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Starcraft 2 Campaign discussion
Jul 29 2010, 12:19 am
By: Lanthanide
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Jul 29 2010, 12:19 am Lanthanide Post #1

So I finished the campaign last night, fairly predictable ending, especially because Blizzard posted some concept art for Kerrigan lying naked with only zerg hair, as well as a frame from the final cinematic of Raynor from behind holding someone with a female leg and zerg-hair.

The story presentation overall was, of course, excellent, but I think the story itself wasn't very cohesive. Raynor suddenly goes from Mar Sara to Hyperion without any real explanation. You never get a feeling for the grand scheme of what is going on, except from the news updates. The zerg seem to be attacking, but there's no clear indication as to why or what Kerrigan wants. In fact Kerrigan is barely even in it, and when she does show up she doesn't say anything useful at all - in the artifact / datacore level she could've said what she planned to do with the artifacts for example, but as it stands she could've been replaced with any other destructive force and the level outcome would've been exactly the same.

Obviously there are 5 parallel storylines going on, with Dr Hanson, Matt Horner, Tosh, Zeratul and Findley. But of these storylines only Dr Hansons and Horner's really seemed well-rounded and fleshed out. Findley's levels were disturbing in the way that there was never any problem with going around desecrating ancient shrines, or any kind of negotiation with the protoss at all. Zeratul's levels of course are a separate storyline, but didn't really tell us anything particularly interesting. Tosh's levels were clearly the filler in the whole thing, and I didn't even end up building any ghosts in single player at all (I played the whole thing on Normal, which was really too easy).

There really wasn't much characterisation of the enemies in SC2 at all. All you really hear from Mengsk and Kerrigan are taunts, not actual conversations about motives, what they plan to do next etc. There were also very few levels where you got to control hero units, which was a pity, and no real Installation tileset-type levels from the SC1 campaign - the Zeratul and Tosh ones come close of course, but not really the same as getting a small squid of units with a hero to lead them. The amount of actual story in general doesn't seem to be as much as in SC or BW - read the quickstart manual that comes with the game as it has a background history of everything that happened in SC and BW. I think if you were to write a similar summary of SC2's storyline, the actual relevant parts, it might be 3 or 4 of those small pages at best. There also weren't any real twists or surprises in SC2, compared to Kerrigan's metamorphose in SC, Tassadar teaming up with Zeratul or Kerrigan's infestation of Razsagal, Duran's double-cross on both the UED and Kerrigan and Zeratul's discovery of the Hybrids.

There were conspicuously no mentions of the UED at all, or of Duran. There is a secret level unlocked from Media Blitz (destroy the science facility on SE corner) which I am guessing is something to do with UED, but otherwise this is a bit strange.

Over all I'm left feeling a little dissatisfied, and get the impression that the whole thing was just a set up for Heart of the Swarm, where presumably some real storyline progression is going to take place.

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Jul 29 2010, 12:38 am BiOAtK Post #2



Jul 29 2010, 12:51 am Lanthanide Post #3

The hybrids appear in the Zeratul levels, but you don't find out anything further than:
1. They are Zerg/Protoss 'twisted' mixtures created by the 'Fallen One' who has glowing red eyes (cannot see rest of their face) - everyone assumes this is probably Duran but he is never mentioned in any way, shape or form. Of course Raynor never met Duran, but Kerrigan and Zeratul both did.
2. Kerrigan is somehow the key to destroying them permanently.

That's all.

Also I was dissapoint by the pre-rendered cinematics: only 3 (not including intro) in the game. And the compression on them was pretty lousy, particularly The Prophecy one.

Thinking more about it, they could've tied Dr Hanson and Tosh's story into the final campaigns fairly easily, simply by saying that the Artifact can be used to destroy the zerg, but if they apply Dr Hanson's infestation cure (which she has now finished) along with Tosh's terrazine then they think it will help revert Kerrigan. But no, they just go with a straight "it kills zerg" path. Why was this artifact split into 5 separate parts anyway? Presumably the Xel'Naga did that for a reason, like it was dangerous or something, or not intended for this purpose, but again no mention at all.

The whole thing just lacked a level of cohesion that SC, and especially BW, had with their storylines.

