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Mobile Mapping
Feb 13 2013, 8:47 pm
By: IAGG  

Feb 13 2013, 8:47 pm IAGG Post #1

Here is just an idea to throw out there. Maybe a project someone can work on is making an app on a mobile device that allows you to make/edit maps and then have the ability to export it to your computer. Not sure if it would be widely used but I'm sitting at work bored out of my mind and I would enjoy this right now.


Feb 13 2013, 10:59 pm jjf28 Post #2

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Doesn't seem really feasible to do the graphic-oriented part of mapping on the small phone resolutions; placing terrain, units, locations, and sprites would be problematic with the constrained view and general inaccuracy of a touchscreen.

I think the more code-oriented parts of mapping could well be made mobile though, such as triggers, map settings, and the coordinates of units and locations (for things like creating grid-systems)

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[2020-3-31. : 4:56 pm]
RdeRenato -- If someone can help me, it will make me very happy xd
[2020-3-31. : 4:55 pm]
RdeRenato -- they are right. I don't know how to describe my level but it is difficult for two things: 1. crazy enemies 2. multiple defensive points
[2020-3-31. : 11:01 am]
Sie_Sayoka -- both because of low skill and population on west
[2020-3-31. : 11:01 am]
Sie_Sayoka -- tbh a lot of the korean maps are impossible to play with pubs
[2020-3-31. : 5:14 am]
jjf28 -- forcing players to be quicker means they'll have to multi-task more/up the APMs and use less safe approaches or have gotten the approaches down to an art so they can perform them quickly without much time to think
[2020-3-31. : 5:10 am]
jjf28 -- I'd say best way to increase difficulty is to make the enemy units behave smarter, followed by forcing humans to move quicker (timers, or some mechanism forcing them forward), followed by beefing numbers/stats
[2020-3-31. : 3:39 am]
jjf28 -- a huge part of special forces is game knowledge, mapping out the spawn timings, what triggers different traps, what units combine into others, they're definitely not intended to be friendly games
[2020-3-30. : 11:07 pm]
lil-Inferno -- RdeRenato
RdeRenato shouted: people, how do you do to verify a super difficult level if you play bad? :(
get someone better than you to play it
[2020-3-30. : 10:16 pm]
MTiger156 -- Sadly, I've often seen the exact opposite happen. "Special Forces" maps typically try to kill the entire team within the first 60 seconds... try to stay away from that approach.
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