kriste like he so heartily wants. It is only a matter of time before he secures the crown for himself, and then he will go after the royal family. But there is another that sided with him, her name is Psamathe." Estaphon paused and hesitated for a moment. "We were wrong about her. Pryti and I. We sought to help her in her plight, but she is two faced. She wants to gather up any of those with the gifts of empathy and use them as spies for the new regime. She fancies herself as Tiev's second in command, it would appear, although Tiev was always one to operate alone. She will find that in time.

"Our connection with Psamathe is slight but still open. We can monitor their activity, to a certain extent, and thus far we have not been caught while doing so. As you have spoken to Tiev, and Psamathe has spoken to Tiev, they both are looking for you. Tiev is under the impression that you have artifacts in your possession that will allow them to find the royal family in hiding, the king, or the princess. If this is true, we need to proceed carefully. We cannot let them come into possession of your artifacts."

"The plan is to place you among them as a spy," Pryti said, "you will go with Erik's army, they plan a scrimmage as we speak. When the battle starts, you will need to get yourself captured. It should be enough. We will forge a connection with you before you leave, of course, so we can keep up to date with what is happening, but we may be unable to help you. Unless you have another idea, or prefer to use your skills a different way?"

Aedre entered the room where Isador waited, the bustling gown of a proper lady gone and replaced by thinner traveling clothes, shrouded in a thin traveling cloak. She attached the sword around her waist. "We will go south, to the port. We should be there in a three days, unless you choose to travel both day and night. I have no need for extended periods of sleep." They walked out into a vast and open courtyard, the stone path slick from rain. Aedre ran along the stones, the pounding rain and rushing wind having no effect on her. Isador was able to keep up with ease, finding that his vision was not altered by the rainfall. "My mother has hinted but not told me the depths of your knowledge of water. It is my understanding that you can passively use the talents it holds, but that you cannot control it, correct? Few can - in fact, I believe that I am the only part mortal who can, and surely no mortals can do it. When we stop to rest I can show you some of what I know." They continued on in silence, the paths they followed empty. They came upon a small carved out shelter, and stopped to rest for a moment inside it, where it was nearly dry. Aedre was painting, but grinning. "The sun will not come up for many hours, we are making good time. Perhaps we should -" she stopped suddenly, and pulled him back further into the shelter, signalling Isador to stay quiet. He heard it too - whooping and yelling coming from the hills behind them. "Oh no, they've found us. Come on then!" She ran back out of their shelter, Isador on her heels. The yelling got closer, an arrow flied past his head and landed in front of them. "A warning shot."

Isador could discern the yelling now, they were so close. He heard many fearsome beasts, heavier and larger than horses, pounding the ground with furious speed. "Alright men, you know the drill - the one to down the demon wins," a voice called. Three others - two male, one female - cheered in response. "Arrows or daggers only, no magic."

"Hey! He's got someone with him!" Another voice yelled out, "I'll buy the one that gets that one drinks for eternity!"

"Comforting," Aedre murmured. One of the hunters flew past them, his mount a giant wild boar that glistened unnaturally in the dark night. "They plan to flank us and cut us off. Think fast Isador, I'll try to lead some of them off." She veered left suddenly, and two sets of hooves followed her.

Another giant wild boar appeared, this one as white as the moon, the rider a majestic, strong built but slender woman. It flanked him, keeping perfect pace. Isador recognized her almost immediately as the missing princess, with an arrow ready to loose aimed right at his chest.

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Lord of the Locker Room

"Foolish girl," Isador called out. An arrow flew for him, and a Fang manifested by his face, darted downwards and deflecting it. "You are far from home, and here the night is dark, ista nagash. I will return you to your throne in chains of despair!" Isador drew forth Excellion and the remaining fangs. Isador knew not how she had found him. The Princess was part of a deep riddle between Kriste and the oily beasts - Chaos. He could only assume she had succumbed to his will, and that he guided her hand. She was beyond redemption.

