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[11:42 am]
Clokr_ -- "After all, if the Stroustroup can use the shift operator to do I/O, why should you not be equally creative?" Boost::filesystem uses / to concatenate paths :P
[11:38 am]
Clokr_ -- :lol:
[11:38 am]
Clokr_ -- Mini Moose 2707
Mini Moose 2707 shouted: Clokr_
"makeSnafucated" :lol
[11:36 am]
Corbo -- This one's also gold: "In engineering work there are two ways to code. One is to convert all inputs to S.I. (metric) units of measure, then do your calculations then convert back to various civil units of measure for output. The other is to maintain the various mixed measure systems throughout. Always choose the second. It's the American way!"
[11:33 am]
Corbo -- oh god #11 should start the talks about our issue all over again :P
[11:29 am]
Corbo -- it should also depend on their monitor resolution, no?
[11:28 am]
Corbo -- "The bonus of long lines is that programmers who cannot read 6 point type must scroll to view them." :lol:
[10:49 am]
Mini Moose 2707 -- Clokr_
Clokr_ shouted: jjf28 When does the obfuscate editor contest start? :P
[09:41 am]
Roy -- That's a tough question to answer.
[09:38 am]
Corbo -- Are you ever not online, Roy?
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