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Random Missions
Apr 24 2010, 8:34 am
By: Azrael  

Apr 24 2010, 8:34 am Azrael Post #1

Random Missions

General Description

-Up to 8 players compete to be the first to finish 6 missions.
-The 6 missions are randomly generated, resulting in a different experience every game.
-A variety of objectives means every game will be played differently.

All 6 missions must be completed simultaneously. As an example, if a mission says to command an even number of units, then the mission status will change to "not completed" every time you have an odd number of units, and change back to "completed" whenever you have an even number of units again. Unless otherwise stated, the completion status of a mission is dynamic.

Victory is earned by being the first player to have all 6 missions completed at the same time.

Base Overview

1) Mission Completion Indicators

This is where you have a visual indicator of which missions you have completed so far. You are able to complete the 6 missions in any order you want, or work on them simultaneously, so this is a very helpful tool.

For example, if you complete Missions 1, 4, and 5, then you can look at the minimap and the 1st, 4th, and 5th regions will be "lit up" with your color. The 2nd, 3rd, and 6th regions will be a neutral color to indicate they have not been completed.

This is not only useful for keeping track of your own mission progression, but also allows you to quickly see which missions have been completed so far by every other player. This lets you accurately gauge how well you are doing at any given time without looking outside your own area.

Keep in mind that all 6 missions are dynamic, so completion will be lost if you stop fulfilling the mission requirements. To use the earlier example, if your mission is to command an even number of units, then having 12 units will cause your indicator to "light up" on the minimap.

However, if you then make 1 more unit, your unit total will no longer be even and your indicator will turn off. This section of your base is an invaluable asset in keeping track of what missions you do not have completed.

Note: There is also a leaderboard which keeps track of how many missions every player has completed, which can be a faster reference when you care less about which missions other players have done and more about how many.

2) Building Invincibility Toggle

This is a simple switch composed of a unit and a beacon. Move the unit onto the beacon to make your buildings vulnerable to attack. Move the unit off the beacon to make your buildings invincible again.

This is necessary for some missions and useful for many.

3) Mission Areas

These 6 areas are where you will actually be carrying out the 6 missions. Some missions relate to their own area, some relate to other areas, and others give you general instructions which can be carried out anywhere. In most cases, a mission will give requirements for its own area, but there are exceptions.

When a mission does not name a specific area, it can be completed anywhere.

4) Starting Location

This is where you begin the game, with 1 Drone, 1 Probe, and 1 SCV in this area. You move into the other mission areas starting from this location, by whatever means you choose. It is advised that you check all 6 of your mission briefings before building within or leaving this area, as a number of missions can be permanently failed by performing actions which contradict them (see below).

5) Mission Area Reset

This small region contains an isolated Infested Terran. To reset all of your mission areas, you simply detonate this unit. Detonation is done by selecting the unit, pressing "A", and clicking the ground beside it.

When you use this reset, referred to as a "manual reset," you will lose any progress you've made on any mission, including timed missions (see below). This can sometimes be beneficial though, as not all progress is positive. It is possible to permanently fail missions (see below) which will be undone by resetting your area.

Another way to reset your area is referred to as a "soft reset". This is accomplished by destroying all of your buildings and units. Doing so has all the same benefits and drawbacks of the manual reset, except that you will not lose completion of timed missions. This is an extremely beneficial trick to remember if you permanently fail a mission after completing a timed mission.

6) Mission Briefings

Each of these 6 regions contains a Reaver. Building a Scarab in any of the Reavers will display a briefing for the corresponding mission. You will not earn credit for a mission if you do not check the briefing, although you will still have it completed if you fulfilled the conditions of it.

As an example, one of the missions is to command an even number of units. Even if you have 6 units, your mission completion indicator will not light up and the leaderboard will not show that you have this mission completed. However, as soon as you check the briefing, those things will immediately change to reflect the actual status of your completion.

This can be a useful trick in deceiving your opponents, as it allows you to complete a mission without informing anyone else. If you find out what one of the missions is ahead of time (through observation of other players or through in-game chat), you can then complete it without ever checking the briefing. The other players, who will usually rely heavily on the indicators/leaderboard to know how close you are to victory, will not realize just how close you actually are until it's too late.

