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Hazard Zone
Apr 7 2010, 10:25 pm
By: Bioject  

Apr 7 2010, 10:25 pm Bioject Post #1

Artist: Bioject & Omehn


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Shortly after adding the new trade system i discussed it with Omehn, and now you're also able to give money to other players by using the "action button" near them while the trade system is still on. The world of trading just got bigger!

A BRAND NEW TRADING SYSTEM HAS BEEN INVENTED FOR THIS GAME! I'm very excited to share this news with anyone who is still interested in this project (I know for a fact cane is) but cane actually tested the beta.

Players will now be able to trade items weather on the streets of the zombie infected city, or safe inside of a building. Trading items will not be a problem, with a very nice, simple to use on and off switch. Just stand next to the player with the trading switch on and unload the item from your inventory to give the player your item. This will add to its RPGNess, give the items a bit more of a meaning, and of course, add to the teamwork. ..Or just Show off your Godly zombie-killing items!

Players will now be able to choose a few game types.

Open or closed mode, this will determine weather quest/missions will be disabled. if disabled you may come acrossed new surprises that you haven't seen in closed.

After players have chosen weather they wanted to play open rpg, or closed rpg, they will then be able to choose the difficulty settings. For those that prefer a challenge. This will start the zombies off at a higher level.

Other updates: New items added, new abilities for engineer, unit/weapon changes HP for ghost, Options to skip intro, and building/towns updated, And A new building/town was also added.

Intense 6 player action survival gameplay - random gameplay keeps you guessing! (No two game are ever alike!)

The Story

A city with a population of over 600,000 isolated due to an aftermath of a biological warfare. The devastating outcome left the city with 2 human catagories. The living and.. the dead. The airbourn disease infected the living. An uncureable illness, contagious, and extremely fatal. The infected begun feasting on the healthy. For those who are still amongst the living, are most likely already sick. Contact with any civilization is prohibited. Anyone who tries to leave the city is shot on sight. If you should happen to be infected you have 24 hours before it begins to take effect. If you should happen to die in this period, you become a carrier. And the only thing worst than one who is infected.. are those who are carriers.

Basic Gameplay

There is no one to tell you what you can or can't do in this giant zombie apocalyptic city. There are 32 16x16 sized locations scattered acrossed the map, these will be the zombies spawn points, they never spawn if you're in their location, so you will NEVER get to see them spawn. They rush out from behind corners, cut you off, group up and try to attack you in masse, There's no expecting what they'll do. The spawn locations are 100% random, the number of zombeis that spawn are 100% random, and the time between each spawn is also random, and even the type of zombies that spawn are random. 1 of 3 different types, but the majority will be the slow walking carriers. (infested kerrigan). The zombies will get stronger as time progresses, so you can NEVER over power the zombies in this game. There will also be bosses, but those will only be met during quests/missions. Vision between you and your team mates will be cut off, so it's harder to see zombie come from behind objects. You will be able to find items and corpses scattered throughout the map. Items will spawn in random locations. When searching corpses you will have to sit and wait by the corpse to completely search it, leaving the corpses side will cancel the search. This adds to the suspense, especially when there are a handfull of zombies on your trail. When there are less than a few zombies you can easily micro them to victory, but if there are more, it's best to find refuge inside a building or ontop of a roof top. You can easily do extra damage to the slow undead by being on a rooftop. Especially if you use teamwork and a firebat is gaurding the stairs. Firebats may not have the best damage, but they have 2x the HP. Ghost will have 2.5x more damage and 3x more upgrade damage than the marines, so they too will be worth picking. Marines will be able to stim to escape danger. So the units themseleves are very balanced. And there will be shared experience points, if you're standing within a 8x8 location of your team mate you will get 50% xp from them (100% if you're using drugs).

The Rules

There are no rules...
Artist: Bioject & Omehn
Type: Action-Survival/RPG
Map Size: 256x256
Location: Space
Players: 6
Computers: 2

Character Classes

Their are 4 classes to choose from and which ever you pick, will not determine what weapon/unit you start with. You will be able to pick 1 of 3 weapons/units shortly after you choose your class.

Soldier: This class is most effecient when it comes to combat. Although the soldier lacks special abilties, he has many traits. His nourishment drains 25% slower than other classes. He also starts with 25% more damage than other classes and aquires 25% more damage per upgrade. The Soldier also gains an aditional 25% HP per level gained. Starting equipment is 3 grenades.

Medic: The Medic is most crucial. They have the ability to heal all players within a 3x3 square radius of themselves everytime they use a first aid. The Medic also gets 25% off anything that can be purchased at the hospital. Starting equipment is 3 medkits and 3 flashbangs.

Demolition: This class is the only class that can obtain and use C4. C4 is horrible against zombies, but can blow paths through fences, walls, and other objects that may be blocking your path. Who needs keys when you have A demo on your team. This class also earns 50% more experience points. Starting equipment is 5 Proximity Mines and 1 C4.

Engineer The Engineer is capable deploying several stationary weapons (such as thermal cannons and sentry guns) to defend a specific area. He also has the ability to repair them. You may find this class to be most essential. Starting equipment is 2 Sentry Guns



--None Soldier-------Soldier

Damage- 200------------250
Health- 16000----------20000
Upgrade: 12-------------15
Extra- Range

Damage- 80------------100
Health- 14000----------17500
Upgrade: 4--------------5
Extra- Stimpacks

Damage- 60x2------------75x2
Health- 24000----------30000
Upgrade: 4x2-----------5x2
Extra- Stimpacks


There are hundreds of items to be discovered. Items can be purchased in specific buildings/towns as where some can ONLY be discovered through the searching of corpses. Corpses are always 100% random. And most likely those items are EXTREMELY rare, but you will find them to be most effective. Your inventory can only hold 4 Items, but if they are small they are capable of stacking up. Example; you can have 10 medkits, and have it only take up 1 spot in your inventory. But that 1 medkit can be used 10 times. Your inventory is of course a dropship as shown below.

