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Small forum update (active members)
Oct 19 2008, 3:54 pm
By: Forsaken Archer  

Oct 19 2008, 3:54 pm Forsaken Archer Post #1

x Members active on the site, in the forums, in topics have been fixed (including whether or not they are posting in the topic)
x + guests active added

There is small bugs here and there, such as, if a guest views a topic, it won't list himself in the count for his page view, unless they refresh. After a post, it still shows yourself as posting (again, only to yourself).
The code didn't turn out exactly like I envisioned and I intended to do a lot more to the forums, but I'd turn it into a big massive rewrite project so I'll save that for another day :).

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Oct 22 2008, 12:41 am Corbo Post #2


Also I believe it counts yourself as a guest.

I have been in topics/forums alone and it says 1 guest. Then I went to a forum with 4 members in it and it said 4 guests and then I went to a forum with 2 people in it and it said 2 guests. Too much of a coincidence don't you think? :P

EDIT: this only happens in forums, not in topics.
Also, this got me to see the online users list on forum index and there's just way too many guests to be real. 23 members only 25 guests. My guess is that it's adding active members and counting them as guests too so it sums active members + real guests.

fuck you all

Oct 22 2008, 12:24 pm Devourer Post #3


Quote from Corbo
Also I believe it counts yourself as a guest.

I don't think so... I was in a forum and there stood:
Members in this Forum: DeVouReR
+ Guests: 0

so.... no more to say^^

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Oct 22 2008, 8:21 pm Xx.Doom.xX Post #4

Finally. :D


Oct 25 2008, 11:41 am Devourer Post #5


the counter at the main page for the forums is bugged...
You are logged in, go to that page and you are not listed as an active member :unsure:

for example today there stood "4 active members in the last 15 minutes: DeVouReR Corbo[MM] DarkMapper "
as I see it that are only 3 :unsure:

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