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Jul 29 2010, 4:38 am PearS Post #4

i thought the campaign was AWFUL. I went into it thinking, 'awesome...26 missions this should be super epic.' Little did i know there are 20 'side quest' missions where you collect random things and help out peole on your ship with their stupid tasks. These tasks serve no large purpose in the grand scheme of the storyline except that here and there you are given a tiny little detail about what mengsk and kerrigan are up to. There are only like 6 actual storyline missions...two of which you choose from. You HARDLY see kerrigan except twice in the beginning as she runs around randomly and at the very end to kill her. Sush a dissappointment and anticlimatic. We've waited 12 years after kerrigan destroyed EVERYTHING and owned the universe and now we see her in 3 missions and kill her just like that. I mean don't get me wrong i was submersed and i love the sounds and cinematics i just wanted more story. and yes i realize that there are two more games to come but nowi have to wait probably half a year or more to get to find out what will happen. There were no cool missions like in sc1 where you control two races as they help each other with a common foe or anything. And yeah the UED was not mentioned and i was curious what was up with earth.

also a side this campaign raynor talked with all his buddies and got zerg and toss upgrades. The second game is zerg i think so how will you talk to people...they are aliens and they dont talk....well except cerebrates and the overmind. and now that kerrigan is gone who will lead the zerg in their campaign. Also will the zerg get terran and protoss upgrades? because that is pretty lame....why would the zerg want terran tech?

the missions were fun and challenging...i played on hard...and i will do mulitple play backs to mget the few achiemevents i missed as well as beat the thing in brutal but yeah....i feel like i know ver very little more than i knew after BW was over.

i'm sure i'm missing something but rant over!

edit. to previous poster i interpreted the phrophecy stuff differently...or i missed something somehow. I thought that the statues said the zerg attack and the toss fight them off until a person shows up to end the conflict and zeratul didn't want kerrigan to see this and think it was her or something. iono.


Jul 29 2010, 5:17 am BlueWolf Post #5

I didn't read through any, or all of the posts, but I think the reason Kerrigan didn't explain the reasons for her attacks was so that it wouldn't ruin the zerg campaign.


Jul 29 2010, 6:13 am Lanthanide Post #6

Yeah, I'm not sure how they are going to handle the Zerg campaign in particular, as they won't be able to do the same sort of inter-mission bollocking around, unless they come up with a new cadre of infested humans (a bit stale though, right?).

It's possible that this storyline, with Kerrigan being rescued, was specifically written so that they would have something to base a storyline for part 2 on: eg Kerrigan co-operates with the Terran and Protoss to get the Zerg swarms under her command so they can fight off the hybrids.

Also I thought the final protoss mission was pretty awesome, mainly because you got all of the high-tech and lots of heroes all at once, and the thought of a 'final stand' mission is pretty cool, because they've never done a mission like that in SC, BW or War3/FT as far as I know. That level also made it clear that there was one single person that could've stopped the Fallen One's plans, but the Protoss/Terrans killed her because they didn't understand - when Zeratul dies he says "how could I have known it was kerrigan?" or something. Also Tassadar basically says that the Overmind foresaw this future, and the fact that it would be used as a pawn but was powerless to stop it, and only Kerrigan could save the universe, hence why it infested her.

But after the buddy-buddy between Fenix/Raynor and then Artanis/Raynor I was expecting a Terran/Protoss vs Zerg mission or two as well.

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Jul 29 2010, 6:59 am PearS Post #7

zeratul never died he just got hurt then came to raynor to give him the memory crystal. And are you getting all this overmind forseeing stuff from sc1 or the books or something?


Jul 29 2010, 7:52 am Lanthanide Post #8

Do you realise that there are 4 protoss levels, not just one?

Where you go to the dead overmind on Auir and Tassadar tells you about the overmind's vision? And then the last protoss level is a fight to the death and you get 5 heroes, including Zeratul and Artanis in a mothership and it is literally a fight to the death - eg the level doesn't end until all units are dead.

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Jul 29 2010, 9:13 am Sand Wraith Post #9


Campaign gameplay was pretty fun, story was fucking terrible. Pretty much the same complaints as all those previously mentioned, except magnified by 100x because this is StarCraft, and it's serious business.

