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Zone Control Hunterlisk 1.99
Filename: Zone Control Hunterlisk 1.99.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:Jun 11 2019, 10:41 pm
Uploaded by:SiKiN


Team 1
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Team 2
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Team 3
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Team 4
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)

File Description
This is the final version of the 1.0 series, 2.0 will feature a new layout and be a continuing version to this one, that version will be uploaded separately. Link will be "" when it's done.
Control Zones and fight to the death with your Hydralisk and gain control of the arena!
Created by SiKiN#1494 In Collaboration with Junj#1232
Version 1.99 (2019)
Contact information: Discord

Changelog 1.99:
-Muscular Augments added back to the game at a cost of $75 and taking 1 second to research.
-Grooved Spines added back to the game at a cost of $150 and taking 1 second to research.
-Pneumatized Carapace(Overlord Speed) added back to the game at a cost of $200 and taking 1 second to research.
-Zerg Missile Attacks price changed to $10(incremental) and taking 1 second to research.
-Zerg Carapace price changed to $10(incremental) and taking 1 second to research.
-Hydralisks now give $7 when killed up from 3.
-Hunter Killers now give $10 when killed up from 5.
-Hydralisk Health changed to 80.
-Hydralisk Attack changed to 10.
-Hunter Killer Health changed to 120.
-Hunter Killer Attack changed to 15
-Zerg Sunkens now produce 1x Hunter Killer instead of 2x Hydralisks.
-Zerg Spore Colonies produce 2x Hydralisks instead of 1x Hunter Killer

Changelog 1.98:
-Game name changed to Zone Control Hunterlisk
-Masser removed and replaced with Mass to Science vessel system.
*Move Vessel to Center of zone to mass.
-Overlords have increased speed from the start of the game.
-Overlords need to now move to the center of a zone in order to capture it.
-4 new zones included.
-All building and building evolutions now cost a $250 across the board.
-Upgrade Attack and Carapace increment decreased from $25 to $20.

Changelog 1.97:
Building changes;
-Hatchery Health decreased to 2500.
-Lair Health decreased to 3500.
-Hive Health decreased to 5000.
-Colony Health decreased to 2500.
-Sunken Health decreased to 2500.
-Spore Health decreased to 2500.
-All buildings armor increased to 255 to increased zone defense late game capability.
-PSI Vessel is now invincible.
-PSI Vessel irradiate now costs 100.
-PSI Vessel EMP now costs 100.
-PSI Vessel can now cast Defensive Matrix for 100 energy.
-All Simple Zone Turrets now work as intended.

Changelog 1.96:
-Zone Defenders now spawn 2 Hydralisks instead of 1 Hunter Killer.
-Zone Defender cost reduced to 300 from 400.
-Upgrades now start at 3-3
-Hydralisk Range and Speed is now researched from the start of the game.

Changelog 1.95:
-All building armor reduced to 15.
-Hydralisk Health reduced to 50.
-Hydralisk Attack reduced to 6.
-Hunter Killer Health reduced to 70.
-Hunter Killer Attack reduced to 10.
-Hunter Killer Armor reduced to 0.
-Zone Defender price changed from 350 to 400.
-Zone Tower price changed from 350 to 300.
-Lair cost changed from 250 to 350.
-Hive cost changed from 300 to 450.
New Spawn Rates.
-Hive now spawns 2 Hunter Killers instead of 3 Hydralisks.
-Zone Towers now spawn 1 hunter killer down from 2.
-Zone Defender now spawns 1 Hunter killer instead of 2 Hydralisk.
New unit added: The PSI Vessel(Hero Science Vessel)
-Unit has 2000 hp with no armor.
-Massing middle has been removed, now massing middle will target your PSI Vessel.
-PSI Vessel respawns 10 seconds after death.

Changelog 1.94:
-Changed unit cap to 500.

Changelog 1.93:
-Removed the unit cap of 300. Now there is no cap.

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