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[EUD] Quick Guide
Jan 9 2018, 1:12 am
By: Sie_Sayoka  

Jan 9 2018, 1:12 am Sie_Sayoka Post #1

This is a quick guide to get people started using the programs that we have available right now. There's several ways to edit with EUD's this is just my own. Hopefully there will be a more streamlined program in the near future.

Required programs/Helpful links:

The Latest SCMD2 Build
EUD Editor 2
T-warp's SCMD2 EUD Formatter
Supported EUDS 1.18

EUD Editor 2 and EUD Formatter will allow you to change many of the values and cosmetics of units. To use EUDs that are not supported by these programs you will have to manually enter values in the set deaths triggers.


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Jan 9 2018, 8:38 am Wormer Post #2

Thanks for covering the basic tool set! Might want to add a euddraft link (github page or thread here) too, because EUD Editor requires it.


Jan 9 2018, 9:37 am Lanthanide Post #3

Here's a far faster way to do this.

You'll need chkdraft by jjf, because scmdraft right now is breaking EUDs in it's text editor, and jjf has added support for the EUD Editor's SetMemory format.

1) In EUD editor, click Inject EUD - View Triggers. On the new window that opens, click Use Set To in the bottom left corner
2) Change some stuff - the triggers will be automatically shown in the box.
3) In text triggers in Chkdraft, copy and paste the triggers from the trigger editor window. Click Compile & Save and load your map in BW.

I've also discovered that you can delete lines (or edit values directly) out of EUD Editor's window and click Compile, and that will update all of the data with the changes you made. This is helpful if you've made a bunch of changes across different tabs / units and you want to clear them all out but can't remember what they all are.

Note that the EUD Editor can inject EUDs directly into a map from that same menu. In my experience this does actually work - and it can also inject Wireframe changes that it doesn't show as EUD triggers (not in the ESS save files either). So if you're just experimenting with stuff you may find it quicker just to inject triggers in to your map to play with. However I have found that after injecting triggers in this way, scmdraft can no longer open the map - I'm not sure if this is some sort of deliberate protection or if it's just adding triggers in a format that scmdraft can't handle. When you inject in this way, it creates hundreds of triggers, and it seems the ones from the text box are not directly saved into the map, but they seem to be dynamically calculated by all of the other framework stuff.

If anyone can experiment with injecting Wireframe changes and extract clean EUD triggers from the map that accomplish the changes, I'd be appreciative. Or if anyone can point to a guide for hand-calculating wireframe EUDs since that is the alternative at the moment.

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Jan 11 2018, 9:36 am Suicidal Insanity Post #4

I see you !

Should be fixed.

Jan 11 2018, 7:08 pm T-warp Post #5

Unlimited N-word pass winner

I would expect my editor to be listed here as well O.o
And EUDTrig as well for that matter.

Jan 11 2018, 7:45 pm Sie_Sayoka Post #6

I only put the way I use to edit EUDs. I haven't used your editor since having a UI is easier for me. Someone else could post how to use it though.


Jan 11 2018, 10:06 pm T-warp Post #7

Unlimited N-word pass winner

Quote from Sie_Sayoka
I only put the way I use to edit EUDs. I haven't used your editor since having a UI is easier for me. Someone else could post how to use it though.
Have you seen my editor? O.o It's a visual editor, with some higher abstraction over EUDs (link). At least give it a try :)

Jan 12 2018, 5:27 am Sie_Sayoka Post #8

I've tried it and I prefer EUD Editor.


Jan 12 2018, 6:39 am Lanthanide Post #9

It can do things the EUD editor can't, such as conditions, and setting kills.


Jan 12 2018, 2:01 pm T-warp Post #10

Unlimited N-word pass winner

And also change player units color :P

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