Not to mention how FLAT all of the characters are. Mengsk is flat as a television screen. Kerrigan is flat as a layer of graphene. Jim and Zeratul... Meh. Tychus is pretty flat despite his massive girth. Yea, yea, we know there was that drunken scene and whatever, but that's pretty much it. All they talk about are old times and shit. Assvision-Blizcock. Pretty much every part of SC2 excluding actual gameplay is subpar compared to SC1.

Hybrids were pretty fucking lame.

Jul 29 2010, 9:22 am Lanthanide Post #10

Yes, considering how long they obviously spent on the script, and the $$ they must've paid voice actors, they really didn't get much to show for it in the end.

Tying all of the various storylines up together would have been a lot more satisfying - eg using terrazine and Hanson's vaccine + the artifact for example, and I just came up with that off the top of my head. Evidently they couldn't do that because you're free to just rush to the final missions, but there's no reason that they couldn't have just required to finish a few key missions first. I think the entire Agria level set was good in terms of telling the story of the terrans vs zerg, but outside of that the other terran missions really didn't mesh together well.


Jul 29 2010, 9:38 am Sand Wraith Post #11


There's a few "choice" sections that were pretty fucking arbitrary.

Tosh-Nova. Excluding the fact that the Nova thing was just a stupid fiasco to make nerds "think" Blizzard cares, it was pretty silly. I mean, DID NOVA GO ROGUE? WHAT HAPPENED. And Tosh. Kinda meh, if you ask me. I want to see the Tosh and Spectres as being canon, since along the way, Jim freed a ton of dissidents and thinkers, etc.

Hanson-Selendis[?]. Pretty lame. APPARENTLY, HANSON IS A WITCH. Neither decision makes an impact that really matters. At the end of the day, the infestation cure is moot and purging them all is generic.

You know what would have been MORE INTERESTING? If the you weren't allowed to make choices! Instead of wasting time on "choice" missions, develop missions that are linear! Yes, keep the side stories linear, but make it so they don't allow players to make a "choice," since they're just going to play both anyway. The Tosh choice should be canon, and so should the the save-Haven choice. Then, we could go with what Lathanide suggests with the using Terrazine (and maybe Spectres as something like a surprise trump card against Kerri) and Hanson's cure.

Quote from Lanthanide
Yes, considering how long they obviously spent on the script, and the $$ they must've paid voice actors, they really didn't get much to show for it in the end.

I think you meant to say "the end result was to be expected from such shitty script and low wages/whatever-payment-option-they-get to the voice actors," because the lines sucked and the voice actors had more potential. Compare SC2's to SC1's, or even SC2's to Dan of War's. In fact, there is no comparison because the voices you hear in SC2 are on the level of indie-developers with access to some nice equipment. In fact, I expect BETTER from indie developers (not really).

If Blizzard said that they wanted SC2 to be the ultimate UNDERWHELMING game, then they would have achieved their goal immediately. As it is, even the competitive/e-sport aspect is getting shat on thanks to the EULA (map-makers getting shat on too) and lack of chat channel support. The onlyonlyonly redeeming factor is gameplay. BTW, I think the graphics fucking blow. I can't tell when my buildings are doing anything because of their pansy ass "working" (could not tell they were working) animations, I can't distinguish between the different buildings from each other and the ground, and it's all just a fucking mash of incohesive steaming pile of feces.

Seriously, Blizzard sold its soul to the devil.

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Jul 29 2010, 12:39 pm Sand Wraith Post #12


I posted this on the Blizzard forums.

I kinda agree with you in that the campaign is half-assed, and I kinda disagree with you in that the campaign is well-written.

The campaign itself is fun. Good delivery of the story, fun gameplay things like the energy nova and the Lost Viking and the mining laser.

The story is probably the most terrible (*#@&@(*%(@ thing about SC2. It's like a slap in the face with a fish covered in fecal matter and hooks. Even in the SC1 to SCBW transition there wasn't such a massive stupid cliffhanger. There was an EPIC feel of ending, of conclusion. There was build up, a sweet start, awesome climax (lul), and an epic ending.

