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Cat and Mouse Highway!
Jun 5 2018, 6:03 am
By: Cerorec  

Jun 5 2018, 6:03 am Cerorec Post #1

Cat and Mouse Highway!

Brought to you by: Cerorec

Map Style: Custom UMS
Category: Cat and Mouse
Size: 1,150 KB
Players: 7
Tileset: Badlands
Dimensions: 128x128

Latest Version: 2.5
Version Date: August 1, 2020
Player Forces: Players 1-6 are Mouse when Player 8 is Cat (optional). If there is no Player 8, the game randomizes one of the remaining Players 1-6 to be Cat. Player 7 is Neutral. A full house yields 6v1, 6 Mouse Players vs 1 Cat Player.
1.0 Version: 1.0
Release Date: June 2, 2018
First Version: A.1 (Alpha.1)
Release Date: September 4, 2017

(Updated post on August 2, 2020)

Map Description:
The War between Cats and Mice still continues...
Many battles have been fought: in Jungle, Winter, Desert, even in Space...
But now, the battle takes place near an 8-Lane Highway!!!

Countless seasons have passed since the cats and mice first waged war. First it was Space, then it was Jungle, Winter, Ore Wars, Fireworld, Desert, City, Pylon, and many other places too many to name. Now, the times have changed. Fewer and fewer cats and mice battles are being fought, maybe because they are getting sick of fighting each other knowing that there are seemlingly endless amounts of them. Either way nowadays, some battles are fought, mainly in Jungle, but a new battleground has emerged! Partly because the cats and mice want a new map to settle their dispute. That is... the 8-Lane Highway! Or Freeway where ever you're from. This time, the Cats and Mice can use the advantage of the Highway to fight each other and perhaps... END THE WAR ONCE AND FOR ALL!

HOW TO PLAY (Short):
- This is just like you average CnM map, but with a twist: The Highway!
- The highway is where cars (Flying units, Neutral Player 7) come and go... and instantly kill anything in its path wtihout stopping!
- This includes all units from Mice, and all units from Cats! So be careful when crossing the highway!
- The highway splits the battleground into two play areas, Top and Bottom!
- If a Mouse dies at Top, the Mouse will be held captured at Top! Same with Bottom!
- So if a Mouse from Bottom wants to save a Mouse from Top, then the Mouse will have to either cross the highway, or buy 800 minerals to save everyone on one side, Top or Bottom! (which can be bought more)
- Because the highway instant kills anything, the Cats have 9 Lives! (9 Cats)
- And Cat Player starts out always with 2 Cats anytime! (1200 HP each)
- If the Cats lose all their lives and Cats, the Cat Player lose!
- But if the Cats catch all the Mice, the Mice Team lose!
- When a Cat catches a Mouse, the Cat Player will receive 1 Gas!
- The Gas is used to buy units from bottom!
- Or the Cat Player can convert 1 Gas into 100 Minerals! and vice versa!
- Cats have spells and upgrades! Which both cost minerals!
- Overtime, the Cat Player receives minerals.
- And there is feeding for Cats! You can see the whole feeding list in the Mission Objectives!
- On top of this, 10 kills for Cats = 20 minerals!
- So Mice, be careful how much you build!
- Also, there are bonuses in the game! Like saving gives you 100 minerals!
- And crystals may appear in the middle of the highway that gives 50-500 minerals! (Cats included)
- Be sure to use the Highway as an asset to winning! It may even turn the tides if one side is losing...

CREDITS (Also in Mission Briefing):
Car Crash Sound "Car Crash" (Edited by Cerorec): by squareal

Car Beep Sound "Car Hooter SFX.wav" (Edited by Cerorec): by KamilNaidoo23

Car Racing Sound "Drag Racing 2.wav" (Edited by Cerorec): by squashy555

Killing Splat Sound "SZ_Squish_13.wav" (Edited by Cerorec, mixed into Car Crash Sound): by PaulMorek

GTFO Sound "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! Sound Effect" (Ripped and Edited by Cerorec): by 4chan Stuff

Starcraft Sound by: Blizzard

Special Thanks to verssuss for showing me how to make Choosers go-through! (V1.6 and up)

Other than that, Map Design and Triggers by: Yours, truly... CEROREC!

Previous Alpha and Beta versions in one Zip:

Thanks to all my testers and players!

**All the text above is almost the exact same text I posted on SC Nibbits, which I uploaded the map already!**
Previous Versions (1.0 to 2.4EC):

In addition to SC Nibbits, I uploaded the map already to!
which you can...

IN ADDITION! I'll attached the map to this post! So there are 3+ ways to download this map!



This map has... (from V1.1 and up)
  • Optional Cat System: Just like popular CnM maps like CnM Jungle edited by beBoy, this system randomizes a player to be Cat when there isn't a Player 8 Cat, and the rest Mice.

