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Adding custom AI to map file
Aug 14 2019, 11:28 pm
By: psyhotechnica  

Aug 14 2019, 11:28 pm psyhotechnica Post #1

I have heard that there are ways to actually overwrite the original games AI scripts ... Through a map file.
I have heard that there are several steps before it will work.
since EUD has been developed into really impressive lenghts, perhaps custom AI is something that should be made easy to get started at with a compact method? The extra size of the map shouldnt be large for just some scripts.

I simply never found a good guide to make a script change inside a map as if it was a mod, without the hassle of making a mod.

Where are the limits really? There are dozens of unused and empty script entries.
And if you can add scripts, perhaps one can even add other types of files such as graphics?

How do I make this happen guys?


Aug 18 2019, 3:31 pm psyhotechnica Post #2

I actually found this

So what I imagine you can do this without W Launcher because SCR supports EUD. The instructions for using NPA was written in 2015.

Next step is to do a mod on a file and run it, see if it works.
Again, any information is appreciated.


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