She drew and fired another arrow, but Isador had already leapt upwards, towards her. His fangs darted outwards as she rose her bow. He had seen his hunters take down large game before. A single arrow could bring down a mighty beast. His fangs poised for legs and arteries. The arrow fired, met with a fang, and he dropped down upon her. She moved at the last moment, just enough to avoid the fangs, but Isador collided with her instead, hurling her off her mount. The pig let out a shriek in surprise as Isador and the princess both rose, the night become ever darker with his communion in motion. His eyes looked aside - he could see Aedre still avoiding the other hunters. He'd have to act upon them shortly. Although he could hear the communion of the rain and the wind he could not directly access it. He'd have to rely on his shadow fonts. His gaze turned back to the princess, and prepared to strike. Images blurred from his form, forming into shadowy projections.

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The princess cursed as her shot missed, and cursed again as her mount tried to run off. She whistled shrilly, and the beast charged back to her, circling her menacingly. "I was born a girl, that much is true," she said, her voice echoing unnaturally. "But to threaten me back to that pitiful throne of these mortals? My name right holds me in higher regard - first born and most loved of Darte, the rightful heir to the heavens. The mortals are meaningless, and your elemental magic is a plague upon this land. You shall perish first." A ring on her hand glistened, and a golden stiletto appeared in her hand. "Prepare to die, beast." She spun inside the range of Excellion, her dagger within range of him. "Perhaps you do not know this beast, but if your magic touches my high magic, we both will most likely die, taking everyone and everything in this field with us. Are you willing to risk that?"

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Lord of the Locker Room

"Magic," Isador spat in humility. "Neither your name nor that of your goddess have weight in a world ruled by shadows, girl. You who would believe you can command your lost destiny, adrift in a bygone wind, when you yourself abandoned it. The era of your heavens ended aeons ago. You would know this, otherwise you would not cast your fate to so cruel a will, that of a shadowborn, who knows no life! If you need a plague, look no further than your heritage."

The stiletto was emitting an aura of divine energy. His essence hungered for its embrace, yearned to feed upon its strength. But if what she was claimed was true - that it would react - Isador had to stay his hand. His thoughts calculated quickly. What did Darte want with him? Did she serve Chaos, or did she believe she could find redemption for her lost cause through Isador? Whatever the case, Isador had no time to play with these pets. He had to re-acquire Aedre and figure out how they were being tracked in the first place. Isador had a single advantage. While Darte might know of the shadows, the princess likely did not. Isador concluded his motions five steps head.

The Princess thrusted for him, but before she could strike he vanished into a quickly fading smoke. Isador stepped into the shadow world. It was a part of the world he had not been at before. An open field, writhing in tremendous vine-like translucent constructs. He had no time to consider the environment, and quickly traced his locations. He found Aedre's location, which was not much distance away, and stepped back into the mortal realm.

Aedre had been cut off by the other two boar riders. Isador found himself in front of her, directly between her and the first charging man. He shouted in surprise and vigor, but Isador did not offer him the same courtesy of the princess. His fangs lunged out from the sides, striking the boar's front shoulders and neck, causing it to dip forward and buckle, hurling the rider forward. Isador drew forth Excellion, stepped forward, and thrust into the man as he flew through the air.

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"It will take more than that to kill a god," Aedre said to Isador as his opponent started to stand again. She had her scimitar drawn and was dueling wildly with another god with a dagger that was desperately trying to get in range while avoiding her mighty strokes and thrusts. "In fact, we may not be able to alone." The man she was dueling got too close, causing her to send her foot flying out and making contact with his chest, sending him backwards temporarily. "Isador you must listen to me, we have to immobilize them entirely before I can use my power. I know not how your shadow energy works - but the elements regard you as one of their own. Anything you do from now on will reflect them in some way, and should one of these hunters use their own magic in retaliation...destruction will follow." Their opponents surged them again, the other hunters and princess coming to surround them. "That, or we need to escape. Fast. We are not prepared for this. If you take my hand I can take you back to the cavern of my mother," Aedre said, holding out her hand.

