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Doodan Episode 0 - Loyalty
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File Information
Uploaded on:Jun 15 2010, 1:26 am
Uploaded by:Doodan
Author:Not Given.

File Contents
00 Prologue/Prologue 01.scx
00 Prologue/Prologue 02.scx
00 Prologue/Prologue 03.scx
00 Prologue/Prologue 04.scx
00 Prologue/Prologue 05.scx
00 Prologue/Prologue 06.scx
00 Prologue/Prologue 07.scx
00 Prologue/Prologue 08.scx
00 Prologue/Prologue 09.scx
00 Prologue/Prologue 10.scx
File Description
Number of Missions: 10
Perspective: Protoss

Story Overview:

The Protoss are experiencing a vespene gas shortage. Their initial attempts to find resources on other planets and peacefully negotiate deals with the Protoss living on government-protected land prove futile. It's right about then that our hero Doodan has been making a name for himself as a leader on the battlefield, and so he is sent to secure vespene from protected land on Aiur as well as find out what happened to the expedition that went hunting for gas on other worlds. In the process, Doodan's loyalty, as well as the loyalty of those around him, will be put to the test.

-Major Characters
Doodan: He's one of three rising stars fresh out of the Protoss Royal Guard and the war for resources will prove to be a test of his military skill and morality.
Mais: The elder commander of the Protoss Royal Guard. He is fiercely loyal to his superiors and his most promising pupils.
King Cobb: Ruler of the Protoss. He too is a fresh face on the scene, as he has recently succeeded the throne after his father's sudden death. His arrogance has gradually weathered his reputation amongst his people.
Cornelius: He is Doodan's oldest friend from the Royal Guard. While he respects and admires Doodan, he also envies his abilities and has trouble coping with his friend and others advancing more quickly than he is.
Crizzle: He is the third prodigy from the Royal Guard. He was something of a rival for Doodan and Cornelius as they were coming up, although the three share a tenuous friendship in the present. He has trouble respecting authority.
Phannon: He is the longest-serving and most respected Protoss general in recent history. He was the first one called upon to find a solution to the vespene gas shortage.

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[03:33 pm]
Christien Chapman -- Then check for bugs and then it's done
[03:33 pm]
Christien Chapman -- I just have to remove some copyrighted sounds that I used for placeholder and do some voice actinf
[03:33 pm]
Christien Chapman -- February was when I started it
[03:33 pm]
Christien Chapman -- I had nothing to do
[03:33 pm]
Christien Chapman -- I've been working on it since coronavirus
[03:32 pm]
Christien Chapman -- It's almost done
[03:32 pm]
Dem0n -- you can put it in Map Showcase if it's complete, or Map Production if you're still working on it
[03:32 pm]
Christien Chapman -- Okay thanks
[03:32 pm]
Dem0n -- ya
[03:31 pm]
Christien Chapman -- And linked it in a post
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