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Make unit based on wall trap NOT cloaked
Jan 24 2021, 2:45 pm
By: Netbek  

Jan 24 2021, 2:45 pm Netbek Post #1

For my mod, I am running out of unit slots to replace, so now I am even "overwriting" things like Wall Missile Traps.
The new units are suppossed to be normal units, as if they were based on Marine or Zergling etc.

The problem is: My Wall-Trap-based units are cloaked:

How can I make them NOT cloaked? Is it possible with GPTP (general-plugin-template-project)?

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Ultraviolet -- Ya I heard that watching the vid, too. Was considering submitting Impossible Ultraviolet, but it's only technically playable with one person.. in practice playing with one person would be terrible
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MTiger156 -- Oh, the full rules for submissions only appear in the Discord server. "Single Player Only" is a big oof since I'm only good at multiplayer concepts. However I will inquire about trying a multiplayer PvE concept that can be fully played and won alone.
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C(a)HeK -- greetings all, test #7 is complete :)
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Ultraviolet -- you all talk Tiger :P
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MTiger156 -- Holy shit, this "Maporino! 2021" event that just got announced... this is something that takes place every year? Damn I wish I knew about it sooner, this can be my huge breakthrough in motivation :0_0:
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C(a)HeK -- thank you!
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C(a)HeK -- hello all, test 6 is complete - :)
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RdeRenato -- yes
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MTiger156 -- General Kenobi
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