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training suggestion
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Apr 23 2018, 8:11 pm
By: ZoltanMatey  

Apr 23 2018, 8:11 pm ZoltanMatey Post #1

we need to protect children and babies from all kind of accidents
people need to remind one another

we need to protect babies and children from all kind of accidents as they are more fragile

mice maybe slower then humans (such as running) lower performance, but lives only 3 years and thus it is a faulty organism on the metabolism level

there is also tissue repair
training is better since damage of metabolism of extracellular matrix does not accumulate during anabolism of growing up
or it would be visible on the skin
suggest supplements for pregnant women for propper growth of baby

organdonation volunteers for sick people or sewing together

lifereorganisation for care

caramellized sugar to some degree helps boosting breakdown processes
consume with caffeine, every day or every other day 200 grams for 68 kg person
need experiments

can keep younger health with bodybuilding and fasting cycle, because building muscles makes new tissue on the microscopic level as well

This Video Can Change Your Life! Bodybuilding at an old age can be quite different. Age is just a number - best ...

while fasting reduces bodyweight so there is a break down of aging tissue on the microscopic level as well, wich is renewed with the subsequent repeated muscle building training

so do muscle mass training for 2-3 years and muscle loss for 2-3 years then again muscle building and repeat the cycle of years keeping the musclemass lost with fasting years and rebuilt with training years

this keeps young tissues being rebuilt on multiple levels as well because the growing muscles need additional capillar meshwork as well as the additional mass of muscles grown need new innervation for movement (wich it achieves in growth), while in breakdown all these is broken down, also the organs experience differential load so those also adapt during the cycle of rebuilding (as there is more or less food intake for the organs to process)

also mental training in information rich environment alternated with mental meditation with lacking environment (alternating in some year cycles) to keep the brain regenerating on the microscopic level while regaining and losing information (as there is loss of information on microscopic level when a person doesnt practice something even for a few month)
old peoples brain can see, interpret lines, so other functions work as well so brain ages slowly (can still benefit)

1.5 times multiplyer is enough. For example muscle mass of 50 kilgoram is the minimum for fasting years 80--90 kilogram is maximum for muscle mass training years (factor of 1.6-1.�� for average built 172 cm tall person. For this 900 grams of protein would be utilized anabolized per 30 days, wich is not a lot compared to metabolism of 600 gram EVERY DAY of sugar and other energetic polimers (so there is no real extra strain on the metabolism of microscopic level cells). So this some yearly alternating cycle can keep the microscopic details of tissues at a youngness level (such as 50--60 years old health level ongoing, thus keeping this 50--60 years old health in our 100--160 years of age and beyond)
the 1.5 times multiplier means basicly one cell duplicaiton for all cells of the body, this is during the 3 years where if duplication is involved (there is also breakdown the other 3 years, then rebuilding again and so on), while other tissues duplicate under 1 month without the training so 100 year duplication error of the normal without training cycle is achieved with the traing cycle only under 3000 year, even more, wich is still more then 100 year lifespan, maybe even telomerase is activated with additional fat growth. Aging proceses otherwise are within the extracellular matrix such as wrinkling of the skin due to additional layers of extracellular matrix added at branching points (wich connective matrix is rebuilt together with the muscle mass increase and decrease [as muscle on the microscopic level is made up of mircoscopic cells and in between cells extracellular matrix] so trying this method for extending youthfull health DOES worth it, at most need to reduce activity other then training for the muscle gain years.
please share, WE NEED media broadcast of this
PLEASE FORWARD THIS APPLYABLE LIFEXTENTION LIFESTYLE DESCRIPTION TO all elements, make this a reality, make this a movement

people wasnt thinking of this method because they associate the tiredness of training with the tiredness of aging, then automatically excluding it from thinking about this method as suitable for prevention of aging

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Apr 24 2018, 2:21 am Lanthanide Post #2

Quote from ZoltanMatey
it is possible to keep younger with bodybuilding and fasting cycle
If I follow your training schedule, how many years younger will I be after 6 months?


Apr 24 2018, 4:27 am Corbo Post #3


-6 because its ridiculous.

Broken muscle microtissue (which usually happens everytime you train) starts regenerating almost inmediately with new tissue and heavily regenerates at night when you sleep.

You dont have to fast for like 3 years to drop muscle and make it regen on whatever new crazy cycle you do the next 3 years lmao

fuck you all

May 11 2018, 11:58 am ZoltanMatey Post #4

i have found a training video


May 12 2018, 12:32 pm ZoltanMatey Post #5

would you spread this message please? or even contact media broadcast stations or so

people could make more training machines so everyone can train (purchasing, then the sellers will make more of it)


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