Keep in mind that there are missions which can cause you to permanently fail (see below), so it is a risky move to go too long without checking a briefing unless you've somehow figured out what the mission is from the other players. The more actions you perform without knowing the details of a mission, the more likely it is you will do something which causes you to fail and requires you to reset.

7) Consumables Area

A number of missions require various types of "consumables." These additional things will appear here if any of your known missions need them. If you have not checked the briefing for one of these missions, you will not receive the required consumables until you do so.

Mission Overview

The various missions can be generally categorized into these five types. Keep in mind that difficulty is not being mentioned here because there are both easy and hard variants of every mission type described.

Basic Missions

These are missions which are very straightforward.

Example: Build X number of buildings, command Y number of units.

Although these missions are simple by themselves, they can quickly become more complicated when combined with other mission types.

Ordered Missions

These are missions which require you to do things in a certain order to complete them.

Example: Command Unit A before you build Building B.

Conditional Missions

These are missions which require you to meet certain conditions in order to complete them.

Example: Complete a mission and then undo its completion.

Perma-Fail Missions

These are missions which tell you what not to do, and failing to adhere to them will require you to reset your area.

Example: Do not build Building A before you've built Building B.

These missions will almost always start as completed, and then change to being not completed when you fail them. In order to set them back to a completed state, you will need to reset your area. Note that you will still fail the mission even if you have not read the briefing for it when you perform the restricted action.

Timed Missions

This is the most important mission type, this MUST be completed first!

When any player first reads the briefing for a timed mission, all players will be informed of the mission and all bases will be immediately reset. A 5 minute timer will start, and you must complete the described mission before the timer reaches 0.

If the timer reaches 0 and you have not completed the timed mission, your base will be reset and you will be told the details of the mission again. This cycle will continue indefinitely until you have completed the timed mission.

Ignore all other missions while completing a timed mission! This is the only mission you should be worrying about until it is complete, because it will keep resetting your base until you do so, and completing the other missions is not possible if everything you own is continually destroyed. Focus on completing timed missions first, then move onto the rest.

If you receive more than one timed mission, you will only be given one of the mission descriptions when your base is reset in order to give you a single goal to focus on. You can, however, complete the timed missions in any order you wish. Although it is possible to complete 2 timed missions in the same 5 minute time period, it is not advisable, as the missions have been designed specifically for that time frame.

Important! When you have completed the requirements of a timed mission, wait for the timer to end. When the timer reaches 0, your base will be reset one last time. You will know you completed the mission because you will not be told to do it again, your view will not be centered on your starting location, and you will receive credit for it via the mission completion indicators/leaderboard once you've read the briefing for that mission.

If you complete a timed mission and have not read the briefing for it yet, it will not show up on the indicators/leaderboard. You still have credit for it however, and your area will not reset itself again regardless of the timer. After completing all the timed missions, you can completely disregard the timer as it no longer has any impact on you unless you manually reset your areas.

Things to keep in mind regarding timed missions:

1) You will lose completion of timed missions if you manually reset your base! This means using the Infested Terran to reset your base will require you to do the timed missions again. Try to avoid this outcome.

2) You will not lose completion of timed missions if you use a soft reset! This means resetting your base by destroying all of your buildings and units without using the Infested Terran. This method becomes more difficult and time consuming with the more progress you make.

3) Considering the above, timed missions are especially dangerous when combined with perma-fail missions. Once you complete a timed mission, make sure you check all of the briefings and are extra careful about not failing any perma-fail missions. Doing so will require you to reset your area with one of the two methods described above, and either way you are losing valuable time which could be spent completing the remaining missions.

4) You will not lose completion of any timed missions if your base is reset by another timed mission.


Apr 24 2010, 5:22 pm Post #2

This sounds insane. I like it.


Apr 24 2010, 6:23 pm Azrael Post #3

Quote from
This sounds insane. I like it.
I hope you enjoy it :D

I've been working on it for quite a few years, although there were stretches of time where I was taking a break so it could have been finished sooner. A lot of time went into the map design, trigger design, and gameplay mechanics. There were a few times where I came up with an idea which required me to revamp the entire system, deleting preexisting segments or having to go through thousands of triggers to add new actions or conditions one at a time.

Every step of the process also involved a lot of testing by myself, I tested every single thing as it was being implemented and tested it a lot more afterward. I needed to have peace of mind that there would not be any glitches or other issues plaguing something I'd worked so hard on.

