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December SC2 Contest
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Dec 16 2010, 9:01 pm
By: DevliN  

Dec 16 2010, 9:01 pm DevliN Post #1



The theme for this mapping contest is HOLIDAYS. Despite being in December, this can pertain to any known holiday. You could design a map around a first-person snowball fight, an epic Easter egg hunt, or even a nice RPG about staying home on Yom Kippur. This does not force anyone to stick to a single genre, as long as the theme relates to holidays.


Theme: 10
Does your map follow the theme? It is a pretty easy theme to follow so this should be a free 10 points. Any map getting zero in this category will not be judged any further. Seriously.

Professionalism: 15
How well is the map made? Does it have glitches? Does it flow well? How does the terrain look? Is all the text spell checked? If there is a custom UI, does it look slick or is it disheveled?

Fun: 15
Will I play this map again? Was it too buggy that I couldn’t play it at all? This will be a big factor in deciding the winner, especially with a theme like this.

Originality: 10
Is this original? Am I going to wish I had come up with the idea, first? Did you take one of my ideas in the theme description?

Total: 50 points

  • The map must be submitted by January 8th, at 11:59:59 PM Pacific time (PST). They can either be posted here, PMed to me, or hosted at the SEN Database.
  • Any map size is allowed.
  • The map must not have been started before the contest.
  • You may submit as many copies of the map as you want. Only the last one received will be judged.
  • No stolen maps.
  • No editing someone else's map. The map must have been made by you, and you alone.
  • Team projects must consist of two people maximum. Prizes will be split amongst both team members.


First Place: 200 minerals, 4 Contest Points
Second Place: 150 minerals, 3 Contest Points
Third Place: 100 minerals, 2 Contest Points

Please redirect all questions, comments, and whatnot to

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