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Siege Defense
Filename: Siege Defense (Beta).scx
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Uploaded on:Mar 29 2019, 9:40 pm
Uploaded by:TheSophomancer



File Description
-:- Map Description: -:-

Inspired by various classic maps such as Clockwise Sunken Defense and Photon Cannon Defense, Siege Defense is a retro-style map where players create maze-like paths and defenses with siege tanks and purchasable units in order to defeat waves of enemies. The twist of this map is that it requires players to defeat enemies emerging from three distinct directions, as opposed to most maps which require players to only defeat units coming from one or two directions.

-:- Map Features: -:-

-:- Classic defense-style map with polished aesthetics
-:- Playable with 1-4 players (unused player zones do not spawn enemy units)
-:- Wide variety of units to use for your defense
-:- "Elite" purchasable units with increased power and special abilities
-:- Limited upgrade system (to increase map difficulty)
-:- 21 levels of old-school Starcraft goodness
-:- Challenging enemy bosses appear throughout most rounds

-:- Version Information: -:-

This map is currently in the beta stage. I have thoroughly tested this map by myself as much as possible, and am now in the process of testing the map with other human players. The goal of the next phase of beta testing will be to identify and resolve any multiplayer bugs as well as receive input regarding map difficulty, unit balance, aesthetics and general features. After the next round of beta testing and map tweaking is complete, I will upload the final version to replace this current version.

-:- Tools and Resources: -:-

-:- SCMDraft 2
-:- EUD Editor 2
-:- Several cups of coffee (mostly mochas)

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