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Lord of the Locker Room

There was no choice, Isador concluded. If he conjured his phantom weapons he may be able to slow them down, but certainly not kill them. Not all of them. And if their high magic reacted as he expected it might... Isador growled deeply. He had to flee yet again. He took Aedre's hand.

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Aedre took a deep breath and the two of them plunged into darkness. He was falling again through the water, his lungs burns and his essence could feel the growing pressure. He had almost thought they were back in the cavern he had fallen into last time he sought redemption. But something was very wrong, and he could tell Aedre thought so too. She swam desperately for the surface, Isador behind her, when he felt a long and decaying...thing...against his leg. A tendril shot out, and then another, slapping his legs as he desperately swam away. They broke the surface. "Did you feel that?!" Aedre asked, apparently the creature had reached her too. The sky above them was a clear and starry night, they were not in the cavern, but out in a body of water that extended to each horizon. Isador felt a tendril shoot out and try to grab him again before the water got still. "Do you know where we are?" Aedre asked, looking at the stars and then back at the sea. She looked puzzled.

Jul 10 2012, 12:55 am IskatuMesk Post #410

Lord of the Locker Room

"Does not matter," Isador muttered. "For the moment we are away from the hunters. This play grows ever more complicated. First Kalkatha's fireborn... and now Gods... the path from hereon will be treacherous. Asta istah, Jhinheim guide my steps."

Isador drifted his thoughts to the Shadow realm, trying to locate his position in relativity. He sensed that he was much further east than he had been before. The water being so still, however told him that he was not in an ocean. Where they even on the mortal plane anymore? This did not immediately matter. Something was under the surface, stirred by their presence. He allowed his communion to flood the vicinity with shadows. He'd be prepared.

"Prepare yourself," Isador murmured. "The depths will seek us soon, we had best keep them waiting."

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The sea creature was grappling towards the surface. Aedre waited expectantly, eyes darting around for any signs of trouble. Suddenly, she was pulled underwater, Isador following her. The creature had grabbed her by the leg and was pulling her with frightening speed towards the floor. She pulled out her scimitar and hacked at the tendril, it finally releasing her with great effort. She stood suspended above the creature, and holding her arms out created an icy half sphere that would protect her from the front.

What is it that you want? Why do you come and disturb the slumber of the mighty Jyirmngadur? the creature said, Aedre still hovering above him. Few I allow to enter the temple of my charge - why should you be any different? What separates you from the rest of humanity? Aedre pulled out the Scimitar and brandished it before him. Ah...daughter of the elements, I shall welcome you in. But you... he said, now looking at Isador, what proof or tribute do you bring me?

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They were right. Pandora came into this not knowing much, and the explanation helped little. She caught herself fidgeting with the fabric of the couch, and stopped herself by putting her hands in her lap. But then she found herself fidgeting with the fabric of her dress, and folded her hands and sat up a bit more while she was at it. Things might be weird, but that didn't mean she should be a slop. Her nerves really were killing her, though.

And the end of the explanation didn't help. She was silent for a while, trying to make sense of this all. Realizing she'd finished her water, she placed it on the floor. Then, in a sudden moment of confidence, she stood.

"I am unsure what these artifacts may be. I was given certain runes associated with the princess, however." She reached into her bag, which she fortunately still had with her, and retrieved them. She felt a sense of recognition and sureness from Pryti, and also desire, though not of the selfish sort. "I take it these are them? If you would like, I will leave them with you. I am honestly not entirely sure of how to use them."

She tried to resist the urge to pace, mostly with success. "Now, your plan for me to infiltrate the army of the Captain... It seems quite risky. I have a variant proposal." She removed from her bag a figurine she had been given to her many years ago; it was of a woman in a regal dress. "This was my mother's; it was cast for her grandmother, and is supposed to be her daughter, my mother's mother. You say you have a wizard. Might it be possible to place an enchantment upon it, to make it appear sorcerous? I could then pretend it is the artifact." She took a deep breath. "Regardless, I will do this."