SC2 is pretty much the reverse of that and an antithesis. It has an AWESOME beginning, because I've been waiting for a decade for this shit, and then it starts going down starting on the first mission with the terrible scripts and clear-as-day Big brother references. And the campaign gets worse. First, I'm trying to destroy Mengsk's hold over society, topple his Dominion. Then, I get this crap about saving Haven and helping Tosh and pick up artifacts. Most lame stupid campaign selection screen ever. The Hyperion settings were meh and the conversations stilted as Hell. There is NO tie into the story with Hanson and Tosh whatsoever. We never see what happens to Hanson's cure, we don't see the impacts of the freed people from the prisonworld. The choices that we made? BIG CHANGES, SIGNIFICANT TO THE STORY? LOLNO!

See, what those "big choices" really were were deciding whether you wanted a Spectre or a Ghost for the rest of the game. That's it. Zerg/Protoss upgrades? lolwhatyousmoking, there is an overabundance in upgrade points unless you suck and didn't pick up every single on in the other missions.

Hanson's cure for infestation could have been found throughout the campaign. Tosh's Spectres could have been used in the plot to see what happens to Mengsk's Dominion. We could have seen an uninfestation solution through a mix of terrazine/jorium and Hanson's cure. Instead, we have this shit tool of an excuse "artifact" THAT HURRDURR DOES EXACTLY WHAT THE PLOT REQUIRES IT TO DO.

You know, coming from this relatively new character Valerian Mengsk and his immediate build-up as a character (though he appears to be an interesting character from other media sources), you would have expected the artifact to completely shit on Jim Raynor's day and kill Kerrigan or something drastically evil. Instead, you get this "MYSTERIOUS ALIEN STRANGE" artifact that no one SHOULD know what it does (it's coming from some jumped up Moebius company hired by Val) that does EXACTLY THIS: KILL SUM ZERG & UNINFEST KERRIGAN. That series of events was just completely stupid.

And what happens to Hanson and Tosh? Absolutely useless filler and a waste of development time. They ultimately have no impact on the story unlike the side missions and such from the original SC1 and SCBW, and the final missions on Char aren't even that impressive. Who didn't see a failure of an invasion coming? It wasn't even a really epic failure of an invasion. There was next to no emotion or passion coming through in this section. Except through the Blood and Fire or whatever cutscene and a few marine screams earlier, it was overall pretty lifeless.

In SC1, there were many (well) hidden agendas and it played out like an epic tale. Generic, perhaps, yes; however, it was epic and wonderfully orchestrated. Everything seamlessly meshed together to become a cohesive plot and story. Wanna see a failed invasion? See: End of SCBW Zerg campaign. UED flight, DuGalle's suicide and his letter to his family. SC1 had emotion, it had significance, it was well-written. So well-written that there are other works that build on to the StarCraft universe.

Here's what I predict for fanfic for SC1 and SC2: where good SC1 fanfic built on to a pre-existing plot (because that's how awesome it was; there were many third-party maps, mods, expansions in development), SC2 will be about CORRECTING an otherwise TERRIBLE story.

Looking into SC1's story, I was expectant, I wanted to know what was going to happen next.
As for SC2, I was prepared to stab myself because I DIDN'T WANT TO SEE HOW THE WRITERS WOULD FURTHER SCREW UP SUCH A PERFECT GAME AND STORY. SC2's story is a bad joke. So many infested people, but why in Hell would the Zerg want to infest such a puny, weak race as humans? Perhaps to exploit psionic potential of the Terran? Feasible excuse, but ultimately, POORLY demonstrated. Infestation is a gimmick in SC2, compared to how significant it was in SC1. Hell, KERRIGAN WAS INFESTED. Guess what happens in SC2? Nothing. Nothing comes of infestation, you just turn into a zombie. I could have gone out to buy L4D if I wanted zombies, instead, I burned my money in hopes of seeing Blizzard come through with a good game (SC2).

Instead, all I get is a half-assed service to World of Whorecraft players. I wish I could upload an avatar, because it's message would be "SC1 > SC2". Blizzard's been a prick before, but now, especially after the merger, it's gone completely to Hell.

And, yea, I'm mad.

Hopefully, I can incite a rebellion so that Blizzard for once actually does something right instead of shitting on people's face (people who have been waiting for a decade).

