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Standard Extended Strings
Sep 13 2013, 6:52 pm
By: jjf28  

Sep 23 2013, 3:35 am trgk Post #21


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Jul 12 2019, 1:48 am jjf28 Post #22

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Since discovering reverse stacking among other compression methods for the STR section the current KSTR format using the highest indexes has become a major problem - I'll be drafting something more solid in a bit but I'm now thinking of the following format...

struct OSTR {
u32 version; // Current version: 1
u32 scenarioName;
u32 scenarioDescription;
u32 forceName[Chk::TotalForces];
u32 unitName[Sc::Unit::TotalTypes];
u32 expUnitName[Sc::Unit::TotalTypes];
u32 soundPath[Chk::TotalSounds];
u32 switchName[Chk::TotalSwitches];
u32 locationName[Chk::TotalLocations];

All of scenarioName, scenarioDescription, and forceNames have no good reason to be overridden but I've included them to make the structure exaustive/more future proof.

The trigger section contains the following list of strings: text message, mission objectives, leaderboard text, transmission text, next scenario, sound path, comment. Of these the only editor-specific string is comment, which the trigger metadata section KTRG could cover; sound path can already be overridden via TRIG->WAV->OSTR, the others should be left alone.

Mission briefing only has text message, mission objectives, and sound path - sound path can be overridden via TRIG->WAV->OSTR, others should be left alone.

Everything about KSTR can stay the same - except the way it is read, the ids no longer count backwards from 65535 and no longer have extended string ids stored directly in the sections referencing the strings. The extended strings would get read as the default display string if present in OSTR or KTRG. Location names and sound paths, if reordered in other editors not implementing these sections the connection may be broken, and would have to be manually corrected by users, triggers would be reasonably well locked to the extended strings, unless recompiled in some text editor not preserving full player data (which KTRG uses to link a trigger to its metadata)

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