One issue was that quite a few missions were incompatible, basically directly contradicting each other. There was one complicated incompatibility which involved 6 different missions, if you had gotten all 6 it was impossible to do them all without failing one in the process. There was actually one combination I couldn't do anything about, one that involves 1 specific missions and then quite a few other missions, and if you get that combination there's no way to win. However, the chances of getting a fatal combination are 1 in 67,108,864, and the map immediately detects it, informing you of what happened and then ending the game in a draw after 10 seconds.

Basically, I can guarantee you that every combination of missions you get is possible to complete, and that there are no bugs in the map. I went to great lengths to make sure this statement was 100% true.

I've put a lot of time and energy into this, it's been a long road but the work put in has finally paid off, it's very rewarding to actually have it finished :D This being the case, I really do hope you enjoy it :)

Apr 24 2010, 6:55 pm ForTheSwarm Post #4

Instead of making the game a draw, couldn't you just make it re-randomize?


Apr 24 2010, 6:57 pm Azrael Post #5

Quote from ForTheSwarm
Instead of making the game a draw, couldn't you just make it re-randomize?
It's a 1 in 70 MILLION chance of happening, you will never see it happen don't worry :bleh:

And I basically would have had to start the map over to do that at the point I noticed this possibility, the map isn't designed to randomize the missions more than once, and it uses a pretty sophisticated system to be able to randomize the same missions for everyone without a computer player or a required player slot.

Also, it'd be kind of awkward if you did a couple missions and then you check the last briefing (should have checked it sooner but as an example), and it's like "oh hey you have new missions now sorry". Considering that this situation is likely to never arise, ever, quickly ending the game so the host can remake seemed a better alternative.

Basically, if you play this map 16 straight hours every single day, even if every game only lasts 10 minutes, you'll have to play for 2000 years to have a decent chance of seeing this happen one time. I think that's an acceptable statistic.

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Apr 25 2010, 2:35 am UnholyUrine Post #6

Turned out to be a big flop, unfortunately..

There isn't enough... pressure.. or incentive. to play the map..
Especially if people question why they're doing such things.

I personally found this interesting.. but most others say otherwise :(


Apr 25 2010, 3:34 am Azrael Post #7

Update: I removed the gas collecting buildings for the sake of clarity, since they have no use and were causing confusion in one of the games I played earlier (due to a mission stating "all Terran buildings" in it).

While I was doing that anyways, I made an improvement to the victory system that I didn't feel was important enough to warrant a map update on its own.

This is the final version, please re-download it if you are one of the people who already have it.


Quote from UnholyUrine
Turned out to be a big flop, unfortunately..

There isn't enough... pressure.. or incentive. to play the map..
Especially if people question why they're doing such things.
Hmm, I've been playing quite a bit and have had pretty much this result in random games with a full house of new players:

If there are no timed missions - 2 people say "how to play?", 1 leaves without saying anything, and 4 play normally. That's about the average.

If there are timed missions - 5 people go "WTF" and leave, and 2 people figure out what's going on but 50% of the time 1 of them ragequits anyways.

My friends list has grown considerably in the last two days, and at the moment I see 2 people hosting it on Bnet East on the public game list. The playing experience is not only dependent on which missions are generated, but also who you play with. I already have plenty of people added now whom I can play private full house matches with, so I no longer have to worry about the above situations.

So I guess what I'm saying is, results will vary. Sorry it didn't turn out great for you.

Apr 25 2010, 3:47 am UnholyUrine Post #8

I think you should focus on only Time based Missions... It'd make it a lot more exciting.

It doesn't matter if half of the people ragequit... This means that the other half will play and possibly like your map..

Better than having them sit there without knowing what to do.


Apr 25 2010, 8:19 am Azrael Post #9

Well like I said, it's different for everyone. Every game I play has at least 1 person who loves it. It's unfortunate that your own experience was not an entirely favorable one. I don't think I could handle a timed mission every game haha, it's something to spice things up occasionally.

Thanks for the feedback though :D I like Alpha Marines by the way, good map.

Aug 8 2010, 6:45 am Generalpie Post #10

Staredit Puckwork

I loved both AM and RM... RM pisses people off on the west server and AM is pure epicsauce


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