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Quality Control Now In Effect
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Feb 13 2010, 12:00 pm
By: Excalibur  

Feb 13 2010, 12:00 pm Excalibur Post #1

The sword and the faith

Thanks to the recent influx of new mappers, which make no mistake, I am very happy about, but also due to their unwillingness to read the guides or watch my very informative video, which I'm not happy about, I am introducing a measure of Quality Control to the melee section. Due to the fact that this warning is pre-issued, and pinned, those who choose to ignore it will not be dealt with lightly. Willful ignorance is just that, willful, and your choices will certainly affect the outcome of any moderation actions.

I'd like to start off with a story in SEN's history:
Some time ago in the UMS section, we had a mapper called Cactaur posting really really really bad UMS maps. He could barely form a coherent sentence, his grammar and spelling were atrocious, his terrain was always blocky and his maps were either rigged, terribly imbalanced, or both. Remember, these were UMS maps.

So, what does this have to do with quality control you ask?

Well, Cactaur's topics were locked and he was barred from posting new topics. Why? Because he posted absolute garbage and wasted SEN's resources. It costs money to run a website kids, and you're getting membership for free. IP makes no money off of providing this to you, and its about time you owned up and started respecting him and what he does for you. Every time you post, its stored on SEN's server, every time you load a page it takes bandwidth. I love SEN, and IP is one of my greatest heroes (not kidding), so, I'm done letting you waste SEN's space and bandwidth.

So from now on, if your posts indicate you have not read the resources available to you in this section, if you show that you are unwilling to listen to the advice given, and simply want to spew sub-par maps at this section, wasting SEN's space, you are in for quite an unpleasant surprise. We will no longer tolerate such inconsiderate and garbage posting, nor should you be okay with making such posts. There is a fine line between needing to learn, and refusing to. Which you choose will determine how you are dealt with in this section. The users you will encounter are here for your improvement as a mapper, and they receive nothing for giving you false advice. If you choose not to heed the advice given consistently, you may need to consider a change of venue, before you are forced to do so.

If you should have a problem with this quality control, if your topic gets locked, your post deleted, and you are sore about your infraction, I encourage you to use the PM system. To myself, or whoever moderated you, and try and make your case. But let it be known that should you still be found in the wrong, no amount of complaining, whining, or PMing to anyone else will help you. This is SEN, and we have standards. If you don't like them, or just can't measure up, I'm sure google can find you somewhere else to go. :)

Melee Section Resources - Excalibur's melee mapping video guide. Very helpful if you dislike reading long amounts of information and would prefer to watch. - Some do's and don'ts about this section. Very useful if you plan on posting a map or commenting on one. - The announcement that pictures are indeed required here. - The mapping guide. It contains just about everything you need to know about making a balanced map.

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