Feeling suddenly self-conscious, she sat again, looking at the floor. What had she gotten herself into?


Jul 10 2012, 1:24 am IskatuMesk Post #413

Lord of the Locker Room

Isador drew forth Excellion, allowing its violet light to flood the depths. His essence shimmered in kind.

"I am of an element not of this world," Isador said plainly.

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Serena panted as she decided her next move. The demon in front of her had taken much of his form back, but was greatly weekend as well by her attacks. She stood one last time, hoping that her final blow would not kill her in the process of killing him. As she made contact with the demon's energy her head reeled violently, much more violently than it had earlier in the fight, and she felt his presence leave her mind entirely. Thus weakened, the last thing she saw was the demon fall and the last thing she heard was Father Chaos' joyful cries of victory as a burst of light emitted from the two as the connection broke. Her vision faded as she fell to the ground. Am I dead...? Is this death? She didn't have the will to live any longer. The last thing she heard before she blacked out was a resounding harp.

Jyirmngadur remained on moving for a moment before addressing Isador. You say you are an element not of this world...and yet here we are, in this world, shrouded in shadow. The giant creature moved aside, displaying a brightly lit passage way. Enter. May you find what you seek.

Aedre swam down first, entering the passage way and resurfacing above it in what appeared to be an artificial bubble of air. "I know where we are now - but not why. Mother, why are we here?" She asked herself, entirely forgetting that Isador was with her. The walls were lined with ornate carvings of savage battles between mean and sea creatures. On the ceiling of a large, domed room was a star map that correlated to the stars overhead. Isador noticed they were like the first temple they were in, and that if he found the trigger they would light up in unison, pointing them as to how far or close they were to the original temple. He only needed to find the switch. The wall was lined with doors, each with a different portrait of a fierce battle, four sets of double doors in all. There was a passage way both to his left and right, pointing north and south respectively.

"I am the wizard you seek," Estaphon said to Pandora, raising from his seat and gently taking the figurine from Pandora. "I can enchant this, yes, but it will take a while to do so." He was silent for a second, "Pryti, would you please take this girl and train her how to put up a mental shield, so that she can join Erik well prepared?"

"Of course. Pandora, come with me," Pryti said kindly. She led her up a staircase and into a room. Pandora heard her close a sliding door of some kind to block out more of the noise, and then heard her shuffling around to arrange pillows on the floor. The room smelled softly of rose hip and lavender. Pryti led her to a pillow and asked her to sit, and then did the same on a pillow opposite of her. "First things first....I will need the runes. Sorry, but I won't be able to concentrate without them," she said, taking the runes from Pandora and setting them beside her pillow.

"Alright, I assume you know how to meditate? Good...we'll begin." Pryti's voice was soothing and calm, and Pandora had no trouble following or remembering her instructions: first, to clear her mind of any thoughts, second, to imagine a wall between her and those around her, and third, how to test the wall against attack. "You'll be able to teach this to Erik and his men now, if they are of the correct mind to learn. It has gotten late though, we have one more thing to go over before Estaphon joins us again." Pryti sighed, "clear your mind, find me, do you see my thoughts...? good. Remember that feeling always. If my shields are low, you should be able to find me this way, and now I can find you." They rested for a minute, Pandora exhausted by her mental exertion. "I would have wished to have spent more time properly training you, but there is no time. I'm sorry, Pandora. I hope we gave you the training you need to be successful."

Estaphon knocked on the sliding door and Pryti beckoned him in. He placed the carving back in Pandora's hands. "I have enchanted this for you - when placed on a table it will point in a random direction. That should be enough to appease them for a little while. It is getting late - we can escort you now to Erik's camp if you wish, but if you wish to buy gear or supplies before you leave you best make haste; the marketplace will be closing soon."