----------------Sell Value-----Buy-----------------Descriptions
Grenades---20-----------------45----------------Locks on to near by targets and blows them up
FlashBangs--15-----------------x------------------Blinds near by enemies for 8 seconds
Mines---------15----------------35------------------Proximity mine blows up if near by targets step on them
Medkits------25----------------60------------------Heals yourself
Sentryguns--20----------------65-----------------A stationary turret that defends a specific spot until destroyed.
T.C.------------30----------------80-----------------The T.C. (thermal cannon) is much like the Sentry Gun, only more powerful.
C4--------------20----------------50-----------------Capable of destroying steel doors.
Food-----------3-----------------10-----------------Your nourishment constantly drains, you'll need to find food to keep it up.
Beer-----------3------------------10----------------Beer gives you 10 xp. Drinking has an effect if you drink too much.
Drugs----------15----------------45-----------------Drugs increase your experience points by 2x for 30 seconds.
Kevlar Vest--100----------------x------------------Increases max health points by 4 levels.
BPV------------300----------------x------------------Bullet Proof Vest increases max health by 7 levels.
Riot Shield---600----------------x------------------The rarest of all the protective gear. increases max health by 10 levels.
Side Pack-----300----------------x------------------This item increases your inventory capacity by 2.
Damage--------x------------------35-----------------This is the cost of upgrades, they do not increase after each purchase.
Armor----------x------------------4-------------------This is the cost of armor, they do not increase after each purchase.
Rare Gem-----??------------------??------------------A mysterious Gem.. One can only wonder what it does..
Recall----------x------------------30------------------Use this anywhere on the map and a flag will appear where you stand, use it again and a shuttle will spawn at the flag and head in to your driection, pick you up and take you to that flag. This is great for last second escapes. You'll also be able to pick up the flag if you felt you miss placed it. You can use this flag for walling or other strats.

More items coming soon....

You can become disoriented from drinking too much. And, you can also over dose on drugs. Mixing beer and drugs will cause you to black out for 12 seconds.


Each Building will have several located within the city, and no matter which one you enter it will take you to the same location of that its owner. But when you exit, you will find yourself from where you've entered. UPDATE: Each building will have a cloaked and glowing becon to represent the door. Each building will also appear on the mini map as a different color.

Bobs Guns: You can upgrade here or purchase items of mass destruction. Bob's Guns will be represented as green on the mini map.

Hospital: Here you can buy medkits, drugs, or even get a physical for 20 bucks (15 for medics). Hospitals will be represented as yellow on the mini map.

Casino: Yes, every city should have one of these. The more you pay, the higher your chances are at winning. Casinos will be represented as peach on the mini map.

Subway Station: These are located throuout the city, when you enter they randomly teleport you to another subway station. These are great for getting around the city or just quick, last minute escapes. But where it will take you nobody knows. You may lose health as a sacrefice when you enter and there is about a 10 second wait before it actually travels you to the next location. Subway Stations will be represented as white on the mini map.

There will be up to 18 missions/quest, and players will be able to choose from free mode, to quest mode. The missions (besides the first and the last) will appear in random order. If you should happen to fail a mission you will not be forced out of the game, the mission will recycle itself and re-randomize, so that you can later play that mission again in the future without having to remake the game. This game was intended for open role playing, but for those that desire a point to a game, there will be 18 missions. Beating the 18 missions you will get an ending with victory achieved, There will also be 2 endings depending on how well your preformsance was. I hope this will increase re-play value. Any suggestions are more than welcome! Thanks!

-Bioject & Omehn

All screen shots were taken by Omehn

This map is currently going through a few bugs, 1.8 will be rleeased very shortly.

Here it is


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Apr 8 2010, 5:00 am DevliN Post #2


Some more info would be nice...

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Apr 8 2010, 7:17 am Bioject Post #3

Quote from DevliN
Some more info would be nice...

this topic is also under maps in production, if you or anyone else is interested. SO i figured nothing more was really needed to be said..


Apr 8 2010, 7:47 am USS Cane Post #4

Copy same info from the previous thread and lock it? And hi Chris.


Apr 8 2010, 10:21 am JaFF Post #5

Quote from USS Cane
Copy same info from the previous thread and lock it? And hi Chris.
Yes. Do this please. It's nice to have an organized forum.


Apr 18 2010, 10:19 pm ImagoDeo Post #6

Current ver still crashes in casinos.


Oct 17 2011, 5:19 pm IcY Post #7

Overall a very nice game but a couple glitches, 10/10


Oct 17 2011, 6:27 pm IcY Post #8

One problem, is there a place to find other players for this game? I can't host and wont some experienced players to play with me in this exciting game. Some1 play with me :<


Oct 17 2011, 10:37 pm Jack Post #9

>be faceless void >mfw I have no face

You can try op umb], and recently I've started trying to get RPG players to hang out in op SEN.

Red classic.

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Oct 22 2011, 12:22 am Tempz Post #10

Most people on starcraft like rpgs... when you make the game call it "Harzard Zone Rpg"... spots usually fill quickly depending on how many people are in said channel at the time.


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