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Weapon targeting and spellcasting questions
Dec 1 2016, 12:13 am
By: Fraktal  

Dec 1 2016, 12:13 am Fraktal Post #1

In DatEdit, does it make any difference whether I place a unit's weapon into the ground-use slot or the air-use slot, considering that it's the weapon.dat entry that has the final word on what the weapon can and can't attack?

I'm asking because while messing around with the old Gundam Century mod for my own amusement, I got multiple units for whom I want to use the following setup. The unit has two weapons. Both weapons can attack both ground and air targets, but one weapon has a minimum range and the other's maximum range is set to the first's minimum range - the intention being that if the target closes in, the unit switches from the first weapon to the second. In other words, both weapons can attack the same set of targets, but their respective ranges exclude any possibility of both being able to attack the same target at the same time so that Starcraft won't get confused about which weapon to use (since I remember reading somewhere back in the day that the engine wasn't programmed for that). Will this work and if so, what will be the effects on the unit's auto-attack AI, if any?

Second question for the same. I want to give a unit a wide-area AOE attack against buildings and a second weapon for everything else. In DatEdit's weapon targeting flags, what combination will make a weapon able to attack only buildings and nothing else? Is it even possible? If not, I'll simply repurpose the Robotic flag for this (as in, set the Robotic flag on all buildings and the weapon to target only non-Mechanical and Robotic units), so it's no biggie if it can't be done.

Third question for the same. Using Firegraft, is it possible to give spells to units other than the ones that have them originally? Namely, some heroes not having the same repertoire of abilities as their non-hero versions (like one of the Ghost heroes packing Dark Archon spells, Goliaths being able to cast Def.Matrix and drop mines, or some Protoss heroes having Stimpacks). To be clear, I'm not trying to modify the spells themselves (except for making Lockdown AOE, but I already got that). Only who can cast them. If I use DatEdit to define these units' idle animations as spellcasting animations to avoid crashes in that regard, then use Firegraft to alter the spells' requirements to include these units and finally expand the button sets where required, will that be enough?

Some other minor questions:
  • This mod uses a custom cmdicons.grp but since it was originally made before the patch that added replay viewing functionality, the grp lacks the replay buttons. How can I import those from the unmodded game's cmdicons.grp for completeness' sake without throwing out the mod's custom buttons?
  • Using Firegraft's relevant hack, what's the maximum possible value for how far creep can spread?


Dec 1 2016, 1:35 am IskatuMesk Post #2

Lord of the Locker Room

It's been like 7 years since I last looked at Starcraft so take this with a bucket of salt.

If a unit has two weapons it will always try to attack air even if it can't do damage iirc.

Use iscript for range condition jumps.

Iscript will be required for spell casting animations for units that lack them. Idle won't cut it, there's no sigorder.

For the cmdicons it's probably referencing to a frame #, so recompile the frames using the desired source as a basis for which frames are which.

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Dec 1 2016, 4:08 pm Fraktal Post #3

On the other hand, several of the spells in question are already listed in DatEdit's Orders tab as 'No Animation'.


Dec 2 2016, 2:25 pm IskatuMesk Post #4

Lord of the Locker Room

Guess it depends on the spell. They are so full of hardcoded bs I really can't recall off the top of my head what requires what. All I know is sigorder is used to actually trigger spellcasts in animations.

Show them your butt, and when you do, slap it so it creates a sound akin to a chorus of screaming spider monkeys flogging a chime with cacti. Only then can you find your destiny at the tip of the shaft.

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