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Doodan Episode 1 - Joining Forces
Filename: Doodan 1 - Joining
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File Information
Uploaded on:Jun 15 2010, 1:42 am
Uploaded by:Doodan
Author:Not Given.

File Contents
01 Buddy Knee Levels/Buddy Knee level 01.scx
01 Buddy Knee Levels/Buddy Knee level 02.scx
01 Buddy Knee Levels/Buddy Knee level 03.scx
01 Buddy Knee Levels/Buddy Knee level 04.scx
01 Buddy Knee Levels/Buddy Knee level 05.scx
01 Buddy Knee Levels/Buddy Knee level 06.scx
File Description
Number of Missions: 6
Perspective: Terran

Story Overview:

As the humans venture into space, they became known as Terrans, and immediately rub the Protoss the wrong way. The more extreme factions of both races begin war with one another, and the rulers of both races are not very compelled to discourage the fighting. A veteran Protoss general named Doodan spearheads the movement to convince both sides to sign a peace treaty and work out their differences. He makes a strong impression on both rulers. Realizing that his efforts may succeed, the Terran extremists capture Doodan. The player controls Buddy Knee, who is only a Terran marshal at first, and is assigned with rescuing Doodan. He succeeds, but they're not out of the woods. Now the racist factions on both sides want the two of them dead, and they must work together to stay alive, and bring peace to the races in the process.

-Major Characters
Doodan: A veteran Protoss general who has chosen a more peaceful stance towards the "Terran Question."
Buddy Knee: An adventurous Terran marshal who also wishes for peace with the Protoss.
King Finkle: Ruler of the Terrans. He wishes to make the wisest decision possible rather than rush into a potential conflict with the Protoss.
Crizzle: A fallen star from the Protoss military. Virtually exiled for his past choices, he has since rallied his own extremist faction that desires hostility with the Terrans.
King Bastard: A Terran extremist with a loyal following who wishes to exterminate the Protoss.

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