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Sunken Treasure
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Uploaded on:Dec 9 2016, 4:57 pm
Uploaded by:Valadorn

File Contents
The Chosen/
The Chosen/00 Mission.scm
The Chosen/01 Mission.scx
The Chosen/02 Mission.scx
The Chosen/03 Mission.scx
The Chosen/04 Mission.scx
The Chosen/05 Mission.scm
The Chosen/06 Mission.scx
The Chosen/07 Mission.scx
The Chosen/08 Mission.scx
The Chosen/09 Mission.scx
The Chosen/10 Mission.scx
The Chosen/11 Mission.scx
The Chosen/12 Mission.scx
The Chosen/13 Mission.scx
The Chosen/14 Mission.scx
The Chosen/15 Mission.scx
The Chosen/16 Mission.scx
File Description
This is a mostly test-like Campaign based on the 7th Legion PC game altough the sound isnt so good, and I tryed to stay as close the the original as possible, without being able to add the Card System, its more like a basic campaign

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