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TXT Files
Jun 14 2016, 3:46 am
By: Corbo  

Jun 14 2016, 3:46 am Corbo Post #1


Credit text and the text that shows up before each mission are just plain .txt files with some tags formatting them and telling SC what to do with the text.

A quick search in the .exe determined the following tags exist:



Separated into two groups the first group can be set in each </PAGE>. You can have multiple pages (or "screens") per .txt file.
The second group positions the text in the screen. You cannot use more than one of these between pages and they affect the text after the tag.

</BACKGROUND glue\palpa\ProtossA.pcx>
</FONTCOLOR glue\palpa\tfont.pcx>


Isolated Protoss base on the planet Aiur

That file is a single page, it will show the text after SCREENRIGHT right-aligned and for a duration of 8 seconds. Then it will fade to black and show blackness for 1 second before sending you to mission briefing. It will also use the specified background and the respective tfont.pcx to color the text. Using a non corresponding background and/or font file will, of course, result in weird colored text. (mispalleted)

You can also use multiple pages and vary the formatting and background/between them like this:
</BACKGROUND glue\palpa\ProtossA.pcx>
</FONTCOLOR glue\palpa\tfont.pcx>


</BACKGROUND glue\palpb\ProtossB.pcx>
</FONTCOLOR glue\palpb\tfont.pcx>


That will show you the text LOL FIRST PAGE with the same duration, alignment and background of the last time AND after the fade transition it will show you the text LOL SECOND PAGE for 25 seconds at the very center of the screen, with a different background then it will fade to black and show you blackness for 5 seconds.

That's all the tags I could find (I got creative and tried some others but I got nowhere) You cannot use two formatting tags, it will just show you the first one and ignore all others.

In addition to that you can use text colors inside of this. Since they're just .txt files doing it the "proper" way won't work. With tags like <01> <04> etc... They WILL work if you use a single character code, just like the old ones we used to use that just looked like squares. You can either get them from SCMDraft or Starforge LMAO (Sorry, Clork_ :P) or you can do it the OTHER way which involves making a .tbl file with the color you wish and then opening said tbl with a text editor and copying the single character color code you can from before the string you wrote in the .tbl file.

I have no time to make said list atm. I will in the future, but if anyone wants to post one or knows where to find it that'd be a nice complement to this topic.

These are all my findings on .txt files that I forgot to post like a week ago. I'll also be updating the wiki soon (tm). Cheers.

fuck you all

Jan 10 2019, 9:02 am IlyaSnopchenko Post #2

It's a nice addition and pretty much mandatory for any project that looks to replace a built-in campaign (I've been dabbling in this since it was discovered way back then).

The Remastered adds a bunch of other stuff to the syntax, as well as duplicating some of the Rez\Est****.txt (establishing splash screen) with _HD name extension - these include all these cool (or not) animated splash screens to many missions that in the original game only had text. Blizzard did not add them liberally - they only chose to "animate" descriptions that had some additional text information (not just the mission name/location), and these mostly exist in vanilla campaigns (and also before each Brood War campaign, but not much between any of the BW missions - probably because Brood War missions have cutscenes that explain a lot in a more visually friendly way).

The videos for animated sequences are located in the Interstitials\ virtual folder inside the CASC storage. They are in .webm format, like all the other videos in SCR.
Check this out (I picked a random _HD text file, which happened to be the one for The Trial of Tassadar mission:

</VIDEO interstitials\PT3010.webm>
</SOUND interstitials\sounds\scHD_Interstitials_Protoss_Swipe.wav>
Tassadar was taken into Judicator custody and sentenced to stand trial for his crimes against the Conclave.

</VIDEO interstitials\PT3020.webm>
</SOUND interstitials\sounds\scHD_Interstitials_Protoss_PT3020.wav>
Fenix, Raynor and Tassadar's followers escaped from the Conclave's agents, as the Dark Templar slipped away in the chaos.

Can anyone confirm if these commands are all that has been added in SCR? (/VIDEO, /SOUND, /VIDEOAUTOPROCEED, /TEXTBOX)
It's a cool thing that now we can add bona fide videos anywhere between the campaign missions, not just at the preset spots (and these, apart from campaign ending, only exist in vanilla anyway).

P.S. Another interesting this is that at least one mission - the secret one in BW - also has the text "outro", found under REZ\FinZ09BX.txt. It remains to be seen if the other missions can have the same kind of "outros" if you add REZ\Fin*****.txt files? The use seems limited as in all other cases it would be simpler to just put the text into the intro for the next mission, but may be fun to discover.

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Jan 11 2019, 3:40 am Corbo Post #3


It's a cool thing that now we can add bona fide videos anywhere between the campaign missions, not just at the preset spots (and these, apart from campaign ending, only exist in vanilla anyway).

Interesting. I did not know this. I do not think many of us actually use SCR, but I can definitely do some research on this on SCR in the future. Thanks for pitching in!

fuck you all

Jan 14 2019, 8:22 am IlyaSnopchenko Post #4

One obvious caveat is that the briefing music starts playing right as the splash screen rolls on (so it plays on top of any video one may insert), but I think there can be workarounds. Besides, it was not for nothing that I asked to verify if there are any other usable commands - maybe there's something to control the music, too? :)


Jan 14 2019, 5:20 pm DarkenedFantasies Post #5

Roy's Secret Service

Quote from Corbo
I have no time to make said list atm. I will in the future, but if anyone wants to post one or knows where to find it that'd be a nice complement to this topic.
Here you go. Some characters will appear as zero-width, but can still be selected inside of the brackets.

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Jan 15 2019, 10:05 am IlyaSnopchenko Post #6

I tried and adding arbitrary finale text/graphic screens to missions like the one the secret mission has doesn't work. Apparently all the splash screens' availability is hardcoded. Well... it was worth checking out.


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