  • Anti-Backstabbing System: This is where the game does something when a Mouse kills another Mouse. In early game (elapsed time of at most 399 game seconds), the backstabber Mouse gets banned instantly, all units converted to the backstabbee (included Mouse), and end game. In later game (at least 400 game seconds), the backstabber Mouse gets a 2nd Chance, and the backstabbee is spawned in the middle of the Highway invincible for some time. If the backstabber backstabs a Mouse again, the same scenario happens like the early game, banned, converted, and end game.

  • Anti-Early Cat Leaving System: This prevents the game from ending early when a troll Cat Player leaves the game when the game starts. This is only active during the countdown timer stage where Cats and Mice have to choose an area. After this time, if the Cat Player leaves when the Cats are in the battle field, the game will end, leaving the Mice to win the game. So, what happens is that if a Cat Player leaves early, the game will randomize another player from Mice side to be Cat, removing all of the Mice units of that chosen player and created the Cats units. This will continue until there is 1 Player left.

  • Stacking System for Mice: The Mice can stack! Which means they can "turn the lights out" and start "stacking" buildings on top of each other!

  • Banning System: The Mice team can ban a Mouse! But it takes three Mouse to ban!

  • Bonus Crystal System: Every now and then, a crystal (Khalis, Khaydarin, or Uraj) will appear randomly in the center of the Highway for bonus minerals. The Mouse Player will have to play frogger and CnM Crystal Wars to obtain bonus minerals from the crystal. The Cat Player can obtain bonuses from these crystals too, just by touching them! The Khalis gives 50 minerals to a Mouse, 25 to Cats, Khaydarin gives 200 to a Mouse, 100 to Cats, and 500 to a Mouse, 250 to Cats! As of V1.1. The reason why I added something like this to the game was because I wanted more interesting interactivity with the players and the Highway.

  • Cat Feeding System: The Cats can get fed from certain units from Mice! The full feeding list can be found in the Mission Objectives... and here!
    10 kills of any unit = 20 Min
    Grand Cheese / Flying Cheese = 10 Min
    Hard Cheese = 35 Min
    Hardest Cheese = 70 Min
    Space Cheese = 150 Min
    Hard Mouse Hole = 20 Min
    In Addition to this list, A Mouse feeds Cats 1 Gas, and 25 Minerals!
    (However there are a limit to some of these. If the Cats go past the limit, the Cats won't be rewarded, but that will take very long and lots of killing pass normal...)

  • AFK/Observer Mode: (V2.5): Made this system much better now! You can go AFK/Observer Mode when you have 1 Mouse on the battlefield or captured! AFK/Observer Mode now activates on its own when you are afk to prevent you from getting pwnt by Cat! (mostly...) To activate/deactivate AFK/Observer Mode, take your Chooser (Dark Templar) to your Flying Cocoon at Banner Area.

  • And Possibly More that I couldn't think of yet!

After Blizzard's revival of the Starcraft Brood War game with their 1.18 patch release, I came back to Starcraft last year in 2017 and started re living the past and nostalgia. It was absolutely nostalgic and surreal that a company would go back to their 1998 game, work on remastering it, and revive the community. A large community, well not too large, came after, and Cat and Mouse became relevant again. People were gaming Cat and Mouse, and USWest and USEast became alive again, which died some time ago when virtually 0 people were on. This even caught the attention of beBoy, who also updated his CnM Jungle map in his forums, and me also, who was a big advocate and enthusiast of Cat and Mouse back in the day who played pretty much Cat and Mouse mostly in Starcraft, even today. So, sometime during Summer 2017 I started playing a bunch of rare and obscure Cat and Mouse maps, and many were actually unplayable and broken, which I ended up fixing. This lead me to "editing" and enhancing some Cat and Mouse Maps, and the biggest one was Cat and Mouse City by GuthixWarrior with my VX1.0, which can be found on SC Nibbits. I was a map maker before. In 2009 I created Cat and Mouse Winter Maze under the name Wizzmarine, which nobody knew that I, Cerorec who hosted it, created the game, until now. After Blizzard's release of Remastered, the great programming abilities that I've learned, the encouragement from other new 2017 CnM maps out there that were released like Lifebot's CnM Legends, and the great reception I had of my edits, I was extremely compelled to make another Cat and Mouse map from scratch, as it was fun to do and I wanted to make a new CnM Map for Remastered. Now, there were hundreds of Cat and Mouse versions out there believe it or not, and I didn't want to make another generic same ol CnM Map, but something a little different than the rest. One that came to my mind was, "How about Cat and Mouse in the Highway?" And so the project began in Late Summer of 2017, where it took me a month to finish (breaks included) and release version Alpha.1 on September 4, 2017. I quickly worked my way up to Beta couples days later up to Beta.8 in September 10, 2017, then I quit playing for awhile because School came in, more specifically I was back in University on September 1. Working on my map was really time consuming, brain consuming, so I wanted to take a break from that and focus my mind else where to like school, and it was not until after spring semester of 2018 I came back to Starcraft this summer 2018 and started working on my Beta.8, to Beta.9, 9b, 9c, 9d, and finally... V1.0 and V1.1. So there you have it, Cat and Mouse Highway, by me Cerorec.


See Previous Change Logs for Previous Versions Here

See the Latest Change Log below!

