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Preplacing units at very precise intervals
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Nov 1 2009, 4:09 pm
By: Cinolt  

Nov 1 2009, 4:09 pm Cinolt Post #1

I need to place different burrowed zerg units vertically at precise intervals of 2. So the unit coordinates that show up in SCMDraft 2 would look something like:

First unit(1000, 1000)
Second unit(1000, 1002)
Third unit(1000, 1004),

I'm trying to replicate a grid system used in Elementa, something similar to it at least, so if you've opened Elementa before I need to have burrowed units like he places his on the right of the map.

Does anybody know of an efficient way to place many of these units? I'm sure Lethal_Illusion didn't place all of them by hand, I'm looking for a way to directly edit the unit coordinate number, or of another method if you know of it. I'd rather stick away from StarForge, because I just can't get it to work. If it's the only solution I'd like to know anyway.


Nov 1 2009, 4:40 pm NudeRaider Post #2

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ScmDraft supports unit coordinate editing since some later 0.8.0 version I think. Check the sticky for the newest ver.
Still this is probably tedious, so maybe you'd like to place some of them via coordinate entering, then copy and paste them using the zoom.

Nov 1 2009, 5:04 pm Kaias Post #3

I'm glad to see someone utilizing, or at least trying to, the location grid. You can make your own custom grid to be two pixels apart vertically in Scmdraft (options>grid>custom). Since it is, I'm assuming, going to be a column of a pattern of burrowed units, I suggest tailoring the custom grid to vertically be the distance each unit will be from its' repeat, placing the column of that unit on the grid, lowering the offset by two pixels, do the next type of unit, etc and repeat until the column is finished.

Edit: Obviously, this method would involve enabling 'units snap to grid'

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Nov 1 2009, 7:08 pm Cinolt Post #4

Thanks for the replies. Took a while to figure it out, but Kaias's advice seems to be working efficient enough for my needs.


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