Serena awoke suddenly. Well, awoke wasn't the right word for it, as her body was below her, tucked into a clean pressed bed next to another bed that held Athenos' body. You are not dead, child, an unfamiliar voice cooed. Serena looked around but saw no one. I am not strong enough to manifest myself in the mortal plain, but when I am I can awaken you and your fallen comrade. I do not pretend to understand the connection between you two, or how you both happened to be here, or what roll that demon plays in all of this...all that matters is that you are in my home for now, and for now you are safe. Serena took a better look around. The walls were made of pure slabs of marble, and ivy climbed up the walls, seemingly haphazardly but with great care. The one called Kardos has been searching for you...if you would like, I can call him here? Or would you rather rest?

Jul 10 2012, 2:58 am Biophysicist Post #415

Too fast. Things were happening far too fast. It was like events had suddenly decided to conspire to upend Pandora's life.

"There are only two things I will require. No, three; some time to rest would be quite nice, if possible, and would allow me some time to prepare my mind. I would also like a change of clothing. This dress has gotten more than a bit dirty, I fear. Lastly, a blindfold might make me appear less threatening; it won't impair me any more than usual, and might put the Captain's troops at ease somewhat. Would you really expect a blindfolded girl of being a spy?"

There was no immediate reply, so her thoughts turned to the life-upending conspiracy of events again. Her mother's figurine was now a tool in a war against Chaos. Was there any way she could have expected that when she set out? No. She'd expected to journey for a while, then eventually be forced to give up, or receive word that she'd been found. After the first few days she'd discounted the possibility of actually finding her. She'd thought she'd find some town somewhere and either take a job like her old one, or work as a counselor. Espionage had never crossed her mind.

And yet, she couldn't quite get the proper feeling of fear to manifest. This should be utterly terrifying, yet somehow it failed at that. Confusing, certainly, and unexpected, and yes, even worrying. But it was unusual, and unusual things didn't quite happen enough, in her opinion. Maybe boredom trumps fear. She smiled a bit despite herself.

"On second thought," she began, then caught herself fidgeting with the pillow fabric and forced herself to stop. "On second thought, I should be ready to leave after changing. I can rest there, or even after being captured, I think, and time seems limited."


Jul 10 2012, 3:01 am IskatuMesk Post #416

Lord of the Locker Room

"You know of this place?" Isador asked. "What would be necessary for such a creature to remain in defense? We are a long ways from the lands of men. I encountered a structure not unlike this in northern Kriste, underground. The doors held artifacts, some trapped."

Isador studied the floor panels and walls, but he was sure he wouldn't find the switch so easily.

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Jul 11 2012, 7:03 pm Sacrieur Post #417

Still Napping

Serena looked around, disoriented and battered. She had not the strength to answer, with her body hopelessly sore and her head pounding relentlessly. She welcomed the warm embrace of whomever was speaking to her, not really comprehending the words themselves; they seemed hazy and distant, and she could not connect them to any meaning. She was too tired to connect any meaning.

But the warmth, how she longed for it. Her vision became black as her eyelids shut of their own volition, and she succumbed to a much needed slumber.


Jul 11 2012, 7:53 pm Fire_Kame Post #418

wth is starcraft

Aedre walked around to a set of stone benches behind an altar in front of the doors. She was still dripping water across the walkway, and being drenched from their swim as she was she looked quite amphibious, but natural. "We are closer to the world of men then you think," Aedre said, turning her attention to tall, smooth pillars. "I have been here my dreams. The Tryvali built the temple to pay homage to the water elementals. It was originally just a test to swim to the bottom, a pilgrimage, but then Jyirmngadur showed one is sure how, or why. Ever since he appeared less have been able to penetrate the temple, and the purpose behind it thus changed. There is now a small tribute outside the lake - yes, lake - I am afraid the horizonless sea we saw outside is merely an illusion." She was running her hands along the edge, also appeared to be looking for a way to open the doors. "This temple holds great power, Isador. It'd be wrong for us to come in and then to demand it...unfortunately, I only saw the place, I do not know what secrets it holds." She stood still, and fell into a deeply meditative state.

