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Footmen Frenzy IV 0087 ENG & KR Latest vers
Dec 28 2016, 10:25 pm
By: SiberianTiger  

Dec 28 2016, 10:25 pm SiberianTiger Post #1

Welcome to Footmen Frenzy for StarCraft BW!

There are 10 heroes (2 new heroes), 5 spells per hero, 3 potions, 5 shop extra shop abilities or items, 5 footmen levels, and 35 hero levels.

It's really fun with 6-8 players.

***In order to use your hero's spell, build units (B D W Y V) at Starport. Spells cost gas (mana). Extra gas can be acquired at the center of the map, where the mana fountain is located.

***The heal area that your hero enters through beacon next to your base temple has an exit beacon for cancel. In order to fully heal your hero, do not exit heal early.

***In order to use the potion or teleport scroll, move dark templar next to the shop to the appropriate beacon. Your hero must have entered shop and purchased the item, which costs "coins", which is an in-game money (different from mineral, which is used for hero attack upgrades).

***To upgrade your footmen, move hero to beacon next to stasis cell. Upgrading footmen costs 15 coins.

***Coin amount is displayed periodically in text-based status updates. In order to view status update, move dark templar in potion console next to shop to the beacon.

***Shop can be entered through the portal at mid left and mid right at center of the map.

Footmen levels:

Lv 1: Zealot
Lv 2: Marine
Lv 3: Hydralisk
Lv 4: Infested Kerrigan
Lv 5: Ultralisk

Spells -

Lv 0 spell : Battlecruiser (B) 200 gas
Lv 5 spell : Dropship (D) 200 gas
Lv 10 spell : Wraith (W) 300 gas
Lv 15 spell : Valkyrie (Y) 500 gas
Lv 20 spell : Science Vessel (V) 600 gas

Shop Items

Health Potion - 2 coins
Mana Potion - 1 coin
Teleport Home - 1 coin

Heal Temple - 20 coins
Reveal Map - 1 coin
Extra Footmen - 5 coins
Extra Footmen HP - 4 coins
Global Turret Attack - 8 coins

1) Ghost (Demon Hunter)

(Hero activates spell by casting Dark Swarm 'w' with Defiler)

-B 200- Dark templar attack
-D 200- Instant teleportation; 2 second invincibility
-W 300- Stun and immobilize enemy units
-Y 500- Curse enemy hero; enemy hero returns to spot and is dealt spider mine damage
-V 600- Siege tank attack followed by infested terran spawn

Health: Medium
Role: Assassin/support unit
Strong Against: Goliath, Dragoon, Marine, Hydralisk, Templar
Weak Against: Zergling, Zealot, Vulture, Ultralisk

2) Goliath (Goblin Tinker)

-B 200- Reaver scarab splash attack
-D 200- Teleport to shelter; nearby units get stunned
-W 300- Siege tank tower
-Y 500- Carrier attack; lays spidermines and steals gas from enemy heroes
-V 600- SCV

Health: High
Role: Main assault unit
Strong Against: Ghost, zergling, zealot, vulture, hydralisk, templar
Weak Against: Dragoon, Marine, Ultralisk

3) Ultralisk (Fangrine Pathcutter)

-B 200- Goliath/tank attack
-D 200- Transform into hallucination & heal
-W 300- Displace enemy units when trapped; 0.5 seconds invincibility
-Y 500- Dragoon attack
-V 600- Swallow enemy units; heals full HP if all enemy units are successfully digested; dies if enemy units survive

Health: High
Role: Main ambush/tank unit
Strong against: Ghost, Zergling, Vulture, Marine, Goliath, Templar
Weak Against: Dragoon, Zealot, Hydralisk

4) Hydralisk (Undead Swarmlord)

-B 200- Drone
-D 200- Heal sunken colonies
-W 300- Queen ensnare
-Y 500- Ghost mercenaries
-V 600- Lurker attack

Health: Low
Role: Defense/support unit
Strong Against: Vulture, Ultralisk, Templar
Weak Againts: Ghost, Zergling, Marine, Goliath, Dragoon, Zealot

5) Vulture (Cattle Bruiser)

-B 200- Vulture attack
-D 200- Spidermine
-W 300- Siege tank tower
-Y 500- Trap; stuns enemy hero
-V 600- Yamato cannon

Health: Low
Role: Ambush/micro support unit
Strong Against: Ghost, Zergling, Marine, Zealot
Weak Against: Dragoon, Goliaht, Hydralisk, Ultralisk, Templar

6) Dragoon (Arachnoid)

-B 200- Probe; shield regeneration of buildings
-D 200- A line of siege tanks between Nexus/Cybernetics Core/Gateway and hero
-W 300- Scout attack; stackable; exponential
-Y 500- Homing missile; spawn by aiming with hero near Nexus/Cybernetics Core/Gateway
-V 600- Hero is immobilized; devourer pulls enemy units towards the hero

Health: high
Role: Defense/main assault unit
Strong Against: Ghost, Ultralisk, Goliath, Vulture
Weak Against: Zergling, Marine, Zealot, Hydralisk, Templar

7) Zergling (Scouring Basher)

-B 200- Zergling attack; units become chaotic
-D 200- Scout attack; running makes it become stronger
-W 300- Civillian wall; keep moving hero, do not stop
-Y 500- Lurker missile; aim with hero
-V 600- Set enemy HP to low

Health: Low
Role: Main ambush unit
Strong Against: Marine, Ghost, Hydralisk, Goliath, Dragoon, Templar
Weak Against: Ultralisk, Zealot, Vulture

8) Marine (Phalanx Captain)

-B 200- Medic heal, battlecruiser attack
-D 200- Shuttle drop of extra footmen - unload dragoon inside to deploy
-W 300- Footmen and hero acquire invincibility; they charge towards carrier; firebat attack
-Y 500- Archon attack; takes time to build up
-V 600- Flickering invincibility

Health: Low
Role: Main assault unit
Strong Against: Hydralisk, Dragoon, Goliath
Weak Against: Ghost, Ultralisk, Zealot, Vulture, Zergling, Templar

9) Zealot (Paladin of Light)

-B 200- Invincible archon summon; hero immobilized while summoning
-D 200- Shield regeneration
-W 300- Dark archon maelstrom
-Y 500- Blind enemy hero
-V 600- Arbiter stasis cell

Health: High
Role: Main assault/tank unit
Strong Against: Hydralisk, Dragoon, Marine, Ghost, Templar
Weak Against: Goliath, Ultralisk, Vulture, Zergling

10) Templar (Mage)

-B 200- HP shield for footmen; sets to 100%
-D 200- Shield regeneration
-W 300- Scout attack; stackable; exponential
-Y 500- Anti magic damage field
-V 600- Stun enemy units; unlimited psionic storm

Health: Very High
Role: Support/tank unit
Strong Against: Vulture, Dragoon, Marine
Weak Against: Hydralisk, Goliath, Ultralisk, Zergling, Ghost, Zealot

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Jul 9 2017, 7:37 pm SiberianTiger Post #2

New Dark Templar hero added (Phantom Joker)


B 200 - become invisible by turning off shared vision
D 200 - shield regeneration
W 300 - arbiters spawn
Y 500 - Steal enemy footmen
V 600 - Stun nearby enemy units

Footmen Frenzy IV 2.09ENG.scx
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