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Hypertrigger and Spawn
Nov 16 2019, 6:22 am
By: linestine  

Nov 16 2019, 6:22 am linestine Post #1

I am using a trigger where the player brings a unit to a location. When the unit comes to the location it causes units to spawn.

Unfortunately, the spawn is happening many times. It seems the trigger is triggering like 5x instead of 1x. The change occurred when I started using hypertriggers.

Does anyone have any recommendations about how to spawn only once while using hypertriggers?


Nov 16 2019, 8:45 am GGmano Post #2

Use death count is Best. You can use switch to.

When You create the unit in trigger put condition suffered deaths of an unused unit by the player and in actions You set the suffered death by the player to 1

Player 1
If player1 bring unit to location 1
If player1 suffered 0 deaths of (cantina)
Preserve trigger
Create unit at location1 with propeties
Set deaths by player1 (cantina) to 1

Later You can set the dc(death count er) back to zero if You need reuse the trigger

If You only want 1 unit created one Time You dont need dc You can just dont use Preserve trigger in actions.

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Nov 16 2019, 9:10 am linestine Post #3

Alright thanks, I will try that tomorrow. It sounds like it will work!


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