Pandora and Pryti returned from the market only an hour later, a new dress in hand for Pandora costing 5g. She washed and dressed quickly. Pandora could feel the apprehension from her hosts for their plan - but why she could not tell. Dressed and ready to go, she followed Estaphon out to where Pryti's parents had horses stabled, and after climbing up behind him they were off. Fatigue was starting to overtake Pandora, but she was able to keep her hands around Estaphon's waist nonetheless. After a while she heard a second, and then a third set of hooves flanking them. "Don't worry, they're Erik's men. They are guiding us in to their camp," Estaphon mumbled to Pandora. She felt open hostility and wariness from the men, but she was more afraid that was because of her occupation, not because they thought she was an enemy. Their horse fell to a slow canter before coming to a complete stop. Estaphon stepped down and helped Pandora off of the horse. She felt the presence of many people around her, but they all remained quiet although curious. "I leave you in good hands, my lady. You can contact us now, can you not? was good of Pryti to show you this. We will be in contact shortly," Estaphon said quietly to her. He walked a few paces away, "I assume you will show this lady the utmost respect while she lives among you. She will train you, if you are willing, in how to shield your mind from the enemy. It is gravely important that you listen, and learn. We know not what devices our enemies have, and our enemies are plentiful."

"Of course, Councilor. We will not harm her," Erik said. His voice was much kinder than Pandora would have expected from someone with such a weary disposition. He seemed at war with himself constantly, and very unsure about how he was handling the situation - but his voice did not betray this. "M'lady, if you will come with me, I shall show you to your tent. You look weary and we can begin in the morning. The camp is your's to explore; we are men of virtue. No one here will harm you." He started to walk away, Pandora struggling at first to find her way with her stick. He stopped and, feeling deeply embarrassed, helped guide her to a tent a little ways away from the group of onlookers. No one else said anything to her. "Here you are, m'lady. I will call on you in the morning should I not see you before then." He pushed back the heavy tent curtain, and ushered Pandora in. Finding it unseemly to stay - and unsure as to whether a bow would even be appropriate at this point - he turned and left Pandora alone in her quarters. It was a small tent with just enough room for a cot.

Serena sleep was dreamless. She found herself trying to wake up several times - knowing that their was light behind her eyelids - but could never fully awaken. Her body was in constant pain and her head felt strangely empty and alone. At the times she tried to wake up, she heard the harp again and would fall asleep.

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Lord of the Locker Room

"If the purpose changed, how can you be sure of its purpose?" Isador mused. The winds of deception were growing ever stronger in this world. The Princess of Kriste, a God, daughter of Darte of the Hunt. And the Huntsmen, of clan Kalkatha, and further yet humans, all had somehow found his location. Were they related? Furthermore, the abundance of secrets locked away in this world... and yet Chaos breathed down all of their necks. Isador momentarily wondered what Kalkatha's move would be. Would he unearth the fortresses of the Ocean of Stars and take them to war? Whether Chaos or Kalkatha won did not matter. War was coming. Here. now.

Isador's body tingled with anticipation. He yearned to do something, to act. He decided to explore the temple and search for the trigger to the starmap.

Show them your butt, and when you do, slap it so it creates a sound akin to a chorus of screaming spider monkeys flogging a chime with cacti. Only then can you find your destiny at the tip of the shaft.

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wth is starcraft

She didn't respond to Isador immediately. Aedre let out an excited expression, her hand reached forward and clasped something invisible but round in shape. She walked forward and disappeared. The ceiling above Isador shined as most of the star map lit up. "I see," Aedre's voice said disturbingly close to Isador, "we are nearly in the middle of Tryvali. Why must you pace, Isador? You control the deepest of oceans - surely you can penetrate this test as I have. The deep seas keep their secrets well hidden."

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O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- the setting exists, it's just hidden in a weird place
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O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- instead change "Microtile Overlay" to "Impassable"
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O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- below the minimap should be a thing that says "Overlay Settings" with a little + button in the corner, press the + to expand it, uncheck Use Defaults, then change "Tile Overlay" to "Height"
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