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[12:13 am]
Devourer -- lasting* is the better word here I assume
[12:10 am]
Devourer -- Still 200 shouts/24hours on SEN; 12535 since v6 launch. Imagine SEN if starcraft 2 was a great and enduring success and people would go to sites and learn stuff
[11:53 pm]
jjf28 -- but yea... needs a style sheet, a file indexing/uploading system, and a more professional feel so it's not an embarrassment when employers happen on it
[11:52 pm]
Devourer -- Syntaxhighlighting, auto-tabbing, collapseboxes at { } to show/hide stuff. Idk; sufficient for basic stuff
[11:51 pm]
jjf28 -- oh notepad++ not so bad
[11:50 pm]
jjf28 -- poor soul :P
[11:50 pm]
Devourer -- for real notepad++ best ever
[11:50 pm]
Devourer -- Notepad based? I made this entire site notepad-based :3
[11:50 pm]
Mini Moose 2707 -- Don't you talk shit about notepad
[11:49 pm]
jjf28 -- I should probably redo the whole site, it was all in pure notepad-based html and the links no longer reflect my most used/important things
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