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[2014-8-01. : 6:16 pm]
Vrael -- har har har looks like everyone thought they had the best spinoff name of 'Python'
[2014-8-01. : 6:13 pm]
Vrael -- you should use that anaconda with the Anaconda Scientific Python distribution, it'll be like Anaconda^2
[2014-8-01. : 5:14 pm]
Roy -- No problem.
[2014-8-01. : 5:14 pm]
trgk -- Oh this is great. thanks
[2014-8-01. : 5:11 pm]
trgk -- Oh math library set
[2014-8-01. : 5:11 pm]
trgk -- I've never heard about it. Googling
[2014-8-01. : 5:10 pm]
Roy -- Have you tried Anaconda?
[2014-8-01. : 5:07 pm]
Roy -- I only really use the linter for JS, which performs quickly.
[2014-8-01. : 5:06 pm]
Roy -- I don't know why I've been saying "SB" instead of "ST". I'm dumb.
[2014-8-01. : 5:05 pm]
trgk -- Any way to speed up sublimelinter-pylint? ST3 stalls every time it check syntax;
[2014-8-01. : 5:04 pm]
trgk -- sublime text 2 -> sublime text 3 :sick: I mistyped it sorry
[2014-8-01. : 5:04 pm]
Roy -- Plus, SublimeLinter in SB3 is so much better than it was in SB2.
[2014-8-01. : 5:03 pm]
Roy -- You should try Sublime Text 3, trgk. It's in beta, but it's very stable (I use it all the time) and has certain tweaks that make me like it more than SB2.
[2014-8-01. : 4:59 pm]
lil-Inferno -- Don't tell me what to do, MasterJohnny.
[2014-8-01. : 4:48 pm]
trgk -- There should be regex search for binary file.
[2014-8-01. : 4:48 pm]
trgk -- sublime text 2 is quite good for finding code
[2014-8-01. : 3:55 pm]
MasterJohnny -- everybody should watch firefly
[2014-8-01. : 3:04 pm]
Dem0n -- wut
[2014-8-01. : 2:13 pm]
trgk -- 14 days from countdown.
[2014-8-01. : 1:51 pm]
NudeRaider -- Writing an E-Mail to a church is inheritently snarky. :P And that comes from an IT guy working for the catholic church. ;)
[2014-8-01. : 1:45 pm]
NudeRaider -- ame here, my love for science fiction actually started with Predator, followed by Alien, then Starship Troopers, and eventually Stargate. >>> This is missing 2 franchises. I sincerely hope I don't have to spell out which.
[2014-8-01. : 7:37 am]
sigsaucy -- something has been posted in the sc1 terrain forum for the first time since january 2014, you should probably look at it
[2014-8-01. : 7:28 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- gnight sen
[2014-8-01. : 7:25 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- I should look in to SC's iscript rendering code and perhaps steal it. xD
[2014-8-01. : 7:23 am]
Fire_Kame -- so I'm writing this email to this church asking if they can marry us and I feel like I am being accidentally snarky the whole time
[2014-8-01. : 7:19 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- O.o? According to this Goliath shouldn't crash when it is disabled ... but it might be calling an opcode I have set to do nothing possibly with an invalid parameter.
[2014-8-01. : 7:16 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- cool, spidermines have the same burrow/unburrow scripts as zerg burrowing units :O
[2014-8-01. : 7:13 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- Brood War units don't like to be burrowed ... They spam a ton of invalid opcodes :O
[2014-8-01. : 7:11 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- xD Unburrowing a lurker egg is cool
[2014-8-01. : 7:04 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- Except that would make sprite overlays more visible...
[2014-8-01. : 7:01 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- The only problem is for walking animations it would make more sense if I made the background scroll ...
[2014-8-01. : 7:01 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- xD Should I keep the terrain background I just added in my iscript previewer? It makes the floor traps way cooler.
[2014-8-01. : 6:02 am]
LoveLess -- no resolution or anything and nobody gave a fuck, because it was bad and needed to go
[2014-8-01. : 6:01 am]
LoveLess -- "Oh my daughter, bla bla bla, wife issues, dinner, etc." the funniest thing is, three episodes of that and it just disappeared.
[2014-8-01. : 6:01 am]
LoveLess -- Then Beau Bridges pretty much buried it, they tried to turn the show into a melodrama when he started lol
[2014-8-01. : 6:00 am]
LoveLess -- Honestly though, SG-1 only made it so far because of it's cast. Richard Dean Anderson carried that show until Christopher Judge and Amanda Tapping started to pull their weight.