Jul 29 2010, 1:06 pm Sand Wraith Post #13


Triple post, but then again, each post has been relevant unto itself. ;o

you people who say there is no retcon are full of %!#@.

First of all it was clearly stated that the overmind gained freewill and hid itself from the Xel'naga's detection, which shocked them as they never expected it. Explain this.

Secondly, the overmind attacked the xel'naga world ships and destroyed a large number of them, it assimilated the knowledge of the xel'naga, which is how it learnt of the protoss, and then it decided that its ultimate goal was to assimilate the protoss. Again this was clearly stated, there was no master pulling the overmind's strings, the overmind did it of its own will, not because the xel'naga programmed it to attack the protoss, in fact the xel'naga did not even see the attack coming and was caught completely by surprise, now they are saying the xel'naga are so all knowing that they predicted things thousands of years in the future? retcon.

Also, play the starcraft zerg campaign again, listen to the things the overmind says, and then tell me if he does not have free will and was forced to attack the protoss, what bull%!#@. I'm not gonna quote him because pretty much everything he says shows he has free will and how much he wants to assimilate the protoss, go listen for yourself.


Another reason for why Blizzard a piece of feces and why Wings of Liberty is so jack full of crap.

Jul 29 2010, 5:02 pm PearS Post #14

oh my gosh i did not know there were multiple missions inside the crystal =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ also since i beat the campaign i cannot access the hyperion so i dont think i can do thos missions anymore unless i start a new campaign?? I even tried to go back to media blitz to unlock the secret mission....i killed the building and got the secret unlocked message but no new mission started up afterwards and no new mission is available for me inside my mission console. probably have to start a new campaign for that as well =p LAME


Jul 29 2010, 9:13 pm LionKingMax Post #15

its also sad how they kill everyone beside Raynor and Matt (Tosh get killed by Nova if you do her mission, Dr Chickw/glasses get infested if you destroy haven and Tindlay get's himself a bullet to the head by Jimmy.)

Come on, stop killing everyone ffs.

and wtf is up with Dr. Narud? Narud... Duran?


Jul 29 2010, 10:36 pm Lanthanide Post #16

Bah, I didn't even notice Narud = Duran, but that is obviously the case.

And no, you can't go back to the hyperion once you finish the campaign, so you can't play the protoss missions if you didn't do them the first time, and you also can't unlock the secret mission as it likewise requires the star map to access. I'm going to make a thread on the secret mission a little later explaining how to get there, and why you want to. It is quite fun, but again a big story fail - all they had to do was push it a little bit further and it'd have been good.

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Jul 29 2010, 10:59 pm BiOAtK Post #17

You guys can't complain of plot holes and such until all three campaigns are released. After that, though, feel free to bitch. I probably will :P


Jul 29 2010, 11:19 pm Lanthanide Post #18

Quote from BiOAtK
You guys can't complain of plot holes and such until all three campaigns are released. After that, though, feel free to bitch. I probably will :P
If you look, we're not actually complaining about plot holes, we're complaining about a lack-lustre, incohesive plot that doesn't really answer any questions, or for the most part even offer any new ones (except 'who is this Fallen One with the red eyes').

Also, we did pay the retail price for a game that is the equivalent of any other stand-alone game, the fact that there are essentially 2 more parts to the story is irrelevant when we are discussing this particular instalment. If this had been sold as an episode at a lower price, a la Half Life 2 episodes, then you would have more of an argument. However it wasn't, so you don't.


Jul 29 2010, 11:30 pm Devourer Post #19


Without Completly reading this thread I still got to say that I'm rather impressed by the campaign... except for one fucking thing:
"Tell me why I shouldn't kill you here right now?" "Because I can give you what you always desired."... what the fuck, that's so bad and been used like thousands of times. In German there is a phrase called "0815" to define such a thing, I do not know whether this is valid in English as well, please tell me.

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Jul 30 2010, 7:17 am Sand Wraith Post #20


Oh, yea, that scene with Val?

I was like

I jumped back from my seat, launched myself to the couch behind me, stood up, and then spun-ran in circles for a minute.

That's what happened with the Hanson-Raynor "good" scene, too.


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