Jul 16 2014, 7:31 am
By: trgk  

Jul 16 2014, 7:31 am trgk Post #1

EUDA needed.
Don't confuse with EUDTrig

Original idea
eudtrglib is a library for generating self-modifying trigger.

- Trigger execution order can be freely manipulated. So, loop & conditional branch is also supported.
- Triggers can be dynamically modified.

- Support functions : you can really reuse your triggers multiple time in SC level.
- Support variables that you can assign, add, subtract to any address.

- Built-in functions. Including
- Multiplication & Division (f_mul, f_div)
- Memory read/write (f_dwread, f_dwwrite)
- Address to EPD Player. (f_epd)
- Extract word/byte inside dword ( f_dwbreak )
- Memory copy / String copy (f_repmovsd, f_memcpy, f_strcpy)

- Built-in Basic control structures (EUDJump, EUDJumpIf, EUDJumpIfNot)

How to install:
1. Install Python 3.x and pip
2. Run following in command line : "pip install eudtrg"
Or you may use PyPI

How to run examples:
1. Download attachment & unzip all of them into somewhere
2. There should be lots of .py files. Run all of them.
3. Example maps should be created at outputmap/. Run those with EUDA enabled

- Heinermann, EUD dev
- Unit property syntax is borrowed from MacroTrigger.
- Forward() synatx is borrowed from pyparsing.
- Various file formats from modcrafters
- CHK fromat from rpgkdh & SEN.
- SFmpq, Starforge (Trigger condition/actions)

Currently documenting the library. :D

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Jul 16 2014, 3:16 pm NudeRaider Post #2

We can't explain the universe, just describe it; and we don't know whether our theories are true, we just know they're not wrong. >Harald Lesch

Suggestion: Rename it. The name is so similar to EUDTrig that they'll get confused despite your disclaimer.

Apart from that it sounds powerful though I have trouble grasping what it actually can be used for. Maybe some examples of what (kinds of) triggers it can generate and how it's different from other trigger generators may be useful.

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