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TrigEditPlus : Advanced trigger editor for SCMDraft2
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Uploaded on:Aug 31 2014, 11:22 pm
Uploaded by:trgk
Author:Not Given.

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File Description
Advanced trigger editor for SCMDraft2.

How to install : Extract the attachments to SCMDraft2 folder. SciLexer.dll should be at the same directory with SCMDraft2.exe.
How to run : Click "TrigEdit++" instead of "Trigger Editor" menu.

Useful for editing EUD triggers. This program was initially designed to be EUD editor, but it became a lot better.

This program uses Scintilla and Lua.

1. Syntax highlighting.
2. Starforge-like autocompletion.
3. Lua code Every valid lua code is valid in TrigEditPlus, so you can do something like this:
for i = 1, 5 do
   Trigger {
       conditions = [
           Bring("Player " .. i, AtLeast, 1, "Terran Marine", "MyLcation");
       actions = [
           SetDeaths("Player " .. i, SetTo, 30, "Terran Marine");

note that the lua code will be replaced by normal triggers after the trigger is compiled.
4. EUD Support. You can write EUD conditions & EUD actions very easily.
           SetDeaths(123456, SetTo, 789, 0);

Various shortcuts:
1. Ctrl + Shift + D : Unfold all triggers
2. Ctrl + Shift + F : Fold all triggers
3. F5 : Compile
4. Ctrl+S : Save. Basically same with the 'Compile'. but it doesn't produce 'Trigger successfully compiled' message when there are no errors.'
5. Ctrl + T : New trigger template

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Tassaar930 wrote on Jun 17 2020, 9:59 am:
I've actually noticed that the newer version that interfaces with new SCMDraft (0.9.x) is a little bit unstable and produces random bugs (strings randomly breaking and repeatedly increasing in size until they exceed string section limits, string corruption, random junk characters being inserted in strings that you did not edit; maybe others). It also has some annoying crashes and doesn't support disabled triggers.

The older version (0.06beta - was around in 2017 I think), has 0 bugs that I've encountered while using, and I've used it a LOT in the past. Transmission actions however are unsupported and anything saved with a transmission in the trigger list will cause string corruption and blanked transmission actions. The older version interfaces with 0.8.0 scmdraft.

I'll upload the older version separately actually.

Veta wrote on Apr 25 2017, 12:23 pm:
This is really well done, thank you.

Chia-Tyrant wrote on Jan 11 2015, 12:46 pm:
Unlike scmdraft's text-based editor, this supports extended unit and player IDs.

Awesome. Thank you! \:\)

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