[2014-8-01. : 5:54 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- I want to watch more TNG, but I already finished it. ;o
[2014-8-01. : 5:53 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- lol I just found "SeaQuest", and from the picture and description it looks like it's just a startrek knock-off but underwater
[2014-8-01. : 5:52 am]
jjf28 -- a good app is hard
[2014-8-01. : 5:51 am]
jjf28 -- it wouldn't be hard to make a rough app
[2014-8-01. : 5:51 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- So is Sliders, apparently. I think I've seen it listed on the recommendations before, but I've never heard of it otherwise.
[2014-8-01. : 5:51 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- StarGate the movie is on Netflix. xD
[2014-8-01. : 5:50 am]
LoveLess -- Can someone just make a shoutbox app? It shouldn't be that hard right?
[2014-8-01. : 5:49 am]
LoveLess -- The director of the original Stargate movie is actually doing a Stargate trilogy that is a complete reboot of the franchise, going so far as to say that SG-1 bastardized his vision of Stargate... Even though it's probably the most iconic science fiction shows right alongside Sliders.
[2014-8-01. : 5:47 am]
LoveLess -- Well I would suggest watching Stargate Universe, it's a fantastic series even if you're not that into Stargate. You won't get a lot of the references however, but that's just bonus.
[2014-8-01. : 5:47 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- of stargate
[2014-8-01. : 5:46 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- I only saw the movie ;o
[2014-8-01. : 5:46 am]
LoveLess -- I remember finding out there was an animated Starship Troopers that came on at 6 in the morning on weekdays. Guess who started waking up early for school.
[2014-8-01. : 5:45 am]
LoveLess -- Same here, my love for science fiction actually started with Predator, followed by Alien, then Starship Troopers, and eventually Stargate. I have watched all of SG-1 twice in the last year lol
[2014-8-01. : 5:43 am]
jjf28 -- kinda grew up with that show
[2014-8-01. : 5:43 am]
jjf28 -- some fanfics wrapped it up nice enough for me luckily
[2014-8-01. : 5:43 am]
jjf28 -- I do love Stargate, SGU ending with nothing answered killed me
[2014-8-01. : 5:40 am]
LoveLess -- What they need to do is make a show in the Riddick universe, even if it's without him. Probably one of the best science fiction universes in terms of setting.
[2014-8-01. : 5:39 am]
LoveLess -- Example: I thought Battlestar Galactica was fucking horrible. Yet I am a Stargate freak, I remember everything about every season and spinoff. For no reason.
[2014-8-01. : 5:38 am]
Fire_Kame -- That's all I can say.
[2014-8-01. : 5:37 am]
Fire_Kame -- There is one episode I like. It had plot.
[2014-8-01. : 5:37 am]
Fire_Kame -- I'm having a lot of trouble selling that show.
[2014-8-01. : 5:37 am]
Fire_Kame -- I wouldn't suggest firefly, but it is one of those iconic shows for no apparent reason. So if you want to be able to talk to other people about it, I guess watch it.
[2014-8-01. : 5:32 am]
LoveLess -- Also, Firefly is one of those shows that everyone tells me I would love and I cannot get myself to finish the first episode.
[2014-8-01. : 5:32 am]
LoveLess -- Blows my mind how Firefall went from looking like a AAA title a few years back, to them downgrading the graphics so much because they didn't want to work on the engine again.
[2014-8-01. : 5:31 am]
jjf28 -- should I watch firefly? or will stopping prematurely in such an acclaimed series scar me for life?
[2014-8-01. : 5:22 am]
Fire_Kame -- you get it
[2014-8-01. : 5:21 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being dislike and 10 being absolutely bonkers in love, anti-fan I'd put at like the -7 to -10 range.
[2014-8-01. : 5:20 am]
Fire_Kame -- I do not actively hate people that eat bacon in front of me, and occasionally I will enjoy a piece.
[2014-8-01. : 5:20 am]
jjf28 -- :kame:
[2014-8-01. : 5:20 am]
Fire_Kame -- there's a difference between disliking and something and being an anti-fan. I find being an anti-fan borders on irrational.
[2014-8-01. : 5:19 am]
jjf28 -- and bacon?
[2014-8-01. : 5:19 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- i liked firefly ;o
[2014-8-01. : 5:19 am]
Fire_Kame -- Joss Whedon and The Big Bang Theory

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