Cat n Mouse Highway V2.4.scx
Hits: 0 Size: 993.27kb
Cat n Mouse Highway V2.5.scx
Hits: 0 Size: 1149.75kb

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Jun 7 2018, 12:47 am Cerorec Post #2

- Fixed typo on stacking area message to Mice. DT not Zealot.
- Fixed bug on Racing game when someone leaves during racing, and given to another player.
- Decreased timer on Yamato upgrade from 200 to 150.
- Replaced sound for getting banned with GTFO sound effect.
- Implemented anti-trolling measures when a mouse kills civilians early game.
- Implemented anti-trolling measures when a mouse stacks Nexus for feeding cat.
- Implemented 2-player banning where there are only 3 Mice players in game.
- Fixed typo of Mean Flea (Broodling). It's not "Mean Fleas" anymore.
- Increased HP of Mean Flea (Broodling) from 20 to 25.
- Changed name of Infested Ant Nest to just Ant Nest (Infested CC).

- Changed cost of Destroyer (Battlecruiser) from 750 to 650, and from 650 to 600 from building.
- Increased timer of all Cat's upgrade from 16 to 19 except Air Attacks and Missle Attacks.
- Fixed lots of situational and rare (but not all) bug on Cat's Ability messages towards Mice sometimes not appearing.
- Fixed situational bug where a Mouse sometimes doesn't get bonus for saving.
- Implemented giving 10000 minerals to a Mouse if have enough.
- Made giving minerals to Mouse much better by moving Scourge instead of removing!
- Decreased HP of Bat (Devourer) from 400 to 300.
- Implemented compensation for Mice when Cat kills certain numbers of Mouse.
- Decreased Cat's attack from 10 to 8.
- Increased Baby Cat's attack from 3 to 4.
- Decreased armor of Hard Mouse Hole (Civilian) from 15 to 13.
- Removed Change Log Message at Mission Briefing to save some strings.
- Changed timer of Credit Message at Mission Briefing from 12000 to 14000.
- Decreased cost of Baby Cat from 4 to 3.
- Increased armor of Bee Hive (Carrier) from 2 to 5.
- Increased armor of Destroyer (Battlecruiser) from 0 to 5.

- Fixed V2.1 bug where Dead Mouse gets constant spam of text when Kill all Buildings is used.
- Implemented replenish energy pool for Cat Medic at save areas.
- Implemented compensation for Cats when Mouse gets a certain number of Min or units.
- Implemented ability for Cat Carrier (Overlord and Ygg) to drop a Temp. Mean Flea over time, having 2 Cat Carrier Max.
- Decreased armor of Spider (Lurker) from 7 to 5.

CHANGE LOG: V2.3 (Posted on July 25, 2018)
- Fixed V2.2 bug where Brown doesn't get minerals from other players.
- Fixed bug where when a Mouse player leaves, a dead Mouse may get its units.
- Decreased armor of Cat Carrier (Overlord and Yg) from 10 to 5.
- Increased energy cost of Spawn Broodlings from 125 to 150.
- Added compensation for Mice when saving late game, and dead Mouse getting head start late game.

CHANGE LOG: V2.4 (Posted on on July 18, 2019)
- Fixed lag issue the map was having with the newer updates of StarCraft. Replaced most "Bring ... 'Anywhere'" with Command. The map is now optimized!

CHANGE LOG: V2.5 (Updated post on August 3, 2020)
- Fixed spelling error of the Race Game.
- Converted more "Bring... Anywhere" to Commands.
- Fixed bug where Cat/Mice dies by location when there are no car at the car spawn.
- Removed extra Terran Beacon which was beneath Sunken and Spore.
- Fixed vision bug at Cat's shop area.
- Fixed terrain at Sunken and Spore area because you could place buildings anywhere.
- Fixed bug where SCV dies inside the Shuttle because they were near the bonus Crystal, by editing the location.
- Edited save areas' terrain to make AI pathing easier.
- Removed some unused triggers and switches.
- Made it so Jail Guards don't kill air units, by editing the locations.
- Added more stuff to AFK/Observer Mode. Made it better and more flexible. You can now activate AFK/Observer Mode when you have 1 Mouse on the battlefield and no other men and buildings. AFK/Observer Mode activates on its own under certain conditions.
- Finally added message to All Players that a Cat has Died... by a Car.
- Fixed glitch where Cat has some Psi Emitter(s) at Mouse Shop Area.
- Fixed glitch where P12 add-on buildings survive Kill All Buildings and Meltdown.
- Edited Mission Briefings to make it simple since fast clicking removes the intro aesthetics.
- Made it so Map Revealers spawn at the Save Areas after all Players are at the battlefield.
- Disabled Fog of War for water area and Save Areas.

This map will probably have updates, so stay tuned for changes and newer versions! Have any suggestions/bug reports/comments please leave below!
Have Fun with My Map! Cat and Mouse Highway!

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Sep 24 2018, 8:47 pm verssuss Post #3

Oh man. THX for credits :]
my pleasure bro :]


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